D4 - Daventry - Long Buckby

A bus service operated by Stagecoach Midlands

Daventry Ford Factory South Entrance - Long Buckby Holyoake Terrace

Daventry, o/s Ford Factory South Entrance 07:5909:1416:4317:1418:29
Daventry, o/s Ford Factory North Entrance 08:0009:1516:4417:1518:30
Daventry, opp Bentley Way 08:0009:1516:4417:1518:30
Daventry, opp Royal Oak Industry Estate 08:0109:1616:4517:1618:31
Daventry, opp Nene House 08:0209:1716:4617:1718:32
Daventry, opp Cleeve Close 08:0609:2116:5017:2118:36
Daventry, adj Welton Road 08:0809:2316:5217:2318:38
Daventry, opp Nantwich Drive 08:1009:2516:5417:2518:40
Daventry, opp The Haystack 08:1109:2616:5517:2618:41
Daventry, opp Scythe Road 08:1209:2716:5617:2718:42
Daventry Court Hotel (opp) 08:1309:2816:5717:2818:43
Daventry, adj Poplar Close 08:1609:3117:0017:3118:46
Daventry, opp Ericsson Close 08:1609:3117:0017:3118:46
Daventry, adj Livingstone Road 08:1709:3217:0117:3218:47
Daventry, opp New Forest Way 08:1709:3217:0117:3218:47
Daventry, o/s The Parker E-Act Academy 08:1809:3317:0217:3318:48
Daventry, adj Car Park 08:2009:3517:0417:3518:50
Daventry Bus Station (Bay 3) 08:2109:3612:0017:0517:3618:51
Daventry, opp Norton Road 08:2209:3712:0117:3718:52
Long Buckby Wharf, adj George Lane 08:2809:4312:0717:4318:58
Long Buckby, opp Railway Station 08:3009:4512:0917:4519:00
Long Buckby, opp Watson Road 08:3209:4712:1117:4719:02
Long Buckby, o/s The Peacock PH 08:3409:4912:1317:4919:04
Long Buckby, opp Holyoake Terrace 08:3609:5112:1517:5119:06

Long Buckby Holyoake Terrace - Daventry Ford Factory South Entrance

Long Buckby, opp Holyoake Terrace 07:2108:3609:5116:0517:51
Long Buckby, opp The Peacock PH 07:2308:3809:5316:0717:53
Long Buckby, opp Library 07:2308:3809:5316:0717:53
Long Buckby, adj Watson Road 07:2608:4109:5616:1017:56
Long Buckby, in Rail Station Forecourt 07:2808:4309:5816:1217:58
Long Buckby Wharf, opp George Lane 07:3108:4610:0116:1518:01
Daventry, adj Norton Road 07:3708:5210:0716:2118:07
Daventry, o/s Council Offices 07:3708:5210:0716:2118:07
Daventry Bus Station (Bay 3) 07:3808:5310:0816:2218:08
Daventry, adj New Forest Way 07:4208:5716:2618:12
Daventry, adj Ericsson Close 07:4308:5816:2718:13
Daventry, opp Poplar Close 07:4408:5916:2818:14
Daventry, adj Wimbourne Place 07:4509:0016:2918:15
Daventry, opp Cleeve Close 07:4909:0416:3318:19
Daventry, adj Welton Road 07:5009:0516:3418:20
Daventry, opp Nantwich Drive 07:5209:0716:3618:22
Daventry, opp The Haystack 07:5209:0716:3618:22
Daventry, opp Scythe Road 07:5309:0816:3718:23
Daventry Court Hotel (opp) 07:5309:0816:3718:23
Daventry Nene House (os) 07:5509:1016:3918:25
Daventry, adj Royal Oak Industry Estate 07:5609:1116:4018:26
Daventry, adj Bentley Way 07:5709:1216:4118:27
Daventry, opp Ford Factory North Entrance 07:5709:1216:4118:27
Daventry, opp Ford Factory South Entrance 07:5809:1316:4218:28
Daventry, o/s Ford Factory South Entrance 07:5909:1416:4318:29

Timetable data from Stagecoach Midlands, 12 July 2024

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