94 - Didcot, Parkway Station - Harwell Campus, Bus Station

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Didcot, Parkway Station to Harwell Campus, Bus Station

Didcot Parkway Station (Stop R4) 08:4010:1011:4013:4015:1017:10
Didcot Sainsburys (Stop S3) 08:4210:1211:4213:4215:1217:12
Didcot Orchard Centre (S-bound) 08:4410:1411:4413:4415:1417:14
Didcot, adj Regent Gardens 08:4610:1611:4613:4615:1617:16
Didcot, adj Campion Hall Drive 08:4810:1811:4813:4815:1817:18
Didcot, adj Saxons Way 08:4810:1811:4813:4815:1817:18
East Hagbourne New Road H&R (S-bound) 08:5010:2011:5013:5015:2017:20
East Hagbourne War Memorial (E-bound) 08:5110:2111:5113:5115:2117:21
Tadley Blewbury Road Bridge (S-bound) 08:5110:2111:5113:5115:2117:21
Blewbury, opp The Blueberry 08:5910:2911:5913:5915:2917:29
Blewbury, opp Westbrook Street 08:5910:2911:5913:5915:2917:29
Upton, adj Village Hall 09:0310:3312:0314:0315:3317:33
West Hagbourne, opp Horse & Harrow PH 09:0510:3512:0514:0515:3517:35
Chilton, nr Latton Close 09:1010:4012:1014:1015:4017:40
Chilton, opp Main Street 09:1110:4112:1114:1115:4117:41
Chilton, adj Garden Centre 09:1310:4312:1314:1315:43
Harwell Campus, opp Fermi Avenue East 09:1410:4412:1414:1415:44
Harwell Campus, adj Diamond Light Source 09:1510:4512:1514:1515:45
Harwell Campus Becquerel Avenue Terminus (inside) 09:1710:4712:1714:1715:47

Harwell Campus, Bus Station to Didcot, Parkway Station

Harwell Campus Becquerel Avenue Terminus (inside) 09:2510:5512:2514:2515:55
Harwell Campus, opp Diamond Light Source 09:2610:5612:2614:2615:56
Harwell Campus, adj Fermi Avenue East 09:2610:5612:2614:2615:56
Chilton, opp Garden Centre 09:2810:5812:2814:2815:58
Chilton, nr Latton Close 09:3011:0012:3014:3016:00
Chilton, opp Main Street 08:0009:3111:0112:3114:3116:01
West Hagbourne, adj Horse & Harrow PH 08:0609:3711:0712:3714:3716:07
Upton, opp Village Hall 08:0809:3911:0912:3914:3916:09
Blewbury, adj Westbrook Street 08:1209:4311:1312:4314:4316:13
Blewbury, o/s The Blueberry 08:1309:4411:1412:4414:4416:14
Blewbury Bessels Lea (N-bound) 08:1409:4511:1512:4514:4516:15
Tadley Blewbury Road Bridge (N-bound) 08:1909:5011:2012:5014:5016:20
East Hagbourne War Memorial (N-bound) 08:2009:5111:2112:5114:5116:21
East Hagbourne New Road H&R (N-bound) 08:2009:5111:2112:5114:5116:21
Didcot, opp Saxons Way 08:2209:5311:2312:5314:5316:23
Didcot, opp Campion Hall Drive 08:2309:5411:2412:5414:5416:24
Didcot, opp Regent Gardens 08:2409:5511:2512:5514:5516:25
Didcot Orchard Centre (N-bound) 08:2809:5911:2912:5914:5916:29
Didcot Parkway Station (Stop R4) 08:3210:0311:3313:0315:0316:33

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