D4 - Daventry - Long Buckby

A bus service operated by Stagecoach Midlands


Monday to Friday

Daventry - Long Buckby

Daventry, opp New Forest Way 09:12
Daventry, o/s Ford Factory South Entrance 16:3717:14
Daventry, o/s Daneholme Park 09:13
Daventry, o/s Ford Factory North Entrance 16:3717:14
Daventry, opp Ashdown Road 09:15
Daventry, opp Bentley Way 16:3817:15
Daventry The Parker E-Act Academy (Stop 1) 09:16
Daventry, opp Royal Oak Industry Estate 16:3817:15
Daventry, adj Car Park 09:18
Daventry, opp Stephenson Close 16:3917:16
Daventry, opp Nene House 16:4017:17
Daventry, opp Cleeve Close 06:5607:5916:4417:2118:17
Daventry, adj Welton Road 06:5708:0016:4517:2218:18
Daventry, opp Nantwich Drive 06:5908:0216:4717:2418:20
Daventry, opp The Haystack 06:5908:0216:4717:2418:20
Daventry, opp Scythe Road 07:0008:0316:4817:2518:21
Daventry Court Hotel (opp) 07:0108:0416:4917:2618:22
Daventry, o/s Council Offices 07:0608:0916:5417:3118:27
Daventry Bus Station (Bay 5) 09:1916:5517:3218:28
Daventry, opp Norton Road 07:0608:0909:2215:5217:3418:30
Long Buckby Wharf, adj George Lane 07:1208:1509:2715:5717:3918:35
Long Buckby, in Rail Station Forecourt 07:1508:1809:3016:0017:4218:38
Long Buckby, opp Watson Road 07:1508:1809:3016:0017:4218:38
Long Buckby, o/s Library 07:1708:2009:3216:0217:4418:40
Long Buckby, o/s The Peacock PH 07:1908:2209:3416:0417:4618:42
Long Buckby, opp Holyoake Terrace 07:2108:2409:3616:0617:4818:44

Long Buckby - Daventry

Timetable data from Stagecoach Midlands, 22 September 2023

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