GF1 - Tayport - Greyfriars Primary Sch

A bus service operated by Xplore Dundee


Monday to Friday, Not QE0 : Cif-GF1-NEX-20160401_20200910_200731.cif days

Tayport - Greyfriars Primary Sch

Tayport, adj Quarry Road 08:05
Tayport, opp Braid Road 08:05
Tayport, opp Victoria Road 08:06
Tayport, adj Parish Church 08:06
Tayport, opp Banknowe Drive 08:07
Tayport, adj Sandyhill Road 08:07
Tayport, opp South Toll Cottage 08:08
Tayport, adj Garpit Farm 08:08
Tayport, adj Morton Farm 08:10
Tayport, adj Vicarsford Farm 08:12
Tayport, adj Craigie Farm 08:13
St Michaels Tayport Road (S-bound) 08:16
St Michaels St Andrews Road (SE-bound) 08:16
Leuchars, adj Castle Farm Road End 08:18
Leuchars, opp Cemetery 08:18
Leuchars, adj Fern Place 08:18
Leuchars, adj School Hill 08:19
Leuchars, adj St Athernase Church 08:19
Leuchars, adj Turning Circle 08:20
Guardbridge, opp Toll Road 08:21
Guardbridge, opp Innerbridge Street 08:22
Guardbridge, opp Ashgrove Buildings 08:23
Guardbridge, opp Mills Building 08:23
Guardbridge Hotel (adj) 08:23
Guardbridge, adj Kincaple 08:25
Kincaple, adj Monksholm Farm 08:26
Strathkinness, adj Church Road 08:28
Strathkinness, adj Danskin Place 08:28
Nether Strathkinness (adj) 08:33
Strathkinness, opp Newton Bank 08:35
St Andrews, opp Lawhead Primary School 08:37
St Andrews, adj David Russell Apts 08:39
St Andrews, opp Middleshade Road 08:39
St Andrews Buchanan Gardens (S-bound) 08:40
St Andrews, adj Balnacarron House 08:40
Bogward Carron Bridge (S-bound) 08:42
Bogward, opp Radernie Place 08:43
Bogward, opp Windsor Gardens 08:43
St Andrews, opp John Knox Road 08:44
St Andrews, adj Winram Place 08:46
St Andrews, opp Morrisons 08:46
St Andrews, adj Fordyce Court 08:48
St Andrews, opp Jamie Anderson Place 08:48
St Andrews Scooniehill Road (Adj 22) 08:49
St Andrews, adj Madras College Kilrymont 08:50
St Andrews Madras College Kilrymont (East Entrance) 08:51
St Andrews, adj Greyfriars Primary School - East Gate 08:53
St Andrews, opp Langlands Road 08:55
Operates on Fife schooldays only

Greyfriars Primary Sch - Tayport

St Andrews, opp Langlands Road 15:05
St Andrews, opp Pipeland Road 15:05
St Andrews, opp Animal Hospital 15:08
St Andrews, adj Morrisons 15:09
St Andrews, opp Winram Place 15:10
St Andrews, adj Cairnsden Gardens 15:10
St Andrews, opp Moir Crescent 15:10
Bogward, opp Leonard Gardens 15:11
Bogward, adj Radernie Place 15:11
Bogward, adj Carron Bridge 15:12
St Andrews, opp Balnacarron House 15:14
St Andrews Buchanan Gardens (N-bound) 15:15
St Andrews, adj Middleshade Road 15:16
St Andrews, opp David Russell Apts 15:17
St Andrews, adj Lawhead Primary School 15:20
Strathkinness, adj Newton Bank 15:21
Nether Strathkinness (opp) 15:22
Strathkinness, opp Danskin Place 15:24
Strathkinness, opp Church Road 15:25
Kincaple, opp Monksholm Farm 15:27
Guardbridge, opp Kincaple 15:28
Guardbridge Hotel (opp) 15:30
Guardbridge, adj Mills Building 15:30
Guardbridge, adj Ashgrove Buildings 15:31
Guardbridge, adj Innerbridge Street 15:32
Guardbridge, adj Toll Road 15:33
Leuchars, adj Turning Circle 15:38
Leuchars, opp Fern Place 15:38
Leuchars, adj Cemetery 15:39
Leuchars, opp Castle Farm Road End 15:39
St Michaels Tayport Road (N-bound) 15:41
Tayport, opp Craigie Farm 15:44
Tayport, opp Vicarsford Farm 15:45
Tayport, opp Morton Farm 15:46
Tayport, opp Garpit Farm 15:49
Tayport, adj South Toll Cottage 15:49
Tayport, opp Sandyhill Road 15:50
Tayport, adj Banknowe Drive 15:50
Tayport, adj Library 15:50
Tayport, adj Victoria Road 15:51
Tayport, adj Braid Road 15:52
Tayport, opp Quarry Road 15:52
Tayport, adj Scotscraig Drive 15:53
Operates on Fife schooldays only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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