925 - Darwen - Turton High School via Belmont, Canon Slade

A bus service operated by Vision Bus

Monday to Friday, Turton High School days

Darwen - Belmont, Canon Slade - Turton High School

Earcroft, o/s Darwen Vale School 07:50
Bank Hey, by Beech Drive 07:51
Bank Hey, adj York View 07:53
Tockholes Old Road 07:55
Tockholes, opp Rock Inn 07:56
Tockholes, opp Village Hall 07:57
Tockholes, o/s Victoria Hotel 07:59
Tockholes, adj Pleasant View 08:00
Tockholes, o/s Royal Hotel 08:02
Belmont, by Lower Pasture Farm 08:07
Belmont, by Turning Circle 08:12
Belmont, by High Street 08:12
Belmont, opp Ryecroft Lane 08:13
Belmont, opp Black Dog Inn 08:14
Belmont, o/s The San Marino 08:14
Belmont, adj Higher Fold Farm 08:15
Belmont, adj The Weir 08:16
Belmont, opp Waterworks Cottage 08:17
Belmont, opp Scout Road 08:17
Horrocks Fold, nr Lancashire Boundary 08:18
Horrocks Fold, opp Wilton Arms 08:19
Horrocks Fold, opp Rock Mount 08:19
Horrocks Fold (opp) 08:20
Oldhams Estate, opp Horrocks Fold Avenue 08:21
Oldhams Estate, opp The Beeches 08:22
Oldhams Estate, opp Wilkinson Road 08:22
Astley Bridge, nr Alderley Avenue 08:23
Astley Bridge, nr Westminster Road 08:24
Astley Bridge The Pineapple (Stop E) 08:25
Astley Bridge The Pineapple (Stop F) 08:25
Astley Bridge, nr Sunnymead Avenue 08:26
Astley Bridge, nr Watermillock Gardens 08:26
Hall I Th Wood, at Eagley Brook Bridge 08:27
Hall I Th Wood, opp Kentfield Drive 08:27
Hall I Th Wood Hall I'th'Wood Rail Station (Stop B) 08:28
Castle Hill Bolton Castle (Stop C) 08:29
Castle Hill Danesbury Road (cnr) 08:30
Bradshaw, nr Oaks Lane 08:32
Bradshaw, nr Oaks Avenue 08:35
Bradshaw, nr Aire Drive 08:37
Bradshaw, opp Rigby Lane 08:40
Bromley Cross, nr Darwen Road 08:42
Bromley Cross Rail Station (Stop B) 08:45

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 16 April 2024

Vision Bus