920 - Padiham - Nelson & Colne College and Colne Schools via Higham

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Padiham - Nelson & Colne College and Colne Schools via Higham

Whitegate, by Cowley Crescent 07:45
Padiham, by Milton Street 07:46
Padiham, by Victoria Road 07:47
Padiham, by Bridge Inn 07:47
Padiham, by Town Hall 07:48
Padiham, by Bank Street 07:49
Padiham, by Slade Lane 07:50
Higham, opp Fir Trees Lane 07:53
Higham, opp Leet Road 07:54
Higham, o/s Four Alls Inn 07:55
Higham, by St Johns CEPS 07:55
Fence, opp Bay Horse Inn 07:58
Fence, by Uplands Drive 07:59
Fence, by Harpers Lane 08:01
Fence, opp Old Laund Street 08:01
Fence, opp Village Stores 08:01
Carr Hall, by Riverside Business Park 08:03
Barrowford, by Nelson and Colne College 08:04
Barrowford, by Maud Street 08:04
Barrowford, opp Wilton Street 08:05
Barrowford, by Rushton Street 08:05
Barrowford, by Church Street 08:06
Barrowford, by Park Street 08:07
Higherford, by Bank Fold 08:07
Higherford, adj Crossroads 08:09
Higherford, opp Bank Fold 08:09
Barrowford, opp White Bear 08:11
Barrowford, opp Church Street 08:11
Barrowford, opp Rushton Street 08:12
Barrowford, by Wilton Street 08:12
Barrowford, by Roughlee Street 08:13
Barrowford, by NELSON and COLNE College 08:13
Nelson, by Holy Saviours School Stop 08:15
Nelson, by Colbran Street 08:17
Nelson, opp Walton Lane 08:18
Nelson, opp Thorne Street 08:18
Colne, o/s The Spinning Mill 08:20
Colne, by Whitewalls Drive 08:21
Primet, by Phillips Lane 08:25
Primet, by Masons Mill 08:25
Primet, by Rail Station 08:26
Colne, o/s Crown Hotel 08:26
Colne, by Municipal Hall 08:27
Colne Lane (opp) 08:28
Colne Bus Station (Stand 5) 08:29
Colne, opp Gordon Street 08:30
Colne, opp Oak Street 08:30
Colne, opp Castle Road 08:31
Colne, by Park High School 08:35
Operated on behalf of Lancashire County Council - School children only


Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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