9A - Great Notely - Blake End

A bus service operated by Central Connect

Great Notely to Blake End

Great Notley, opp Tesco 07:4516:0017:55
Great Notley, adj Village Green 07:4516:0017:55
Great Notley, adj Tufted Close 07:4516:0017:55
Great Notley Avenue (S-bound) 07:4616:0117:56
Great Notley Approach (SE-bound) 07:4616:0117:56
Great Notley, adj The Chase 07:4716:0217:57
Great Notley, opp Bakers Lane 07:4716:0217:57
Great Notley, adj Cut Hedge 07:4816:0317:58
Great Notley White Court (NE-bound) 07:4916:0417:59
Great Notley, opp Ludham Hall Lane 07:4916:0417:59
Great Notley, adj Queenborough Lane 07:5016:0518:00
Great Notley, o/s King William 07:5116:0618:01
Braintree, opp Tortoiseshell Way 07:5116:0618:01
Braintree, adj Acorn Avenue 07:5316:0818:03
Braintree, adj Clare Road 07:5316:0818:03
Braintree Panfield Lane (NE-bound) 07:5516:1018:05
Braintree, opp Blyth's Meadow 07:5516:1018:05
Braintree, opp Mount Road 07:5616:1118:06
Braintree Railway Street (S-bound) 07:5616:1118:06
Braintree Clinic (W-bound) 07:5716:1218:07
Braintree Bus Interchange (Stand 7) 07:5816:1318:08
Braintree Railway Street (N-bound) 08:0716:1418:09
Braintree, opp Julien Court Road 08:0816:1518:10
Bocking, o/s Old Court Hotel 08:0916:1618:11
Bocking, opp Braintree College 08:1116:1818:13
Bocking, adj Eagle Lane 08:1116:1818:13
Bocking, adj Boleyns Avenue 08:1216:1918:14
Bocking, opp Gauden Road 08:1316:2018:15
Bocking Deanery Corner (N-bound) 08:1416:2118:16
Bocking, o/s Towerlands Leisure Centre 08:1616:2318:18
Panfield, adj Church End 08:1816:2518:20
Panfield, opp St Mary's Close 08:2016:2718:22
Panfield, o/s The Bell 08:2116:2818:23
Panfield, opp Bell Lane 08:2116:2818:23
Panfield, opp Thistledown 08:2116:2818:23
Jaspers Green (opp) 08:2416:3118:26
Shalford Green, o/s Bays Farm 08:2516:3218:27
Shalford Green, o/s Hubbard's Farm 08:2616:3318:28
Shalford, o/s School 08:2716:3418:29
Shalford, opp Village Hall 08:2816:3518:30
Shalford, opp Recycling Centre 08:2816:3518:30
Shalford, opp The George 08:2916:3618:31
Shalford, opp Cliffield 08:3016:3718:31
Shalford, opp Boydell's Farm 08:3116:3818:32
Wethersfield, opp Sand Hill 08:3116:3818:33
Wethersfield, opp Golden's Farm 08:3216:3918:33
Wethersfield, opp The Green 08:3416:4118:35
Wethersfield, opp Saffron Gardens 08:3416:4118:35
Wethersfield, opp Fire Station 08:3416:4118:35
Finchingfield, opp Justice's Farm 08:3716:4418:37
Finchingfield Sampford Road (W-bound) 08:3816:4518:38
Finchingfield, adj Kempe Road 08:3916:4618:39
Finchingfield, opp The Fox 08:4016:4718:40
Finchingfield, adj The Hopgrounds 08:4016:4718:40
Great Bardfield, opp Northfield 08:4416:5118:43
Great Bardfield, opp Beslyns Road 08:4416:5118:43
Great Bardfield, opp Northampton Meadow 08:4516:5218:44
Great Bardfield, opp Vine Street 08:4516:5218:44
Great Bardfield Brook Street (E-bound) 08:4516:5218:44
Great Bardfield Braintree Road (S-bound) 08:4616:5318:44
Great Bardfield Bendlowes Road (S-bound) 08:4716:5418:45
Great Bardfield Alienor Ave (Stop A2) 08:4816:5518:46
Great Saling, adj Glebe Road 18:53
Great Saling, opp Church 18:54
Great Saling, opp The White Hart 18:54
Blake End, o/s The Saling Oak 18:56

