96C - Taunton - Chard - Crewkerne

A bus service operated by South West Coaches


Monday to Friday, not Richard Huish College holidays

Crewkerne - Chard - Taunton

Merriott The Church (E-bound) 07:10
Merriottsford Langdons Cottage (SW-bound) 07:11
Broadshard Road Post Box (S-bound) 07:13
Broadshard Bincombe Close (SE-bound) 07:14
Crewkerne Wadham School (SE-bound) 07:15
Crewkerne George Hotel (SW-bound) 07:20
Crewkerne West Street (W-bound) 07:20
Roundham Travellers Rest (NW-bound) 07:22
Purtington Winsham Turn (W-bound) 07:25
Windwhistle Inn (opp) 07:27
Cricket St Thomas Wildlife Park (SW-bound) 07:29
Lydmarsh Whatley Turn (W-bound) 07:33
Lydmarsh Wreath Turn (W-bound) 07:35
Lydmarsh The Drift (W-bound) 07:36
Chard East Street Tescos (W-bound) 07:41
Chard St. Mary's Church (NW-bound) 07:43
Chard Boden Street (N-bound) 07:45
Chard, adj Essex Close 07:45
Chard Oscar Meyer (NE-bound) 07:47
Chard Ship Inn (NE-bound) 07:48
Hornsbury Mill (N-bound) 07:49
Donyatt The George Inn (NW-bound) 07:52
Donyatt Phone Box (N-bound) 07:52
Horton Cross Lamb Inn (N-bound) 07:53
Horton Cross Herne View (E-bound) 07:54
Hatch Green Hatch Beauchamp (NW-bound) 08:02
Thornfalcon Garage (NW-bound) 08:06
Thornfalcon Nags Head (NW-bound) 08:07
Henlade Cross (W-bound) 08:09
Haydon Bushy Cross (NW-bound) 08:09
Ruishton Blackbrook Inn (W-bound) 08:10
Taunton Ilminster Road Busway (W-bound) 08:11
Taunton Sports Centre (SW-bound) 08:13
Taunton Stoke Road (SW-bound) 08:14
Taunton Mountfields Road (N-bound) 08:15
Taunton Calway Road (N-bound) 08:15
Taunton Richard Huish College (N-bound) 08:16
Taunton, nr Holway Avenue 08:18
Taunton, opp Tauntfield Close 08:20
Taunton Aylands Road (NW-bound) 08:31
Taunton Somerset College 1 (E-bound) 08:35

Taunton - Chard - Crewkerne

Taunton Somerset College 1 (E-bound) 16:40
Taunton Tesco (SE-bound) 16:41
Taunton County Hall (NE-bound) 16:43
Taunton Castle Way (S-bound) 16:45
Taunton Corporation Street (E-bound) 16:45
Taunton The Parade (SE-bound) 16:46
Taunton Primark (E-bound) 16:48
Taunton, adj Tauntfield Close 16:51
Taunton, adj Holway Avenue 16:52
Taunton Richard Huish College (S-bound) 16:55
Taunton Calway Road (SE-bound) 16:55
Taunton Mountfields Road (S-bound) 16:55
Taunton Stoke Road (NE-bound) 16:57
Taunton Hawthorn Road (NE-bound) 16:57
Taunton Sports Centre (NE-bound) 16:59
Taunton Ilminster Road Busway (E-bound) 17:02
Ruishton Blackbrook Inn (E-bound) 17:03
Haydon Bushy Cross (SE-bound) 17:06
Henlade Falcon Hotel (E-bound) 17:08
Thornfalcon Nags Head (SE-bound) 17:09
Hatch Beauchamp (SE-bound) 17:14
Horton Cross, opp Herne House 17:23
Donyatt The George Inn (S-bound) 17:26
New England Hornsbury Mill (S-bound) 17:29
Chard Ship Inn (SW-bound) 17:31
Chard Oscar Meyer (SW-bound) 17:31
Chard St. Mary's Church (NW-bound) 17:34
Chard Boden Street (N-bound) 17:35
Chard, adj Essex Close 17:35
Lydmarsh The Drift (E-bound) 17:39
Lydmarsh Wreath Turn (E-bound) 17:39
Lydmarsh Whatlet Turn (E-bound) 17:40
Cricket St Thomas Wildlife Park (NE-bound) 17:43
Windwhistle Inn (adj) 17:45
Purtington Winsham Turn (E-bound) 17:47
Roundham Travellers Rest (SE-bound) 17:51
Crewkerne West Street (E-bound) 17:54
Crewkerne Kings Arms (N-bound) 17:55
Crewkerne Wadham School (NW-bound) 17:57
Broadshard Laburnham Crescent (W-bound) 17:57
Broadshard Bincombe Drive (NW-bound) 17:57
Broadshard Ribblesdale (N-bound) 17:59
Merriottsford The Old Chapel (NE-bound) 18:01
Merriott The Church (W-bound) 18:03

Timetable data from South West Coaches/Bus Open Data Service, 6 March 2021

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