FWC8 - Chelmer Village - Writtle (Hylands School)

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Chelmer Village - Writtle (Hylands School)

Chelmer Village, opp Fulcher Avenue 07:30
Chelmer Village, adj Samuel Manor 07:30
Chelmer Village, opp Ramshaw Drive 07:30
Chelmer Village, opp Cusak Road 07:31
Chelmer Village, adj Berkely Dr 07:31
Chelmer Village, adj Goddard Way 07:32
Chelmer Village, adj Pollard's Green 07:32
Chelmer Village, adj Shopping Centre 07:33
Chelmer Village, adj Henniker Gate 07:33
Chelmer Village, adj Sheppard Drive 07:34
Chelmer Village, opp Brook End Road 07:34
Chelmer Village, o/s Barlows Reach 07:34
Chelmer Village Way (W-bound) 07:35
Chelmer Village Cuton Hall Lane (NW-bound) 07:36
Springfield, opp Pump Lane 07:37
Springfield, opp Aldi 07:37
Springfield, opp The Plough 07:38
Springfield, opp The Endeavour 07:38
Springfield Green (SW-bound) 07:39
Springfield Lawn Lane (NW-bound) 07:39
Springfield, opp Paignton Avenue 07:40
Springfield, o/s Medical Centre 07:42
Chelmsford, opp Patching Hall Lane 07:47
Chelmsford, opp The Drive 07:47
Chelmsford, adj Chester Place 07:48
Chelmsford, o/s The Barn 07:50
Chelmsford North Avenue (NW-bound) 07:50
Melbourne Farm, opp Melbourne School 07:50
Melbourne Farm, o/s Melbourne Shops 07:51
Melbourne Farm, adj Langton Avenue 07:51
Melbourne Farm, adj Pines Road 07:52
Chignall Estate, adj Kennet Way 07:53
Chignall Estate, adj Welland Avenue 07:54
Chignall Estate Eden Way (S-bound) 07:55
Chignall Estate Trent Road Triangle (E-bound) 07:55
Chignall Estate, o/s Trent Road Shops 07:56
Chelmsford Chignal Corner (W-bound) 07:59
Writtle, opp Agricultural College 08:04
Writtle Green (opp) 08:06
Writtle, opp St John's Green 08:07
Writtle, o/s Hylands School 08:10
Schooldays Only

Writtle (Hylands School) - Chelmer Village

Writtle, opp Hylands School 15:10
Writtle, adj St John's Green 15:12
Writtle Green (adj) 15:13
Writtle, o/s Agricultural College 15:15
Writtle, opp Lordship Road 15:18
Chelmsford Chignal Corner (N-bound) 15:21
Chignall Estate, opp Trent Road Shops 15:24
Chignall Estate Trent Road Triangle (W-bound) 15:24
Chignall Estate Eden Way (N-bound) 15:25
Chignall Estate, opp Welland Avenue 15:26
Chignall Estate, opp Kennet Way 15:27
Melbourne Farm, opp Pines Road 15:28
Melbourne Farm, opp Langton Avenue 15:28
Melbourne Farm, opp Melbourne Shops 15:29
Chelmsford, adj Tennyson Road 15:29
Chelmsford North Avenue (SE-bound) 15:29
Chelmsford, opp The Barn 15:30
Chelmsford, adj Kings Road 15:31
Chelmsford, adj The Drive 15:32
Chelmsford, adj Patching Hall Lane 15:33
Springfield, opp Medical Centre 15:38
Springfield, adj Paignton Avenue 15:39
Springfield Lawn Lane (SE-bound) 15:40
Springfield Green (NE-bound) 15:40
Springfield, o/s The Endeavour 15:41
Springfield, o/s The Plough 15:41
Springfield, o/s Aldi 15:42
Chelmer Village Cuton Hall Lane (SE-bound) 15:43
Chelmer Village Way (E-bound) 15:44
Chelmer Village, opp Barlows Reach 15:44
Chelmer Village, adj Brook End Road 15:45
Chelmer Village, opp Henniker Gate 15:46
Chelmer Village, opp Shopping Centre 15:47
Chelmer Village, opp Pollard's Green 15:47
Chelmer Village, opp Goddard Way 15:48
Chelmer Village, opp Berkely Dr 15:48
Chelmer Village, adj Cusak Road 15:49
Chelmer Village, adj Ramshaw Drive 15:49
Chelmer Village, opp Samuel Manor 15:49
Chelmer Village, adj Fulcher Avenue 15:50
Schooldays Except Tuesdays

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