92 - Wardley - Team Valley

A bus service operated by Gateshead Central Taxis


Monday to Friday

Wardley Kirkwood Gardens-Laski Gardens (NW-Bound) 06:55
Wardley Ellen Wilkinson Estate (SE-Bound) 06:55
Wardley Kier Hardie Avenue (E-Bound) 06:56
Wardley Kirkwood Gardens-Addison Gardens (S-Bound) 06:56
Leam Lane Meresyde Lingey Lane (W-Bound) 06:57
Leam Lane Meresyde-Stileford (W-Bound) 06:57
Leam Lane Meresyde-Longrigg (S-Bound) 06:59
Leam Lane Estate Fewster Sq (A) 07:00
Leam Lane Wealcroft-Rennington (SW-Bound) 07:01
Leam Lane Wealcroft-Glynfellis (SW-Bound) 07:02
Leam Lane Wealcroft-Lecondale Court (SW-Bound) 07:03
Leam Lane Wealcroft (S-Bound) 07:04
Springwell Estate Aycliffe Avenue (NW-Bound) 07:06
Springwell Estate Aycliffe Ave-Aycliffe Cres (W-Bound) 07:06
Springwell Estate Lanchester Avenue (W-Bound) 07:08
Springwell Estate Lanchester Ave-Springwell Rd (SE-Bound) 07:09
Wrekenton Springwell Road-Social Club (SW-Bound) 07:10
Wrekenton High Street - Springwell Road (B) 07:12
Wrekenton Easedale Gardens-Sunniside Gardens (W-Bound) 07:12
Beacon Lough Easedale Gardens-Harlow Green Lane (NW-Bound) 07:14
Allerdene Harlow Green Lane (SW-Bound) 07:14
Allerdene Hertford-Durham Road (W-Bound) 07:15
Allerdene Hertford - Dartmouth Ave (W-Bound) 07:16
Allerdene Hertford-Woodford (NW-Bound) 07:16
Hertford-Chowdene (N-Bound) 07:17
Chowdene Bank-Salcombe Gardens (SW-Bound) 07:17
Team Valley Chowdene Bank - Sainsbury (W-Bound) 07:19
Team Valley Kingsway South (N-Bound) 07:22
Team Valley Kingsway South (N-Bound) 07:22
Team Valley Kingsway-Seventh Avenue (N-Bound) 07:22
Team Valley Centre (N-Bound) 07:23
Team Valley Kingsway-Fifth Avenue (N-Bound) 07:24
Team Valley Kingsway-Fourth Avenue (N-Bound) 07:24
Team Valley Kingsway-Second Avenue (N-Bound) 07:24
Team Valley Kingsway North (C) 07:25

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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