93 - Malmesbury - Charlton - Crudwell - Somerford Keynes - Cirencester

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Malmesbury - Charlton - Crudwell - Somerford Keynes - Cirencester

Malmesbury Library (S-bound) 07:3209:1512:5015:5018:08
Malmesbury Burton Hill (SW-bound) 12:5115:51
Malmesbury, o/s Co-Op Supermarket 07:3509:1818:11
Malmesbury Manor Cottages (SE-bound) 12:5115:51
Malmesbury William Stumpes Close (N-bound) 07:3509:1818:11
Malmesbury Cowbridge Crescent (SE-bound) 12:5315:53
Malmesbury Tetbury Hill (NW-bound) 07:3509:1918:12
Malmesbury Cowbridge Mill (SE-bound) 12:5415:54
Malmesbury Filands (E-bound) 07:3509:1918:12s
Lea Crescent (SE-bound) 12:5515:55
Malmesbury Aldi Roundabout (S-bound) 18:13s
Lea, o/s Church of St Giles 12:5615:56
Malmesbury Milbourne Lane (E-bound) 18:14s
Lea Old Bakery Close (N-bound) 12:5715:57
Lea The Chestnuts (E-bound) 12:5715:57
Lea Primary School (NE-bound) 12:5815:58
Charlton Pike House (N-bound) 13:0216:0218:17s
Charlton Vicarage Lane (E-bound) 13:0316:0318:17s
Hankerton Telephone Box (N-bound) 13:0616:0618:20s
Murcott The Farm (W-bound) 13:0916:0918:23s
Crudwell, o/s Wheatsheaf Inn 07:4109:2513:1016:1018:23s
Crudwell, o/s Old Post Office 07:4209:2613:1116:1118:23s
Chelworth The Village (NE-bound) 07:4609:3013:1516:1518:28s
Oaksey Bendy Bow (E-bound) 07:5009:3313:1816:1818:33s
Oaksey, nr All Saints Church 07:5009:3313:1816:1818:33s
Kemble, after Clayfurlong Grove 16:26
Poole Keynes, nr Friday Island 07:5413:2218:37s
Kemble, nr Smerrill Quarry 16:27
Somerford Keynes, nr Mill Lane 07:5609:3813:2418:39s
Cirencester, o/s Steadings Cottages 16:29
Somerford Keynes, by Telephone Box 07:5609:3813:2418:39s
Somerford Keynes, nr The Bakers' Arms 07:5709:3913:2518:40s
Somerford Keynes, nr Old School Cottages 07:5709:3913:2518:40s
Chesterton, before Berkeley Road 08:0609:4413:3118:45s
Chesterton, after Oaklands 08:0809:4513:3218:46s
Chesterton, nr Shops 08:0813:3216:32
Chesterton, by Somerford Court 09:4518:46s
Chesterton, by Cemetery 08:0913:3316:32
Cirencester, opp Phoenix Way 09:4618:46s
Cirencester, o/s Waitrose Store 09:4718:47s
Cirencester, opp Chesterton Lane 08:1109:50s13:3516:33
Cirencester, o/s The Forum 08:1509:5313:4316:4018:53

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Cirencester - Somerford Keynes - Crudwell - Charlton - Malmesbury

Kemble, opp Clayfurlong Grove 07:55
Cirencester, o/s The Forum 08:2009:5811:58
Kemble, opp Trading Estate 08:00
Chesterton, nr Somerford Court 08:2310:0112:01
Chesterton, before Oaklands 08:2310:0112:01
Chesterton, after Berkeley Road 08:2410:0212:02
Somerford Keynes, by Old School Cottages 08:3010:0712:07
Somerford Keynes, by The Bakers' Arms 08:3110:0812:08
Somerford Keynes, opp Telephone Box 08:3110:0812:08
Somerford Keynes, by Mill Lane 08:3110:0812:08
Poole Keynes, opp Friday Island 08:3310:0912:09
Oaksey, o/s All Saints Church 08:3710:1312:13
Oaksey Bendy Bow (W-bound) 08:0608:3810:1412:14
Chelworth The Village (SW-bound) 08:0808:4110:1712:17
Crudwell, opp Old Post Office 07:0108:1408:4510:2112:21
Crudwell, opp Wheatsheaf Inn 07:0108:1408:4510:2112:21
Murcott, opp Park Cottages 07:0208:1608:4710:2312:23
Hankerton Telephone Box (S-bound) 07:0608:2108:5110:2712:27
Charlton Vicarage Lane (W-bound) 07:0808:2308:5310:2912:29
Charlton Pike House (SW-bound) 07:1008:2508:5510:3112:31
Milbourne Monks Park (W-bound) 07:14s
Lea Primary School (W-bound) 08:2909:0110:3512:35
Milbourne Park (NW-bound) 07:14s
Lea The Chestnuts (W-bound) 08:2909:0110:3512:35
Malmesbury Milbourne Lane (E-bound) 07:15s
Lea Old Bakery Close (S-bound) 08:2909:0110:3512:35
Malmesbury Aldi Roundabout (Car Park) 07:16s
Lea, opp Church of St Giles 08:2909:0110:3512:35
Malmesbury Filands (W-bound) 07:17s
Lea Crescent (NW-bound) 08:3009:0210:3612:36
Malmesbury Tetbury Hill (SE-bound) 07:18s
Malmesbury Cowbridge Mill (NW-bound) 08:3209:0410:3812:38
Malmesbury William Stumpes Close (S-bound) 07:19s
Malmesbury Cowbridge Crescent (NW-bound) 08:3309:0510:3912:39
Malmesbury, opp Co-Op Supermarket 07:20s
Malmesbury Manor Cottages (NW-bound) 08:3409:0610:4012:40
Malmesbury Burton Hill (N-bound) 08:3609:0710:4112:41
Malmesbury Library (S-bound) 07:2708:4009:1010:4412:44

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

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