904 - Marshes Shopping Centre - Belfield, Campus

A bus service operated by Matthews Coach Hire


Marshes SC - UCD, stop 4391

Dundalk Marshes SC 06:0006:3007:00
Dundalk Louth Hospital 06:0306:3307:03
Dundalk IT 06:0506:3507:05
Newtown Monasterboice Naomh Mairtin GFC 06:2006:5007:20
Drogheda North Road 06:2506:5507:25
Drogheda Georges Street 06:3007:0007:30
Drogheda Donore Road 06:4007:1007:40
Stamullin City North Hotel 06:5007:2007:50
Docklands North Wall Quay 07:25s07:42s08:25s
Pearse Station 07:32s07:55s08:32s
Dublin City South Merrion Street 07:37s08:00s08:37s
Dublin City South Leeson St Lower 07:38s08:01s08:38s
Dublin City South Leeson St Upper 07:39s08:02s08:39s
Dublin City South Sussex Road 07:42s08:05s08:42s
Donnybrook Stadium 07:47s08:10s08:47s
Donnybrook RTE 07:52s08:15s08:52s
Belfield UCD 07:5708:2008:57

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

UCD, stop 4391 - Marshes SC

Belfield UCD 16:1017:1018:10
Donnybrook Garage 16:1317:1318:13
Donnybrook RTE 16:1517:1518:15
Dublin City South Grand Parade 16:1717:1818:17
Dublin City South Embassy of Malta 16:1917:2018:19
Pearse Station 16:2217:2318:22
Ballybough Innisfallen Parade 16:2817:3318:28
Drumcondra Rail Stn 16:3017:3518:30
Drumcondra DCU St Patrick's 16:3517:4018:35
Whitehall Church 16:4017:4518:40
Drogheda Donore Road 17:05s18:10s19:05s
Drogheda Georges Street 17:10s18:15s19:10s
Drogheda North Road 17:15s18:20s19:15s
Newtown Monasterboice 17:20s18:25s19:20s
Dundalk IT 17:45s18:50s19:45s
Dundalk Hospital 17:47s18:52s19:47s
Dundalk Marshes SC 17:5519:0019:55

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Transport for Ireland, 29 September 2023

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