Bus Times

BB4 - Didcot Schools - Grove

A bus service operated by Thames Travel

Didcot Schools - Grove

Didcot, o/s St Birinus School 15:25
Didcot, opp Wantage Road Shops 15:32
Didcot Girls School (o/s) 15:34
Didcot, opp Manor Crescent 15:34
Didcot, opp Wantage Road Shops 15:35
Didcot, o/s Community Hospital 15:36
Didcot, opp Holly Lane 15:37
Harwell, opp University Technical College 15:38
Harwell, o/s Didcot Road Bungalows 15:40
Harwell High Street (SW-bound) 15:42
Harwell, adj Tyrrells Close 15:43
Rowstock, o/s Reading Road Stade 15:44
Rowstock Corner Garage (opp) 15:45
Rowstock Corner (W-bound) 15:45
East Hendred, opp Coulings Close 15:48
East Hendred, o/s The Plough PH 15:50
West Hendred, opp The Hare PH 15:53
Ardington Turn (adj) 15:54
Ardington, adj Church Street 15:55
Ardington School Road (o/s 5) 15:55
Ardington School Road West End (W-bound) 15:57
Charlton, adj Fyfield Close 16:01
Charlton Park (opp) 16:02
Charlton, opp Community Hospital 16:02
Wantage Market Place (Stop B) 16:04
Wantage Market Place (Stop B) 16:06
Wantage Mill Street (NW-bound) 16:07
Wantage, o/s Fitzwaryn School 16:09
Wantage, adj Health Centre 16:12
Grove, adj Wolage Drive 16:12
Grove, o/s Mandhill Close 16:13
Grove, opp Hawthorn Crescent 16:14
Grove, adj Cherry Tree Close 16:14
Grove, opp Minns Road 16:15
Grove, adj Godfreys Close 16:16
Grove The Green (W-bound) 16:17
Grove, opp Wick Green 16:18
Grove, opp Collett Way 16:19
Grove, opp Evenlode Close 16:19
Grove, adj Wessex Way 16:20
Grove Cane Lane (W-bound) 16:21
Wantage, adj Health Centre 16:24
Wantage, adj Harcourt Way 16:25
Wantage, adj Humber Close 16:25
Wantage Seesen Way (SE-bound) 16:26
Wantage Market Place (Stop B) 16:29
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays Only
Schooldays only

Grove - Didcot Schools

Wantage Market Place (Stop B) 07:24
Wantage Mill Street (NW-bound) 07:24
Wantage, o/s Fitzwaryn School 07:26
Wantage, adj Health Centre 07:28
Grove, adj Wolage Drive 07:28
Grove, o/s Mandhill Close 07:29
Grove, opp Hawthorn Crescent 07:30
Grove, adj Cherry Tree Close 07:31
Grove, opp Minns Road 07:32
Grove, adj Godfreys Close 07:33
Grove The Green (W-bound) 07:35
Grove, opp Wick Green 07:35
Grove, opp Collett Way 07:36
Grove, opp Evenlode Close 07:36
Grove, adj Wessex Way 07:37
Grove Cane Lane (W-bound) 07:38
Wantage, adj Health Centre 07:41
Wantage, adj Harcourt Way 07:42
Wantage, adj Humber Close 07:43
Wantage Seesen Way (SE-bound) 07:44
Wantage Market Place (Stop B) 07:47
Wantage Market Place (Stop B) 07:49
Charlton, o/s Community Hospital 07:50
Charlton Park (adj) 07:50
Charlton, opp Fyfield Close 07:51
Ardington School Road West End (E-bound) 07:56
Ardington School Road (opp 5) 07:58
Ardington, opp Church Street 07:59
Ardington Turn (opp) 08:00
West Hendred, o/s The Hare PH 08:02
East Hendred, opp The Plough PH 08:06
East Hendred, adj Coulings Close 08:07
Rowstock Corner (E-bound) 08:11
Rowstock Corner Garage (o/s) 08:12
Rowstock, opp Reading Road Stade 08:13
Harwell, opp Tyrrells Close 08:15
Harwell High Street (NE-bound) 08:18
Harwell, opp Didcot Road Bungalows 08:19
Harwell, adj University Technical College 08:21
Didcot, adj Holly Lane 08:22
Didcot, opp Community Hospital 08:23
Didcot, o/s Wantage Road Shops 08:24
Didcot Girls School (o/s) 08:25
Didcot, opp Manor Crescent 08:26
Didcot Park Road (SW-bound) 08:28
Didcot, o/s St Birinus School 08:34
Schooldays only


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