922 - Barrowford - Accrington St Christophers via Higham, Read

A bus service operated by Cranberry Coachways


Barrowford - Higham, Read - Accrington St Christophers

Higherford, by Gisburn Road 07:45
Higherford, opp Bank Fold 07:45
Barrowford, opp White Bear 07:45
Barrowford, opp Church Street 07:45
Barrowford, opp Rushton Street 07:46
Barrowford, by Higher Causeway 07:46
Barrowford, opp St Thomas Church 07:47
Barrowford, by Warren Drive 07:48
Wheatley Lane, opp Sandyhall Lane 07:50
Higham, opp St Johns CEPS 08:00
Higham, opp Four Alls Inn 08:01
Higham, by Leet Road 08:02
Higham, by Fir Trees Lane 08:03
Clay Bank, by Sabden Road 08:06
Clay Bank, by Pennine Grove 08:07
Padiham, adj Slade Lane 08:08
Padiham, opp Bank Street 08:09
Padiham, opp North Street 08:10
Padiham, by Memorial Park 08:10
Padiham, by Vicarage Avenue 08:10
Simonstone, opp Haugh Avenue 08:13
Read, by Fountains Avenue 08:14
Read, o/s Constitutional Club 08:15
Read, opp Jubilee Street 08:15
Read, by Haywood Caravan Park 08:17
Portfield Burnley Road (Stop 3) 08:22
Portfield Bar (Stop 2) 08:22
Portfield, o/s Park Head 08:23
Great Harwood, opp The Gamecock 08:25
Great Harwood, by Martholme Lane 08:27
Great Harwood, opp Lyndon Avenue 08:28
Great Harwood, opp Pendle Road 08:29
Great Harwood, opp Hyndburn Bridge Hotel 08:30
Clayton-le-Moors, by Wilson Playing Fields 08:31
Clayton-le-Moors, opp Sparth Road 08:32
Clayton-le-Moors, by Devonshire Drive 08:33
Clayton-le-Moors, opp Albion Inn 08:34
Clayton-le-Moors Hare and Hounds (Stop 2) 08:34
Clayton-le-Moors, opp Sydney Street 08:35
Enfield, by Whinney Hill Road 08:36
Enfield, opp Cricket Club 08:37
Dill Hall, by Cemetery 08:38
Dill Hall, adj Cemetery 08:38
Dill Hall, by St Christophers HS 08:40
Operated on behalf of Lancashire County Council - School children only

Accrington St Christophers - Higham, Read - Barrowford

Dill Hall, by St Christophers HS 15:25
Milnshaw, by Accrington Academy 15:25
Milnshaw, by Whalley Road 15:26
Milnshaw, opp Ribblesdale Avenue 15:27
Milnshaw, opp Crown Inn 15:28
Enfield, opp Whinney Hill Road 15:28
Clayton-le-Moors, by Sydney Street 15:29
Clayton-le-Moors Hare and Hounds (Stop 1) 15:30
Clayton-le-Moors, o/s Albion Inn 15:30
Clayton-le-Moors, opp Devonshire Drive 15:31
Clayton-le-Moors, by Sparth Road 15:31
Clayton-le-Moors, opp Wilson Playing Fields 15:32
Great Harwood, by Hyndburn Bridge Hotel 15:33
Great Harwood, by Pendle Road 15:34
Great Harwood, by Lyndon Avenue 15:34
Great Harwood, by The Gamecock 15:36
Portfield, opp Park Head 15:38
Portfield Bar (Stop 1) 15:39
Portfield Burnley Road (Stop 4) 15:39
Read, opp Haywood Caravan Park 15:43
Read, by Jubilee Street 15:44
Read, opp Campbell Street 15:45
Read, o/s Stork Hotel 15:45
Simonstone, by School Lane 15:46
Simonstone, by Clough Lane 15:46
Padiham, opp Vicarage Avenue 15:49
Padiham, opp Memorial Park 15:49
Padiham, by North Street 15:50
Padiham, by Bank Street 15:50
Padiham, by Slade Lane 15:51
Clay Bank, opp Higham Road 15:53
Higham, opp Fir Trees Lane 15:57
Higham, opp Leet Road 15:58
Higham, o/s Four Alls Inn 15:59
Higham, by St Johns CEPS 16:00
Wheatley Lane, by Carr Hall Road 16:10
Wheatley Lane, by Sandyhall Lane 16:11
Barrowford, opp Warren Drive 16:13
Barrowford, by St Thomas Church 16:15
Barrowford, adj Higher Causeway 16:15
Barrowford, by Rushton Street 16:17
Barrowford, by Church Street 16:17
Barrowford, o/s Working Mens Club 16:17
Barrowford, by Park Street 16:18
Higherford, by Bank Fold 16:19
Higherford, adj Crossroads 16:20
Operated on behalf of Lancashire County Council - School children only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)