923 - Otley - Wetherby

A bus service operated by Connexions Buses

Monday to Friday

Otley - Harewood & East Keswick - Wetherby

Otley Bus Station stand 04 11:1016:3518:05
Otley Garnett Wharfe Development 11:13
Otley Cross Green Dennison Hill 16:3518:05
Otley Garnett Wharfe Development 11:13
Cross Green Otley Cemetery 16:3618:06
Otley, adj Pool Road Gallows Hill 11:1316:3718:07
Otley Pool Road Garden Centre 11:1416:3718:07
Otley Pool Road Moor Drive 11:1416:3718:07
Otley Pool Road Knutford (stop) 11:1416:3718:07
Pool Road Caley Lodge (E bound) 11:1516:3818:08
Pool Road Wharfe View (E bound) 11:1516:3918:09
Pool Main Street 11:1616:4018:10
Pool, adj Main St Arthington Lane 11:1616:4018:10
Pool, opp Arthington Lane Stonedale Close 11:1716:4118:11
Pool Arthington Ln The Tower Drive 11:1816:4218:12
Arthington, adj The Wharfedale PH 11:2016:4418:14
Arthington, opp Creskeld Grange Farm 11:2016:4418:14
Arthington, opp Crag View House 11:2116:4518:15
Arthington Lane Park Cottages (at) 11:2216:4618:16
Arthington, opp Ingfield Farm 11:2216:4618:16
Harewood Bar 11:2516:4918:19
Harewood Arms (S bound) 11:2716:5118:21
East Keswick, opp Moor Lane 11:3316:57
Collingham Hillcrest 18:26
East Keswick E Keswick Main St 11:3416:58
Collingham Langwith Wood (E bound) 18:26
East Keswick Rigton Grange (stop) 11:3516:59
Collingham, opp Langwith Avenue 18:26
East Keswick Woodacre Green 11:3516:59
Bardsey, at The Drive 11:3617:00
Bardsey Rigton Bank 11:3617:00
Bardsey, at First Avenue 11:3717:01
Bardsey Congreve Approach 11:3817:02
Bardsey Rigton Hill (N bound) 11:3817:02
Collingham, opp Crabtree Green 11:4017:04
Collingham Crabtree Hill 11:4017:04
Collingham Main St 11:4117:0518:27
Collingham Jewitt Lane 11:4217:0618:28
Wetherby Police Stn 11:4617:1018:32
Wetherby Bus Stn A 11:4717:1118:33

Wetherby - Harewood & East Keswick - Otley

Wetherby Bus Stn A 07:0509:3011:5014:00
Wetherby Police Stn 07:0609:3111:5114:01
Collingham, at Jewitt Lane 07:1009:3511:5514:05
Collingham Main St 07:1009:3611:5614:06
Collingham Sprt Grd (at) 07:10
Collingham Brookside 09:3711:5714:07
Collingham Langwith Avenue 07:10
Collingham, at Crabtree Hill 09:3711:5714:07
Collingham Langwith Wood 07:11
Collingham Crabtree Green 09:3711:5714:07
Collingham, opp Hillcrest 07:11
Bardsey Rigton Hill 09:3911:5914:09
Bardsey, at Congreve Approach 09:4012:0014:10
Bardsey First Avenue 09:4012:0014:10
Bardsey The Drive 09:4112:0114:11
East Keswick, at Woodacre Green 09:4212:0214:12
East Keswick Rigton Grange 09:4212:0214:12
East Keswick E Keswick Main St (N bound) 09:4312:0314:13
East Keswick Moor Lane 09:4412:0414:14
Harewood Arms 07:1609:4912:0914:19
Weardley Otley Road 07:1809:5112:1114:21
Weardley Lane End 07:1909:5212:1214:22
Arthington, adj Ingfield Farm 07:2109:5412:1414:24
Arthington, adj Grange Farm 07:2109:5412:1414:24
Arthington, adj Crag View House 07:2209:5512:1514:25
Arthington, adj Creskeld Grange Farm 07:2309:5612:1614:26
Arthington, opp The Wharfedale PH 07:2309:5612:1614:26
Pool, at Arthington Ln The Tower Drive 07:2509:5812:1814:28
Pool, adj Arthington Lane Stonedale Close 07:2509:5812:1814:28
Pool, opp Main St Arthington Lane 07:2710:0012:2014:30
Pool Main Street (N bound) 07:2710:0012:2014:30
Pool Bridge 07:2710:0012:2014:30
Pool Road Wharfe View 07:2810:0112:2114:31
Pool Road Caley Lodge 07:2910:0212:2114:32
Otley Pool Road Knutford 07:3010:0212:2214:32
Otley, adj Pool Rd Moor Drive 07:3110:0312:2214:33
Otley Pool Road Garden Centre 07:3110:0312:2214:33
Otley Garnett Wharfe Development 12:23
Otley Pool Road Gallows Hill 07:3110:0314:33
Otley Garnett Wharfe Development 12:23
Cross Green Otley Cemetery (opp) 07:3210:0414:34
Otley Mill Lane 12:24
Otley, opp Cross Green Dennison Hill 07:3210:0414:34
Otley, at Cattle Market Street Bridge St 12:24
Otley Bus Station stand 04 07:3210:0512:2514:35

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

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