932 - Minnis Bay - Dane Valley

A service operated by Stagecoach in East Kent


Monday to Friday, Schooldays Only days only

Dane Valley - Minnis Bay

Dane Valley, adj Fitzroy Avenue 08:01
Dane Valley, opp Selborne Road 08:02
Dane Valley, adj Appledore Close 08:02
Dane Valley, opp Western Road 08:03
Dane Valley, opp Gainsborough Avenue 08:03
Dane Valley, opp Hinchcliffe Way 08:04
Dane Valley, opp Jennifer Gardens 08:06
Dane Valley, opp Cowley Rise 08:07
Dane Valley, opp Arlington Gardens 08:08
Dane Valley, opp Invicta Road 08:10
Dane Valley, opp Kent Road 08:11
Dane Valley, opp Fitzroy Avenue 08:13
Margate Addiscombe Corner (NW-bound) 08:15
Margate, opp Wilderness Hill 08:18
Margate, opp Edith Court 08:20
Margate, nr Addington Street 08:21
Margate Cecil Square (Stop J) 08:2308:25
Margate Marine Terrace (Stop C) 08:2408:26
Westbrook, opp Nayland Rock 08:2608:27
Westbrook, opp Royal Sea Bathing 08:2708:28
Westbrook, adj All Saints Church 08:2808:29
Garlinge, adj Hartsdown Academy 08:3008:31
Garlinge, adj Maynard Avenue 08:3108:32
Garlinge, adj The Hussar 08:3208:33
Garlinge, opp St James' Park Road 08:3208:34
Westgate-on-Sea, adj Walmer Castle 08:3408:36
Westgate-on-Sea, adj Library 08:3508:37
Westgate-on-Sea, opp Domneva Road 08:3708:39
Birchington-on-Sea, opp Hengist Road 08:3808:40
Birchington-on-Sea, adj King Ethelbert School 08:3908:41
Birchington-on-Sea, opp St James's Terrace 08:3908:41
Birchington-on-Sea, opp Epple Road 08:4008:42
Birchington-on-Sea The Square (Stop C) 08:4208:44
Birchington-on-Sea, o/s Railway Station 08:44
Birchington-on-Sea Railway Station (W-bound) 08:46
Birchington-on-Sea, adj Health Centre 08:46
Minnis Bay, opp Gallwey Avenue 08:47
Minnis Bay, adj Dane Road 08:47
Minnis Bay Canute Road (NW-bound) 08:48
Minnis Bay, adj Walker Lane 08:49

Minnis Bay - Dane Valley

Timetable data from Stagecoach South East, 22 October 2020

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