9 - Rufford Park to Nottingham High School

A service operated by CT4N (formerly Nottingham Community Transport)


Rufford Park - Nottingham High School

Rufford Country Park, adj Rufford Park 07:00
Farnsfield, adj White Post Farm 07:06
Farnsfield, adj Forest Farm 07:07
Farnsfield, adj Mill Farm 07:08
Farnsfield, adj Cockett Lane 07:09
Farnsfield, adj The Spinney 07:09
Farnsfield, adj Chapel Lane 07:10
Farnsfield, opp St Michaels Church 07:10
Farnsfield, adj The Ridgeway 07:11
Farnsfield, opp Parfitt Drive 07:12
Farnsfield Southwell Road (SE-bound) 07:13
Edingley Main Street (SE-bound) 07:14
Edingley, adj Station Road 07:15
Edingley, opp Newhall Lane 07:17
Halam, adj Holme Lane 07:19
Halam, adj School Lane 07:20
Southwell, opp Saversick Lane 07:21
Southwell Halam Road (E-bound) 07:22
Southwell, adj Vicarage Road 07:23
Oxton Blind Lane (NW-bound) 07:28
Oxton, opp Home Court 07:30
Oxton, adj New Road 07:31
Oxton Nottingham Road (S-bound) 07:32
Epperstone, adj Chapel Lane 07:37
Epperstone Wash Bridge (S-bound) 07:40
Woodborough Shelt Hill (opp 25) 07:44
Woodborough, opp Ploughman Avenue 07:45
Woodborough, adj Smalls Croft 07:45
Woodborough, adj St Swithuns Church 07:46
Lambley Lingwood Lane (S-bound) 07:47
Lambley Green Lane (o/s 66) 07:48
Lambley Green Lane (o/s 42) 07:49
Lambley, opp The Dumbles 07:50
Lambley, opp Holy Trinity Church 07:50
Lambley, adj Ross Lane 07:51
Lambley, opp Chapel Lane 07:51
Lambley, opp Catfoot Lane 07:51
Lambley Spring Lane End (o/s 9) 07:52
Lambley, adj Cromwell Crescent 07:52
Lambley, adj Sunrise Farm 07:53
Lambley Lane (adj) 07:53
Lambley, opp Cattery 07:53
Lambley, adj Gedling Country Park 07:54
Lambley, adj Bradstone Drive 07:54
Mapperley Plains, adj Cheddington Avenue 07:55
Mapperley Plains, adj Spring Lane Top 07:55
Mapperley Plains, adj Podder Lane 07:56
Mapperley Plains, opp Plains Farm Close 07:56
Mapperley Plains, adj Arnold Lane 07:58
Mapperley Plains Plains Road (SW-bound) 08:00
Mapperley Plains, opp Newbury Close 08:02
Mapperley Plains, adj Steedman Avenue 08:04
Mapperley Shops (SW-bound) 08:06
Mapperley, adj Whittingham Road 08:08
Mapperley Porchester Road (Stop MA19) 08:10
Mapperley Belvoir Street (Stop MA20) 08:12
Mapperley Rise (Stop MA21) 08:14
Mapperley Private Road (Stop MA22) 08:16
Mapperley Ransom Road Top (Stop MA23) 08:18
Mapperley Park Malvern Road (Stop MA24) 08:20
Mapperley Park Dagmar Grove (Stop MA25) 08:22
Forest Fields Forest Road (Stop FO33) 08:30

Nottingham High School - Rufford Park

Forest Fields Forest Road (Stop FO33) 16:10
Mapperley Alexandra Court (Stop MA09) 16:25
Mapperley Park Dagmar Grove (Stop MA10) 16:27
Mapperley Park Malvern Road (Stop MA11) 16:28
Mapperley Ransom Road Top (Stop MA12) 16:29
Mapperley Private Road (Stop MA13) 16:30
Mapperley Rise (Stop MA14) 16:31
Mapperley Belvoir Street (Stop MA15) 16:32
Mapperley Porchester Road (Stop MA16) 16:33
Mapperley Robinson Road (Stop MA17) 16:34
Mapperley Shops (NE-bound) 16:35
Mapperley Plains, opp Steedman Avenue 16:36
Mapperley Plains, adj Newbury Close 16:37
Mapperley Plains Plains Road (NE-bound) 16:38
Mapperley Plains, opp Arnold Lane 16:40
Mapperley Plains, adj Plains Farm Close 16:42
Mapperley Plains, opp Podder Lane 16:42
Mapperley Plains Spring Lane Top (SE-bound) 16:43
Mapperley Plains, opp Cheddington Avenue 16:43
Lambley, opp Bradstone Drive 16:44
Lambley, opp Gedling Country Park 16:44
Lambley, adj Cattery 16:45
Lambley Lane (opp) 16:45
Lambley, opp Sunrise Farm 16:45
Lambley, opp Cromwell Crescent 16:46
Lambley Spring Lane End (o/s 14) 16:46
Lambley, adj Catfoot Lane 16:46
Lambley, adj Chapel Lane 16:47
Lambley, opp Ross Lane 16:47
Lambley, o/s Holy Trinity Church 16:48
Lambley, adj The Dumbles 16:48
Lambley Green Lane (o/s 43) 16:49
Lambley Green Lane (o/s 69) 16:49
Lambley Lingwood Lane (N-bound) 16:49
Woodborough, opp St Swithuns Church 16:50
Woodborough, opp Smalls Croft 16:50
Woodborough, adj Ploughman Avenue 16:51
Woodborough Shelt Hill (o/s 25) 16:51
Epperstone, adj Chapel Lane 16:55
Epperstone Wash Bridge (S-bound) 16:58
Oxton Nottingham Road (N-bound) 17:01
Oxton, opp New Road 17:02
Oxton, adj Home Court 17:03
Oxton Blind Lane (SE-bound) 17:04
Southwell, opp Vicarage Road 17:10
Southwell Halam Road (W-bound) 17:11
Southwell, adj Saversick Lane 17:12
Halam, opp School Lane 17:13
Halam, opp Holme Lane 17:14
Edingley, adj Newhall Lane 17:15
Edingley, opp Station Road 17:16
Edingley Main Street (NW-bound) 17:18
Farnsfield Southwell Road (NW-bound) 17:19
Farnsfield, adj Parfitt Drive 17:20
Farnsfield, opp The Ridgeway 17:21
Farnsfield, opp The Lion 17:23
Farnsfield, opp Chapel Lane 17:24
Farnsfield, opp Cockett Lane 17:25
Farnsfield, opp Mill Farm 17:25
Farnsfield, opp Forest Farm 17:26
Farnsfield, opp White Post Farm 17:27
Rufford Country Park, opp Rufford Park 17:33

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CT4N (formerly Nottingham Community Transport)