99 - Silverhill - Eastbourne

A bus service operated by Stagecoach South East

Silverhill London Road - Eastbourne Town Centre Gildredge Road

Silverhill London Road (o/s 383) 08:0909:09then every 30 minutes until17:0918:09
Bohemia Road Top (o/s 53) 08:1009:1017:1018:10
Bohemia, opp St Peter's Church 08:1109:1117:1118:11
Bohemia, adj Fire Station 08:1209:1217:1218:12
Bohemia, o/s Summerfields Leisure Centre 08:1409:1417:1418:14
Bohemia, opp White Rock Gardens 08:1509:1517:1518:15
Hastings Cambridge Gardens (Stop S) 08:1609:1617:1618:16
Hastings Railway Station (Stop E) 08:1709:1717:1718:17
Hastings Havelock Road (Stop G) 08:2109:2117:2118:21
Hastings Robertson Street (Stop T) 08:2309:2317:2318:23
Hastings, adj Pier 08:2409:2417:2418:24
St Leonards Eversfield Place (W-bound) 08:2509:2517:2518:25
St Leonards, opp Warrior Square 08:2609:2617:2618:26
St Leonards, opp Market Street 08:2709:2717:2718:27
St Leonards, adj Marina Pavilion 08:2709:2717:2718:27
St Leonards, opp Greeba Court 08:2809:2817:2818:28
St Leonards, opp Athlone Court 08:2909:2917:2918:29
West St Leonards, opp The Marina Fountain 08:3009:3017:3018:30
West St Leonards, opp The Bo-Peep 08:3109:3117:3118:31
West St Leonards, adj Cinque Ports Way 08:3109:3117:3118:31
Bulverhythe, adj Filsham Road Bottom 08:3209:3217:3218:32
Bulverhythe, opp Harley Shute Road Bottom 08:3309:3317:3318:33
Bulverhythe, adj Aldi 08:3409:3417:3418:34
Bulverhythe, adj Bridge Way 08:3509:3517:3518:35
Bulverhythe, opp Freshfields 08:3509:3517:3518:35
Bulverhythe, opp Abbey Drive 08:3609:3617:3618:36
Bulverhythe, opp The Bull 08:3709:3717:3718:37
Glyne Gap, opp Bexleigh Avenue 08:3709:3717:3718:37
Glyne Gap, opp Esso Garage 08:3809:3817:3818:38
Glyne Gap, adj Ravenside Retail Park 08:3909:3917:3918:39
Bexhill, adj Brett Drive 08:4109:4117:4118:41
Bexhill, opp Glyne Ascent 08:4209:4217:4218:42
Bexhill, opp Penland Road 08:4209:4217:4218:42
Bexhill Dorset Road (W-bound) 08:4409:4417:4418:44
Bexhill, opp Hastings Road 08:4609:4617:4618:46
Old Town, adj Manor Barn 08:4709:4717:4718:47
Bexhill, opp Railway Station 08:4909:4917:4918:49
Bexhill, adj The Harp 08:5109:5117:5118:51
Bexhill, adj De La Warr Pavilion 08:5209:5217:5218:52
Bexhill, opp Parkhurst Road 08:5309:5317:5318:53
Bexhill, adj Woodville Road 08:5409:5417:5418:54
Bexhill, adj Brockley Road 08:5509:5517:5518:55
Bexhill, adj Richmond Road 08:5509:5517:5518:55
Bexhill, adj Richmond Avenue 08:5609:5617:5618:56
Bexhill, adj Collington Wood 08:5709:5717:5718:57
Bexhill, adj Pages Lane 08:5809:5817:5818:58
Little Common, adj Nelson House 08:5909:5917:5918:59
Little Common, opp Pinewoods 09:0010:0018:0019:00
Little Common, opp St Martha's Church 09:0110:0118:0119:01
Little Common, adj Wheatsheaf 09:0210:0218:0219:02
Little Common, opp Howards Crescent 09:0310:0318:0319:03
Little Common, opp The Broadwalk 09:0310:0318:0319:03
Little Common, opp Sandhurst Lane 09:0410:0418:0419:04
Little Common, adj Ashridge Court 09:0410:0418:0419:04
Barnhorn, opp Coneyburrow Lane 09:0510:0518:0519:05
Hooe, nr The Lamb Inn 09:0910:0918:0919:09
Pevensey Roundabout (SW-bound) 09:1510:1518:1519:15
Pevensey, opp Church Lane 09:1610:1618:1619:16
Pevensey Level Crossing (SE-bound) 09:1610:1618:1619:16
Pevensey Bay Wallsend Road (SE-bound) 09:1710:1718:1719:17
Pevensey Bay, adj Coast Road 09:1710:1718:1719:17
Pevensey Bay, adj St Wilfrid's Church 09:1810:1818:1819:18
Pevensey Bay, adj Val Prinseps Road 09:1910:1918:1919:19
Pevensey Bay, adj Timberlaine Road 09:1910:1918:1919:19
Pevensey Bay, adj Martello Beach Holiday Park 09:2010:2018:2019:20
Pevensey Bay, opp Cannon Camp Site 09:2010:2018:2019:20
Langney, adj Old Martello Road 09:2110:2118:2119:21
Langney, adj Pacific House 09:2210:2218:2219:22
Langney, opp Tanbridge Road 09:2310:2318:2319:23
Langney, adj Asda 09:2310:2318:2319:23
Langney Green (opp) 09:2410:2418:2419:24
Langney Point, nr Ramsay Way 09:2510:2518:2519:25
Langney, opp Middleton Drive 09:2610:2618:2619:26
Roselands, adj Sovereign Centre 09:2710:2718:2719:27
Roselands, o/s Car Park 09:2810:2818:2819:28
Roselands, opp Desmond Road 09:2910:2918:2919:29
Roselands, o/s Fishermans Club 09:3010:3018:3019:30
Roselands, opp Beamsley Road 09:3110:3118:3119:31
Eastbourne, opp Cambridge Road 09:3210:3218:3219:32
Eastbourne, opp Marine Road 09:3310:3318:3319:33
Eastbourne, adj Pier 09:3410:3418:3419:34
Eastbourne, opp Burlington Road 09:3510:3518:3519:35
Eastbourne, adj Trinity Place 09:3610:3618:3619:36
Eastbourne Memorial Roundabout (Stop M1) 09:3710:3718:3719:37
Eastbourne Gildredge Road (arrivals) 09:3810:3818:3819:38

