D1 - Bradwell-on-Sea or Southminster to Maldon

A bus service operated by Stephensons of Essex

Please see the Stephensons website stephensonsofessex.com/daily-service-updates for service updates, details of cancelled journeys

Bradwell-on-Sea - Maldon

Bradwell-on-Sea, adj Bate-Dudley Drive 07:1309:0011:2213:4216:18
Bradwell-on-Sea The Kings Head (near) 07:1409:0111:2313:4316:19
Tillingham St Peter's Court (near) 07:1709:0411:2613:4616:22
Tillingham, o/s Wick Cottages 07:1809:0511:2713:4716:23
St Lawrence, opp Main Road 07:2109:0811:3013:5016:26
St Lawrence, o/s Dairy Stores 07:2309:1011:3213:5216:28
St Lawrence, adj Bay View 07:2309:1011:3213:5216:28
St Lawrence, opp Bay View 07:2409:1111:3313:5316:29
St Lawrence, opp Dairy Stores 07:2409:1111:3313:5316:29
St Lawrence, opp Main Road 07:2609:1311:3513:5516:31
Steeple, o/s The Star 07:3109:1911:4014:0016:36
Steeple, opp Canney Road 07:3109:1911:4014:0016:36
Mayland Mill (opp) 07:3509:2311:4414:0416:40
Mayland Green (opp) 07:3509:2411:4414:0416:40
Maylandsea Princes Avenue (W-bound) 07:3609:2511:4514:0516:41
Maylandsea, opp Post Office 07:3809:3011:4714:0716:43
Mayland, opp The Drive 07:3909:3111:4814:0816:44
Latchingdon, opp School 07:4309:3511:5214:1216:48
Latchingdon, o/s The Red Lion 07:4409:3611:5314:1316:49
Latchingdon, opp Garage 07:4409:3611:5314:1316:49
Cold Norton Palepit Corner (W-bound) 07:4609:3811:5514:1516:51
Cold Norton, o/s Post Office 07:4709:3911:5614:1616:52
Cold Norton, o/s The Norton 07:4809:4011:5714:1716:53
Cold Norton, adj St Stephens Road 07:4809:4011:5714:1716:53
Cold Norton, opp Latchingdon Road 07:4909:4111:5814:1816:54
Purleigh Village Hall (o/s) 07:5209:4412:0114:2116:57
Purleigh, adj Post Office 07:5309:4512:0214:2216:58
Purleigh, opp Spar Lane 07:5409:4612:0314:2316:59
Hazeleigh, adj Goat House Lane 07:5609:4812:0514:2517:01
Woodham Mortimer, adj Conduit Lane 07:5809:5012:0714:2717:03
Woodham Mortimer, adj Post Office Road 07:5809:5012:0714:2717:03
Woodham Mortimer, opp Bryant's Lane 07:5909:5112:0814:2817:04
Woodham Mortimer Oak Corner (NE-bound) 07:5909:5112:0814:2817:04
Woodham Mortimer, opp Post Office Road 08:0009:5212:0914:2917:05
Woodham Mortimer, opp Rectory Lane 08:0009:5312:1014:3017:06
Woodham Mortimer, o/s Church 08:0109:5412:1114:3117:07
Woodham Mortimer, opp Lodge Road 08:0209:5412:1114:3117:07
Maldon, opp Limebrook Farm 08:0309:5612:1314:3317:09
Maldon, opp Ben Cobey Ave 08:0309:5612:1314:3317:09
Maldon Morrisons Wycke Hill (entrance) 08:0509:5812:1514:3517:11
Maldon, opp Morrisons Wycke Hill 08:0509:5812:1514:3517:11
Maldon, opp Fire Station 08:0609:5912:1614:3617:12
Maldon, adj Spital Road Flats 08:0710:0012:1714:3717:13
Maldon, o/s Queen Victoria 08:0710:0012:1714:3717:13
Maldon, o/s St Peter's Hospital 08:0810:0112:1814:3817:14
Maldon Does Corner (N-bound) 08:0910:0212:1914:3917:15
Maldon, o/s All Saints Church 10:0312:2014:4017:16
Maldon Tesco Store (Stop 1) 10:0712:2414:4417:20
Maldon, o/s Upper Plume School 08:10
Maldon, opp Washington Road 08:11
Maldon, adj Fambridge Close 08:12
Maldon Cross Road West (NE-bound) 08:12
Maldon Cross Road East (NE-bound) 08:13
Maldon, o/s Lower Plume School 08:15
School Days Only

