928 - Sharples High School - Breightmet

A bus service operated by Vision Bus


Monday to Friday, Bolton school days

Breightmet - Sharples High School

Breightmet, opp Honiton Drive 07:34
Breightmet, opp Bideford Drive 07:34
Breightmet, nr Harpford Drive 07:35
Breightmet, nr Widcombe Drive 07:36
Breightmet, opp Primary School 07:37
Breightmet, opp Slaidburn Avenue 07:38
Breightmet, nr Blenheim Road 07:39
Breightmet Drive (adj) 07:40
Breightmet, opp Brock Avenue 07:41
Breightmet Post Office (o/s) 07:42
Breightmet, opp Crompton Avenue 07:44
Roscow Fold, nr Oakenbottom Road 07:44
Roscow Fold, o/s The Black Horse 07:45
Tonge Fold Post Office (o/s) 07:46
Tonge Fold, nr Ainsworth Court 07:47
Tonge Fold, opp Wisbeck Road 07:47
Tonge Moor, opp Archer Avenue 07:48
Tonge Moor, opp Alexander Road 07:49
Tonge Moor, nr Thicketford Road 07:50
Tonge Moor, opp Thicketford House 07:50
Tonge Moor, adj Crompton Way 07:51
Top O Th Brow, nr Thicketford Brow 07:52
Top O Th Brow, opp Padbury Way 07:53
Top O Th Brow, nr Longsight Lane 07:54
Top O Th Brow, o/s The White Horse 07:55
Top O Th Brow, opp Newby Road 07:55
Top O Th Brow, o/s Christ Church 07:56
Harwood Lee, nr Longsight Lane 08:01
Harwood Lee, at Shopping Centre 08:02
Bradshaw Chapel (opp) 08:05
Bradshaw, opp Oaks Lane 08:07
Castle Hill, opp Canon Slade School 08:09
Hall I Th Wood Hall I'th'Wood Station (Stop A) 08:11
Hall I Th Wood, adj Green Way 08:13
Hall I Th Wood, nr Eagley Brook Bridge 08:14
Astley Bridge, nr Seymour Road 08:15
Astley Bridge, opp Sunnymead Avenue 08:16
Astley Bridge The Pineapple (Stop G) 08:17
Astley Bridge Three Pigeons (Stop D) 08:19
Astley Bridge, nr Blackburn Road 08:20
Bank Top, opp Whitegate Drive 08:22
Bank Top, o/s Sharples High School 08:25

Sharples High School - Breightmet

Bank Top, o/s Sharples High School 15:15
Bank Top, nr Whitegate Drive 15:16
Astley Bridge, nr Rainshaw Street 15:18
Astley Bridge Three Pigeons (Stop E) 15:18
Astley Bridge The Pineapple (Stop F) 15:19
Astley Bridge, nr Sunnymead Avenue 15:20
Astley Bridge, nr Watermillock Gardens 15:20
Hall I Th Wood, at Eagley Brook Bridge 15:21
Hall I Th Wood, nr Green Way 15:22
Hall I Th Wood Hall I'th'Wood Station (Stop B) 15:23
Castle Hill Tonge Moor Road (Stop C) 15:23
Castle Hill, nr Canon Slade School 15:24
Bradshaw, nr Oaks Lane 15:25
Bradshaw Vicarage (nr) 15:26
Bradshaw, o/s Conservative Club 15:27
Harwood Lee, nr Tottington Road 15:29
Harwood, nr Patterdale Road 15:31
Harwood Meadow (opp) 15:31
Harwood, nr Ash Grove 15:32
Top O Th Brow, opp Hough Fold Way 15:32
Top O Th Brow, opp Christ Church 15:33
Top O Th Brow, nr Newby Road 15:33
Top O Th Brow, opp The White Horse 15:34
Top O Th Brow, opp South Drive 15:34
Top O Th Brow, opp Longsight Lane 15:34
Top O Th Brow, nr Padbury Way 15:35
Top O Th Brow, opp Thicketford Brow 15:36
Tonge Moor, nr Crompton Way 15:37
Tonge Moor, o/s Thicketford House 15:37
Tonge Moor, adj Thicketford Road 15:38
Tonge Moor, nr Alexander Road 15:38
Tonge Moor, nr Archer Avenue 15:39
Tonge Fold, nr Wisbeck Road 15:40
Tonge Fold Post Office (opp) 15:41
Roscow Fold, opp The Black Horse 15:42
Roscow Fold, opp Blenheim Road 15:43
Breightmet, nr St James Avenue 15:43
Breightmet, nr Crompton Avenue 15:44
Breightmet Post Office (opp) 15:44
Breightmet, nr Brock Avenue 15:46
Breightmet Drive (nr) 15:47
Breightmet, nr Garstang Avenue 15:48
Breightmet, nr Slaidburn Avenue 15:48
Breightmet, o/s Primary School 15:49
Breightmet, opp Widcombe Drive 15:51
Breightmet, opp Harpford Drive 15:52
Breightmet, nr Bideford Drive 15:52
Breightmet, nr Mendip Drive 15:54

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

Vision Bus