Eastbourne Town Centre Cornfield Road - Silverhill Chatham Road

Eastbourne Cornfield Road (Stop C1) 09:20then every 30 minutes until16:5017:5018:5019:45
Eastbourne, o/s Mansion Hotel 09:2216:5217:5218:5219:47
Eastbourne, opp Pier 09:2316:5317:5318:5319:48
Eastbourne, adj Marine Road 09:2416:5417:5418:5419:49
Eastbourne, adj St Aubyn's Road 09:2416:5417:5418:5419:49
Eastbourne, adj Cambridge Road 09:2516:5517:5518:5419:49
Roselands, adj Beamsley Road 09:2616:5617:5618:5519:50
Roselands, opp Fishermans Club 09:2616:5617:5618:5519:50
Roselands, adj Desmond Road 09:2716:5717:5718:5619:51
Roselands, opp Car Park 09:2816:5817:5818:5719:52
Roselands, opp Sovereign Centre 09:2916:5917:5918:5819:53
Langney, adj Middleton Drive 09:3017:0018:0018:5919:54
Langney Point, opp Ramsay Way 09:3117:0118:0119:0019:55
Langney Green (adj) 09:3217:0218:0219:0019:55
Langney, opp Asda 09:3217:0218:0219:0019:55
Langney, adj Tanbridge Road 09:3317:0318:0319:0119:56
Langney, opp Pacific House 09:3417:0418:0419:0219:57
Langney, opp Old Martello Road 09:3517:0518:0519:0319:58
Pevensey Bay, adj Cannon Camp Site 09:3517:0518:0519:0319:58
Pevensey Bay, opp Martello Beach Holiday Park 09:3617:0618:0619:0319:58
Pevensey Bay, opp Timberlaine Road 09:3717:0718:0719:0419:59
Pevensey Bay, opp Val Prinseps Road 09:3717:0718:0719:0419:59
Pevensey Bay, opp St Wilfrid's Church 09:3717:0718:0719:0419:59
Pevensey Bay Richmond Road (NE-bound) 09:3817:0818:0819:0520:00
Pevensey Bay Wallsend Road (NW-bound) 09:3817:0818:0819:0520:00
Pevensey Level Crossing (NW-bound) 09:3917:0918:0919:0620:01
Pevensey, adj Church Lane 09:4017:1018:1019:0720:02
Pevensey Roundabout (E-bound) 09:4017:1018:1019:0720:02
Hooe, adj The Lamb Inn 09:4517:1518:1519:1120:06
Barnhorn, adj Coneyburrow Lane 09:4917:1918:1919:1520:10
Little Common, adj Sandhurst Lane 09:4917:1918:1919:1520:10
Little Common, adj The Broadwalk 09:5017:2018:2019:1620:11
Little Common, adj Howards Crescent 09:5017:2018:2019:1620:11
Little Common, adj Wheatsheaf 09:2109:5117:2118:2119:1720:12
Little Common, o/s St Martha's Church 09:2209:5217:2218:2219:1820:13
Little Common, adj Pinewoods 09:2409:5417:2418:2419:1920:14
Little Common, opp Nelson House 09:2509:5517:2518:2519:2020:15
Bexhill, opp Pages Lane 09:2609:5617:2618:2619:2120:15
Bexhill, on Westcourt Drive 09:2709:5717:2718:2719:2120:16
Bexhill, opp Collington Wood 09:2809:5817:2818:2819:2220:17
Bexhill, opp Richmond Avenue 09:2809:5817:2818:2819:2220:17
Bexhill, opp Richmond Road 09:3010:0017:3018:3019:2320:18
Bexhill, opp Brockley Road 09:3010:0017:3018:3019:2320:18
Bexhill, opp Woodville Road 09:3210:0217:3218:3219:2520:19
