933 - Broadstairs - St Georges School

A service operated by Stagecoach in East Kent



Cliftonville, adj The Wheatsheaf 07:28
Northdown Park, opp Friends Corner 07:29
Kingsgate, adj The Nineteenth Hole 07:31
Kingsgate, opp Rosetower Court 07:33
Kingsgate, adj Reading Street 07:34
St Peter’s, opp Grafton Road 07:34
St Peter’s, adj Grange Road 07:35
St Peter’s Railway Bridge (SW-bound) 07:37
Broadstairs, adj Bairds Hill 07:38
Broadstairs, opp Percy Road 07:39
Broadstairs, adj Railway Station 07:40
Broadstairs, opp Pierremont Hall 07:41
Broadstairs, adj Baptist Church 07:41
Broadstairs, opp King Edward Avenue 07:42
Broadstairs, adj East Kent College 07:43
Broadstairs, opp Swinburne Avenue 07:44
Broadstairs, opp Gladstone Road 07:45
Dumpton, opp Park Avenue 07:46
Dumpton Park Garage (opp) 07:47
Dumpton, adj Racing Greyhound 07:49
Dumpton, adj Muir Road 07:50
Ramsgate, opp St Ethelbert's Church 07:52
Ramsgate, opp Boundary Road 07:53
Ramsgate, opp Belmont Street 07:54
Ramsgate Plains of Waterloo (SE-bound) 07:55
Ramsgate Wellington Crescent (S-bound) 07:56
Ramsgate Harbour (Stop E) 07:58
Ramsgate Leopold Street (Stop B) 07:59
Ramsgate, opp Queen's House 08:02
Ramsgate, opp Cannonbury Road 08:03
Ramsgate, after Grange Road Roundabout 08:04
Ramsgate, opp South Eastern Road 08:05
Ramsgate, adj Ashburnham Road 08:07
St Lawrence, adj Ellington Infant School 08:09
Newington, adj Telham Avenue 08:11
Newington, opp The Windmill 08:12
Newington Road Post Office (opp) 08:14
Newington, adj Chichester Road 08:14
Northwood, opp Ashley Close 08:15
Northwood, at Royal Harbour Academy Newlands Lane 08:19
Broadstairs, opp Collingwood Close 08:24
Broadstairs, opp Fairfield Park 08:26
St Peter’s, adj Dane Court School 08:27

St Georges School - Broadstairs

Timetable data from Stagecoach South East, 21 September 2020

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