Blake End to Great Notely

Blake End, opp The Saling Oak 07:30
Great Bardfield Alienor Ave (Stop A2) 15:0017:00
Great Saling, o/s The White Hart 07:33
Great Saling, o/s Church 07:34
Great Saling, opp Glebe Road 07:34
Great Bardfield, opp Alienor Avenue 07:42
Great Bardfield Braintree Road (N-bound) 07:4215:0017:00
Great Bardfield Brook Street (W-bound) 07:4315:0117:01
Great Bardfield, adj Vine Street 07:4315:0117:01
Great Bardfield, adj Northampton Meadow 07:4315:0117:01
Great Bardfield, adj Beslyns Road 07:4415:0217:02
Great Bardfield, adj Northfield 07:4415:0217:02
Finchingfield, opp The Hopgrounds 07:4815:0617:06
Finchingfield, o/s The Fox 07:4915:0717:07
Finchingfield, opp Kempe Road 07:4915:0717:07
Finchingfield Sampford Road (E-bound) 07:5015:0817:08
Finchingfield, o/s Justice's Farm 07:5115:0917:09
Wethersfield, o/s Fire Station 07:5315:1117:11
Wethersfield, adj Saffron Gardens 07:5315:1117:11
Wethersfield, adj The Green 07:5415:1217:12
Wethersfield, o/s Golden's Farm 07:5515:1317:13
Wethersfield, adj Sand Hill 07:5615:1417:14
Shalford, o/s Boydell's Farm 07:5615:1417:14
Shalford, adj Cliffield 07:5715:1517:15
Shalford, o/s The George 07:5815:1617:16
Shalford, o/s Recycling Centre 07:5915:1717:17
Shalford, o/s Village Hall 08:0015:1817:18
Shalford, opp School 08:0015:1817:18
Shalford Green, opp Hubbard's Farm 08:0115:2017:19
Shalford Green, opp Bays Farm 08:0215:2217:20
Jaspers Green (adj) 08:0315:2517:21
Panfield, adj Thistledown 08:0615:3017:24
Panfield, adj Bell Lane 08:0715:3117:25
Panfield, opp The Bell 08:0715:3117:25
Panfield, adj St Mary's Close 08:0715:3117:25
Panfield, opp Church End 08:0915:3317:27
Bocking, opp Towerlands Leisure Centre 08:1215:3617:30
Bocking Deanery Corner (S-bound) 08:1315:3717:31
Bocking, adj Gauden Road 08:1315:3717:31
Bocking, opp Boleyns Avenue 08:1415:3817:32
Bocking, opp Eagle Lane 08:1415:3817:32
Bocking, o/s Braintree College 08:1515:3917:33
Bocking, opp Old Court Hotel 08:1615:4017:34
Braintree, adj Julien Court Road 08:1715:4117:35
Braintree Courtauld Road (SE-bound) 08:1815:4217:36
Braintree Railway Street (S-bound) 08:1815:4217:36
Braintree Clinic (W-bound) 08:1915:4317:37
Braintree Bus Interchange (Stand 4) 08:2015:4417:38
Braintree, adj Rue De Jeunes 08:2115:4517:39
Braintree, opp Courtauld Place 08:2215:4717:41
Braintree, adj Marshalls Road 08:2315:4817:42
Braintree, adj Tortoiseshell Way 08:2415:4917:43
Great Notley, opp King William 08:2515:5017:44
Great Notley, adj Springmead 08:2615:5117:45
Great Notley, adj Greenway Gardens 08:2715:5217:46
Great Notley, adj Bridge End Lane 08:2815:5317:47
Great Notley Panners Farm (SW-bound) 08:2915:5417:48
Great Notley, opp Grantham Avenue 08:2915:5517:49
Great Notley, opp Chatsworth House 08:3015:5617:50
Great Notley, adj Highclere Road 08:3115:5717:51
Great Notley, opp Manor House 08:3215:5717:51
Great Notley, opp Tesco 08:3315:5917:53

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