Maldon - Bradwell-on-Sea

Maldon Tesco Store (Stop 1) 10:2012:4017:25
Maldon, opp Lower Plume School 15:15
Maldon Cross Road East (SW-bound) 15:15
Maldon Cross Road West (SW-bound) 15:16
Maldon, opp Fambridge Close 15:17
Maldon, adj Washington Road 15:18
Maldon, o/s The White Horse 10:2412:4417:29
Maldon, opp Upper Plume School 15:20
Maldon Does Corner (S-bound) 10:2412:4415:2017:29
Maldon, opp St Peter's Hospital 10:2612:4615:2217:31
Maldon, opp Queen Victoria 10:2612:4615:2217:31
Maldon West Station (S-bound) 10:2612:4615:2217:31
Maldon, o/s Fire Station 10:2712:4715:2317:32
Maldon, o/s Morrisons Wycke Hill 10:2712:4715:2317:32
Maldon Morrisons Wycke Hill (entrance) 10:2912:4915:2517:34
Maldon Ben Cobey Ave (SW-bound) 10:2912:4915:2517:34
Maldon, o/s Limebrook Farm 10:2912:4915:2517:34
Woodham Mortimer, adj Lodge Road 10:3012:5015:2617:35
Woodham Mortimer, opp Church 10:3112:5115:2717:36
Woodham Mortimer, adj Rectory Lane 10:3212:5215:2817:37
Woodham Mortimer, opp Conduit Lane 10:3312:5315:2917:38
Hazeleigh, opp Goat House Lane 10:3412:5415:3017:39
Purleigh, adj Spar Lane 10:3612:5615:3217:41
Purleigh, opp Post Office 10:3812:5815:3417:43
Purleigh Village Hall (opp) 10:3812:5815:3417:43
Cold Norton, adj Latchingdon Road 10:4113:0115:3717:46
Cold Norton, opp St Stephens Road 10:4213:0215:3817:47
Cold Norton, opp The Norton 10:4313:0315:3917:48
Cold Norton, opp Post Office 10:4313:0315:3917:48
Cold Norton Palepit Corner (E-bound) 10:4413:0415:4017:49
Latchingdon, o/s Garage 10:4613:0615:4217:51
Latchingdon, opp The Red Lion 10:4713:0715:4317:52
Latchingdon, o/s School 10:4713:0715:4317:52
Mayland, adj The Drive 10:5013:1015:4617:55
Maylandsea, opp Post Office 10:5213:1215:4817:57
Maylandsea Wembley Avenue (E-bound) 10:5313:1315:4917:58
Mayland Green (adj) 10:5413:1415:5017:59
Mayland Mill (o/s) 10:5613:1615:5218:01
Steeple, adj Canney Road 10:5913:1915:5518:04
Steeple, opp The Star 11:0013:2015:5618:05
St Lawrence, adj Main Road 11:0413:2416:0018:09
St Lawrence, o/s Dairy Stores 11:0613:2616:0218:11
St Lawrence, adj Bay View 11:0613:2616:0218:11
St Lawrence, opp Bay View 11:0713:2716:0318:12
St Lawrence, opp Dairy Stores 11:0713:2716:0318:12
St Lawrence, adj Main Road 11:0913:2916:0518:14
Tillingham, opp Wick Cottages 11:1213:3216:0818:17
Tillingham, adj St Peter's Court 11:1413:3416:1018:19
Bradwell-on-Sea, o/s The Kings Head 11:1713:3716:1318:22
Bradwell-on-Sea, opp Bate-Dudley Drive 11:1813:3816:1418:23
School Days Only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 13 June 2024

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