96 - Trowbridge - Westwood - Bradford-on-Avon - Monkton Farleigh - South Wraxall

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Trowbridge, o/s Manvers House 10:3312:4014:10
Trowbridge Town Bridge (S-bound) 10:3312:4014:10
Trowbridge County Hall (SE-bound) 10:34s12:42
Trowbridge Tesco (behind) 10:35s12:44
Trowbridge, o/s County Hall 10:36s12:44
Trowbridge Trinity Church (SW-bound) 10:3712:4514:10
Trowbridge John of Gaunt School (W-bound) 10:3812:4614:11
Trowbridge Widbrook Surgery (W-bound) 10:3912:4614:11
Trowbridge Hungerford Avenue (W-bound) 10:3912:4614:12
Wingfield Crossroads (W-bound) 10:4512:5014:16
Bradford-on-Avon St Laurence School (W-bound) 16:22
Wingfield The Poplars (S-bound) 12:51s14:17s
Bradford-on-Avon Town Bridge (SW-bound) 16:33
Bradford-on-Avon, opp Canal Tavern 16:35
Westwood, opp New Inn 10:4912:5514:2116:42
Westwood Linden Crescent (W-bound) 10:5012:5614:2116:43
Westwood Boswell Road (N-bound) 10:5012:5714:2216:44
Westwood, o/s Post Office 10:5112:5714:2216:45
Westwood Tynings Way (N-bound) 10:5112:5714:2216:46
Westwood Turning Circle (E-bound) 10:5212:5814:2316:47
Westwood Tynings Way (S-bound) 10:5212:5814:2316:47
Westwood Post Office (SW-bound) 10:5212:5814:2316:47
Westwood Boswell Road (S-bound) 10:5312:5914:2416:47
Westwood Linden Crescent (E-bound) 10:5413:0014:2516:48
Westwood, o/s New Inn 10:5413:0014:2516:49
Bradford-on-Avon, o/s Sainsbury 10:58s13:0514:30
Bradford-on-Avon Frome Road (N-bound) 10:5913:0614:31
Bradford-on-Avon, o/s Canal Tavern 11:0013:0714:32
Bradford-on-Avon Railway Bridge (NW-bound) 11:0113:0814:34
Bradford-on-Avon Railway Station (S-bound) 11:0213:09
Bradford-on-Avon Town Bridge (NE-bound) 09:3011:4013:1014:35
Bradford-on-Avon Christchurch (NW-bound) 09:3111:4113:1114:36s
Farleigh Wick, o/s Fox and Hounds 09:3711:4713:1714:41s
Monkton Farleigh Broadstones (N-bound) 09:3911:4913:1914:43s
Monkton Farleigh Kings Arms (NW-bound) 09:3911:4913:1914:44s
Monkton Farleigh Old Camp Site (NE-bound) 09:4011:5013:2014:45s
Kingsdown Golf Course (NE-bound) 09:4311:5313:2214:48s
South Wraxall Longs Arms (SE-bound) 09:4711:5713:2614:52s
South Wraxall The Green (E-bound) 09:4911:5913:2914:52s
South Wraxall The Old Rectory (SE-bound) 09:5012:0013:3014:54s
Bradford Leigh, o/s The Plough 09:5212:0213:3214:57
Bradford Leigh Northleigh (S-bound) 09:5412:0413:34
Bradford-on-Avon Saxon Garage (SE-bound) 09:5712:0713:37
Bradford-on-Avon The Green (S-bound) 09:5712:0713:37
Bradford-on-Avon, o/s The Hall 09:5812:0813:38
Bradford-on-Avon Town Bridge (SW-bound) 10:0012:1013:40
Bradford-on-Avon, opp Canal Tavern 10:0212:1213:42
Bradford-on-Avon, o/s Sainsbury 10:0512:1513:45
Westwood, opp New Inn 10:1012:1913:49
Westwood Linden Crescent (W-bound) 10:1012:2013:50
Westwood Boswell Road (N-bound) 10:1212:2113:51
Westwood, o/s Post Office 10:1212:2113:51
Westwood Tynings Way (N-bound) 10:1312:2213:52
Westwood Turning Circle (E-bound) 10:1412:2313:53
Westwood Tynings Way (S-bound) 10:1412:2313:53
Westwood Post Office (SW-bound) 10:1412:2313:53
Westwood Boswell Road (S-bound) 10:1412:2313:53
Westwood Linden Crescent (E-bound) 10:1512:2413:54
Westwood, o/s New Inn 10:1612:2513:55
Wingfield The Poplars (S-bound) 10:21
Wingfield Crossroads (E-bound) 10:2312:2913:5916:55
Trowbridge Hungerford Avenue (E-bound) 10:2712:3414:0417:00
Trowbridge Nightingale Road (E-bound) 10:2812:3414:0417:01
Trowbridge St Augustines School (E-bound) 10:2812:3514:0517:02
Trowbridge Trinity Church (NE-bound) 10:2912:3614:0617:03
Trowbridge Town Bridge (NE-bound) 10:2912:3614:0617:03
Trowbridge, o/s Manvers House 10:3112:3814:0817:05

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

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