Bexhill, adj Parkhurst Road 09:3310:0317:3318:3319:2620:20
Bexhill, opp De La Warr Pavilion 09:3410:0417:3418:3419:2620:20
Bexhill, opp The Harp 09:3510:0517:3518:3519:2720:21
Bexhill, opp Eversley Road 09:3610:0617:3618:3619:2820:22
Bexhill Railway Station (Stop D) 09:3710:0717:3718:3719:2920:23
Old Town, opp Manor Barn 09:3910:0917:3918:3919:3020:24
Bexhill, opp Manor Road 09:4010:1017:4018:4019:3120:25
Bexhill Dorset Road (E-bound) 09:4110:1117:4118:4119:3220:26
Bexhill, adj Penland Road 09:4210:1217:4218:4219:3220:26
Bexhill, adj Glyne Ascent 09:4310:1317:4318:4319:3320:27
Glyne Gap, opp Ravenside Retail Park 09:4510:1517:4518:4519:3520:29
Glyne Gap, adj Esso Garage 09:4710:1717:4718:4719:3620:30
Glyne Gap, adj Bexleigh Avenue 09:4710:1717:4718:4719:3620:30
Bulverhythe, adj The Bull 09:4810:1817:4818:4819:3720:31
Bulverhythe, adj Abbey Drive 09:4910:1917:4918:4919:3820:32
Bulverhythe, adj Freshfields 09:4910:1917:4918:4919:3820:32
Bulverhythe, opp Aldi 09:5010:2017:5018:5019:3920:33
Bulverhythe Road (opp) 09:5110:2117:5118:5119:4020:33
Bulverhythe, adj Harley Shute Road Bottom 09:5110:2117:5118:5119:4020:33
Bulverhythe, adj Judge's 09:5210:2217:5218:5219:4120:34
Bulverhythe, opp Filsham Road Bottom 09:5310:2317:5318:5319:4220:35
West St Leonards, opp Cinque Ports Way 09:5310:2317:5318:5319:4220:35
West St Leonards, adj The Bo-Peep 09:5410:2417:5418:5419:4320:36
West St Leonards, adj The Marina Fountain 09:5510:2517:5518:5519:4420:37
St Leonards, adj Athlone Court 09:5610:2617:5618:5619:4520:38
St Leonards, adj Greeba Court 09:5710:2717:5718:5719:4620:38
St Leonards, opp Marina Pavilion 09:5710:2717:5718:5719:4620:38
St Leonards, adj Market Street 09:5810:2817:5818:5819:4720:39
St Leonards, adj Warrior Square 09:5910:2917:5918:5919:4820:40
St Leonards Eversfield Place (E-bound) 10:0110:3118:0119:0119:4920:41
Hastings, opp Pier 10:0210:3318:0319:0319:5020:42
Hastings Robertson Street (Stop L) 10:0410:3518:0519:0519:5220:44
Hastings Harold Place (Stop P) 10:0510:3718:0719:0719:5320:45
Hastings Railway Station (Stop C) 10:0710:3918:0919:0919:5420:46
Hastings Cambridge Road (Stop R) 10:4118:1119:1119:5620:48
Bohemia, adj White Rock Gardens 10:4218:1219:1219:5720:49
Bohemia, opp Summerfields Leisure Centre 10:4218:1219:1219:5720:49
Bohemia, adj Magdalen Road 10:4318:1319:1319:5820:50
Bohemia, opp Fire Station 10:4318:1319:1319:5820:50
Bohemia, adj St Peter's Church 10:4418:1419:1419:5920:51
Bohemia Road Top (o/s 50) 10:4518:1519:1520:0020:52
Bohemia, adj St Matthew's Road 10:4718:1719:1720:0220:54
Silverhill, on Chatham Road 10:4818:1819:1820:0320:55

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