A30 - Arbroath Academy - Friockheim and Fishers Depot

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Arbroath Academy - Friockheim and Fishers Depot

Mayfield Arbroath Academy (near) 16:00
Arbroath, at Grampian Gardens 16:02
Warddykes, at Tarry Road 16:02
Warddykes, at Tarry Dykes 16:03
St Vigeans, at Old School 16:04
Letham Grange, at Waulkmill Road 16:06
Letham Grange, at Magungie Park 16:07
Leysmill, at Old Inn 16:11
Leysmill, at Knockhill 16:13
Leysmill, opp Middleton Road End 16:16
Friockheim Road End (opp) 16:18
Friockheim, at Toll House 16:19
Friockheim, opp Co-Op 16:20
Friockheim, at Middlegate 16:20
Friockheim, at Police Station 16:20
Friockheim, at Bus Stance 16:21
Colliston Inn (opp) 16:32
Condor Base old Entrance (at) 16:33
Arbroath, opp Woodley Road End 16:34
Arbroath, at Little Cairnie Hospital 16:35
Timmergreens, opp Camperdown Drive 16:36
Timmergreens, at Keptie Road 16:37
Timmergreens, opp Gallowden Road 16:37
Timmergreens, at Emislaw Drive 16:38
Arbroath, opp Antiquary Gardens 16:38
Hospitalfield Road (opp) 16:39
Arbroath, opp Peasiehill Road 16:39
Arbroath, opp Westway Retail Park 16:40
Arbroath, opp Elliot Caravan Park 16:40
Arbroath Elliot Bridge (Westbound) 16:41
Arbroath, opp Balcathie Road End 16:41
Salmond’s Muir, opp Mains of Kelly Road End 16:42
Salmond’s Muir, at Hatton Road End 16:43
Scryne Road End (at) 16:44
Muirdrum By Pass (W bound) 16:45
Muirdrum, opp Balmachie Road End 16:46
Carlungie, at Upper Victoria Road End 16:47
Carlungie Road End (opp) 16:48
Ardestie, at Road End 16:52
Ardestie, opp Ardownie Road End 16:54
Panmurefield Village (Stop 1) 16:56
West Ferry/Broughty Ferry, opp Gotterstone Avenue 17:01
Craigiebank, opp Monymusk Park 17:01
Craigiebank, opp Kemnay Place 17:01
Pitkerro, at Keyline 17:02
Operates on Angus schooldays only

Friockheim and Fishers Depot - Arbroath Academy

Pitkerro, opp Keyline 07:40
Craigiebank, at kemnay Place 07:41
Craigiebank, at Monymusk Park 07:41
West Ferry/Broughty Ferry, at Gotterstone Avenue 07:41
Panmurefield Village (Stop 2) 07:46
Ardestie, at Ardownie Road End 07:48
Ardestie, opp Road End 07:50
Carlungie Road End (at) 07:52
Carlungie, opp Upper Victoria Road End 07:53
Muirdrum, at Balmachie Road End 07:54
Muirdrum By Pass (E bound) 07:55
Scryne Road End (opp) 07:56
Salmond’s Muir, opp Hatton Road End 07:57
Salmond’s Muir, at Mains of Kelly Road End 07:58
Arbroath, at Balcathie Road End 07:59
Arbroath Elliot Bridge (Eastbound) 08:00
Arbroath, at Elliot Caravan Park 08:01
Arbroath, at Westway Retail Park 08:02
Arbroath, at Antiquary House 08:02
Hospitalfield Road (at) 08:03
Arbroath, at The Steadings 08:03
Timmergreens Fraser Place (near) 08:04
Timmergreens, opp Emislaw Drive 08:04
Timmergreens Gallowden Road (near) 08:05
Timmergreens, at Keptie Road 08:05
Timmergreens, opp Camperdown Drive 08:06
Arbroath, at Western Cemetery 08:06
Arbroath, at Woodley Road End 08:07
Arbroath, at Woodville Road End 08:07
Condor Base old Entrance (opp) 08:08
Colliston Inn (at) 08:09
Friockheim, at Bus Stance 08:15
Friockheim, opp Police Station 08:21
Friockheim, opp Middlegate 08:21
Friockheim, at Co-Op 08:21
Friockheim, opp Toll House 08:22
Friockheim Road End (at) 08:23
Leysmill, opp Middleton Road End 08:26
Leysmill, opp Knockhill 08:28
Leysmill, opp Old Inn 08:30
Letham Grange, opp Magungie Park 08:34
Letham Grange, opp Waulkmill Road 08:34
St Vigeans, opp Old School 08:36
Warddykes, opp Tarry Dykes 08:38
Warddykes, opp Tarry Road 08:39
Arbroath, opp Grampian Gardens 08:39
Arbroath, opp Saltire Centre 08:40
Hayshead, at Hamilton Street 08:41
Mayfield Arbroath Academy (near) 08:42
Operates on Angus schooldays only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

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