969 - Whitton - Barnes - Roehampton Vale

A bus service operated by Abellio London


Gladstone Avenue_ Whitton - Roehampton Vale Asda

Gladstone Avenue Whitton (->NW) 10:00
Lincoln Avenue Whitton (->SW) 10:04
Gloucester Road Whitton (Stop) 10:06
Whitton Crane Park (Stop) 10:06
Whitton Selkirk Road (Stop) 10:06
Twickenham Marlow Crescent (Stop) 10:09
St Margarets Cole Park Road (->E) 10:09
St Margarets St Stephen's C Of E Primary School (Stop) 10:11
St Margaret's Station (Stop P) 10:12
St Margarets Sandycoombe Road (Stop Q) 10:13
Richmond Poplar Court (Stop R) 10:14
Richmond Cresswell Road (Stop W) 10:15
Richmond George Street (Stop B) 10:18
Richmond Eton Street (Stop G) 10:18
Richmond Church Road (->E) 10:20
N Sheen St Mary's Grove (Stop SH) 10:21
N Sheen Manor Road / North Sheen Station (Stop SD) 10:21
N Sheen Sheen Court (Stop S) 10:23
N Sheen Berwyn Road (Stop T) 10:24
E Sheen Graemesdyke Avenue (Stop U) 10:24
Temple Sheen Road (Stop V) 10:25
E Sheen East Sheen (Stop C) 10:26
E Sheen Mortlake Station (Stop E) 10:27
Sheen Lane / Mortlake Station (Stop A) 10:29
Mortlake Avondale Road (Stop S) 10:31
Mortlake White Hart Lane (Stop T) 10:32
Barnes Bridge Station (Stop BK) 10:34
Barnes Pond (Stop BF) 10:36
Barnes Glebe Road (Stop BE) 10:37
Barnes Church Road / Red Lion (Stop WS) 10:39
Barnes Ranelagh Avenue (Stop WT) 10:39
Barnes Station (Stop B) 10:41
Barnes Queen's Ride (Stop M) 10:42
Roehampton Hail & Ride Priory Lane (Stop) 10:42
Roehampton Paddock Secondary School (Stop) 10:43
Roehampton Ludovik Walk (Stop) 10:44
Roehampton Arabella Drive (->E) 10:45
Barnes Queens Ride (Stop E) 10:47
Roehampton Rosslyn Park Rugby Football Club (Stop P) 10:50
Roehampton Fairacres (Stop R) 10:51
Roehampton University / Main Entrance (Stop U) 10:54
Roehampton Queen Mary's Hospital (Stop V) 10:55
Roehampton Clarence Lane (Stop T) 10:55
Roehampton Lane / Danebury Avenue (Stop M) 10:57
Roehampton Mayfield Surgery (Stop Q) 10:57
Roehampton Wanborough Drive (Stop RS) 10:58
Putney Vale Cemetery (Stop PT) 11:00
Putney Vale West Lodge (Stop PU) 11:00
Putney Vale Roehampton Vale / Asda (Stop PA) 11:02

Roehampton Vale Asda - Gladstone Avenue_ Whitton

Putney Vale Roehampton Vale / Asda (Stop PA) 13:15
Roehampton Lane / Danebury Avenue (Stop A) 13:19
Roehampton Clarence Lane (Stop S) 13:20
Roehampton Queen Mary's Hospital (Stop W) 13:21
Roehampton University / Main Entrance (Stop X) 13:21
Roehampton Fairacres (Stop Q) 13:22
Roehampton Rosslyn Park Rugby Football Club (Stop S) 13:23
Barnes Queen's Ride (Stop M) 13:24
Roehampton Hail & Ride Priory Lane (Stop) 13:24
Roehampton Paddock Secondary School (Stop) 13:25
Roehampton Ludovik Walk (Stop) 13:26
Roehampton Arabella Drive (->E) 13:27
Barnes Queens Ride (Stop E) 13:29
Barnes Station (Stop A) 13:30
Barnes Ranelagh Avenue (Stop WX) 13:33
Barnes / Red Lion (Stop BA) 13:36
Barnes Glebe Road (Stop BB) 13:37
Barnes Pond (Stop BD) 13:38
Barnes High Street (Stop BH) 13:39
Barnes Bridge Station (Stop BJ) 13:41
Mortlake White Hart Lane (Stop V) 13:42
Mortlake Avondale Road (Stop Q) 13:44
Sheen Lane / Mortlake Station (Stop B) 13:45
E Sheen Mortlake Station (Stop F) 13:48
E Sheen East Sheen (Stop D) 13:48
Temple Sheen Road (Stop X) 13:49
N Sheen Berwyn Road (Stop Y) 13:50
N Sheen Sheen Court (Stop Z) 13:51
N Sheen Manor Road / North Sheen Station (Stop SE) 13:52
N Sheen Sheen Road / Kings Road (Stop SF) 13:53
Richmond Church Road (Stop) 13:54
Richmond Eton Street (Stop L) 13:55
Richmond Bus Station (Stop J) 13:57
Richmond Cresswell Road (Stop X) 13:59
Richmond Poplar Court (Stop G) 14:00
St Margarets Sandycoombe Road (Stop H) 14:01
St Margarets Station (Stop J) 14:03
St Margarets St Stephens C Of E Primary School (Stop) 14:04
St Margarets Cole Park Road (->W) 14:07
Twickenham Marlow Crescent (Stop) 14:08
Gladstone Avenue Whitton (->NW) 14:11
Lincoln Avenue Whitton (->SW) 14:12
Gloucester Road Whitton (Stop) 14:12
Whitton Crane Park (Stop) 14:13
Whitton Selkirk Road (Stop) 14:14

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

Abellio London