BS1 - Greatstone on Sea - Dymchurch - Hythe - Brockhill Park School

A bus service operated by Scotland & Bates


Monday to Friday

Greatstone on Sea - Dymchurch - Hythe - Brockhill Park School

Greatstone-on-Sea, adj The Jolly Fisherman 07:35
Greatstone-on-Sea, adj Hardy Road 07:36
Littlestone-on-Sea, adj Clark Road 07:37
Littlestone-on-Sea, adj Queens Road 07:37
Littlestone-on-Sea, opp Madeira Road 07:38
Littlestone-on-Sea, opp St Andrew's Road 07:38
New Romney, opp Light Railway Station 07:40
New Romney, opp The Marsh Academy 07:40
New Romney, adj Sainsbury's 07:40
New Romney, adj Cannon Street 07:41
New Romney, opp The Warren Inn 07:41
New Romney, opp Warren Lodge 07:42
St Mary’s Bay Dymchurch Road (NE-bound) 07:43
St Mary’s Bay, adj Taylors Lane 07:44
St Mary’s Bay, adj Jefferstone Lane 07:45
St Mary’s Bay, adj Cobsden Road 07:46
St Mary’s Bay, adj Dunstall Lane 07:46
St Mary’s Bay, adj The Fairway 07:47
Dymchurch, adj High Knock 07:48
Dymchurch High Street (NE-bound) 07:50
Dymchurch, adj Country's Field 07:50
Dymchurch, adj Young's 07:51
Dymchurch, opp The Oval 07:51
Dymchurch, adj Burmarsh Road 07:51
Dymchurch, adj Tower Estate 07:53
Dymchurch, adj Marine Avenue 07:54
Dymchurch, adj The Neptune 07:54
Dymchurch, o/s New Beach Holiday Park 07:55
Dymchurch, adj Redoubt Way 07:55
Hythe, adj Botolph's Bridge Road 07:56
Hythe, adj Martello Lakes 07:58
Hythe, adj Palmarsh Avenue 07:58
Hythe, adj St George's Place 07:59
Hythe, adj Prince of Wales 08:00
Hythe, adj Pennypot 08:00
Hythe, opp Reachfields 08:01
Hythe Light Railway Station (Stop D) 08:02
Hythe Sir John Moore Avenue (Stop G) 08:02
Hythe Red Lion Square (Stop B) 08:03
Saltwood, adj Brockhill Park 08:17
Saltwood, o/s Brockhill Park School 08:20
Schooldays only

Brockhill Park School - Hythe - Dymchurch - Greatstone on Sea

Saltwood, o/s Brockhill Park School 15:05
Saltwood, opp Brockhill Park 15:06
Saltwood, adj The Green 15:11
Saltwood, adj Lea Close 15:13
Saltwood, opp Harpswood Lane 15:14
Hythe Sir John Moore Avenue (Stop G) 15:18
Hythe Red Lion Square (Stop B) 15:22
Hythe Fort Road (Stop C) 15:25
Hythe, adj Reachfields 15:25
Hythe, opp Pennypot 15:27
Hythe, opp Prince of Wales 15:28
Hythe, opp St George's Place 15:28
Hythe, opp Palmarsh Avenue 15:29
Hythe, opp Martello Lakes 15:29
Hythe, opp Botolph's Bridge Road 15:30
Dymchurch, opp Redoubt Way 15:32
Dymchurch, opp New Beach Holiday Park 15:32
Dymchurch, opp Marine Avenue 15:33
Dymchurch, opp Tower Estate 15:34
Dymchurch, opp Burmarsh Road 15:36
Dymchurch, opp Young's 15:36
Dymchurch, adj The Ship 15:37
Dymchurch High Street (SW-bound) 15:38
Dymchurch, opp High Knock 15:39
St Mary’s Bay, opp The Fairway 15:40
St Mary’s Bay, opp Dunstall Lane 15:41
St Mary’s Bay, opp Highlands Crescent 15:42
St Mary’s Bay, opp Jefferstone Lane 15:43
St Mary’s Bay, opp Taylors Lane 15:43
St Mary’s Bay Dymchurch Road (SW-bound) 15:44
New Romney, adj Warren Lodge 15:45
New Romney, adj The Warren Inn 15:46
New Romney, opp Cannon Street 15:46
New Romney, adj The Marsh Academy 15:47
New Romney, adj Light Railway Station 15:48
Littlestone-on-Sea, adj St Andrew's Road 15:49
Littlestone-on-Sea, adj Madeira Road 15:49
Littlestone-on-Sea, opp Queens Road 15:50
Littlestone-on-Sea, opp Clark Road 15:50
Greatstone-on-Sea, opp Hardy Road 15:52
Greatstone-on-Sea, opp The Jolly Fisherman 15:53
Schooldays only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset