Green Line - Bury - Altrincham via Manchester

A tram service operated by Metrolink


Bury - Manchester - Altrincham

Bury (Manchester Metrolink) (To Manchester) then every 12 minutes until06:54then every 12 minutes until19:0619:18then every 12 minutes until20:0620:18
Radcliffe (Manchester Metrolink) (To Manchester) 07:0019:1219:2420:1220:24
Whitefield (Manchester Metrolink) (To Manchester) 07:0319:1519:2720:1520:27
Besses O Th Barn Besses o'th'barn (Manchester Metrolink) (To Manchester) 07:0519:1719:2920:1720:29
Prestwich (Manchester Metrolink) (To Manchester) 07:0719:1919:3120:1920:31
Heaton Park (Manchester Metrolink) (To Manchester) 07:1019:2219:3420:2220:34
Bowker Vale (Manchester Metrolink) (To Manchester) 07:1219:2419:3620:2420:36
Higher Crumpsall Crumpsall (Manchester Metrolink) (To Manchester) 07:1319:2519:3720:2520:37
Cheetham Hill Abraham Moss (Manchester Metrolink) (To Manchester) 07:1519:2719:3920:2720:39
Smedley Queens Road (Manchester Metrolink) (To Manchester) 07:1819:3019:4220:30
Victoria (Manchester Metrolink) (To City) 07:2319:3519:4720:35
Shudehill (Manchester Metrolink) (To City) 07:2519:3719:4920:37
Market Street (Manchester Metrolink) (To City) 07:2719:3919:5120:39
St Peter's Square (Manchester Metrolink) (Platform 4) 07:3019:4219:5420:42
Deansgate-Castlefield (Manchester Metrolink) (From Manchester) 07:3319:4519:5720:45
Cornbrook (Manchester Metrolink) (From Manchester) 07:3619:4820:0020:48
Trafford Bar (Manchester Metrolink) (From Manchester) 07:3819:5020:0220:50
Old Trafford (Manchester Metrolink) (To Altrincham) 06:2907:2907:4119:53
Stretford (Manchester Metrolink) (To Altrincham) 06:3107:3107:4319:55
Sale Dane Road (Manchester Metrolink) (To Altrincham) 06:3407:3407:4619:58
Sale (Manchester Metrolink) (To Altrincham) 06:3507:3507:4719:59
Brooklands (Manchester Metrolink) (To Altrincham) 06:3707:3707:4920:01
Timperley (Manchester Metrolink) (To Altrincham) 06:3907:3907:5120:03
Navigation Road (Manchester Metrolink) (To Altrincham) 06:4207:4207:5420:06
Altrincham (Manchester Metrolink) (To Manchester) 06:4407:4407:5620:08
Timings based on advertised frequency from start of service

Altrincham - Manchester - Bury

Altrincham (Manchester Metrolink) (To Manchester) then every 12 minutes until06:53then every 12 minutes until19:0519:17then every 12 minutes until20:17
Navigation Road (Manchester Metrolink) (To Manchester) 06:5619:0819:2020:20
Timperley (Manchester Metrolink) (To Manchester) 06:5819:1019:2220:22
Brooklands (Manchester Metrolink) (To Manchester) 07:0019:1219:2420:24
Sale (Manchester Metrolink) (To Manchester) 07:0219:1419:2620:26
Sale Dane Road (Manchester Metrolink) (To Manchester) 07:0319:1519:2720:27
Stretford (Manchester Metrolink) (To Manchester) 07:0519:1719:2920:29
Old Trafford (Manchester Metrolink) (To Manchester) 07:0819:2019:3220:32
Trafford Bar (Manchester Metrolink) (To Manchester) 06:1006:5807:1019:22
Cornbrook (Manchester Metrolink) (To Manchester) 06:1307:0107:1319:25
Deansgate-Castlefield (Manchester Metrolink) (To Manchester) 06:1707:0507:1719:29
St Peter's Square (Manchester Metrolink) (Platform 2) 06:2007:0807:2019:32
Market Street (Manchester Metrolink) (From City) 06:2307:1107:2319:35
Shudehill (Manchester Metrolink) (From City) 06:2507:1307:2519:37
Victoria (Manchester Metrolink) (From City) 06:2807:1607:2819:40
Smedley Queens Road (Manchester Metrolink) (To Bury) 06:3207:2007:3219:44
Cheetham Hill Abraham Moss (Manchester Metrolink) (To Bury) 06:2306:3507:2307:3519:47
Higher Crumpsall Crumpsall (Manchester Metrolink) (To Bury) 06:2506:3707:2507:3719:49
Bowker Vale (Manchester Metrolink) (To Bury) 06:2706:3907:2707:3919:51
Heaton Park (Manchester Metrolink) (To Bury) 06:2906:4107:2907:4119:53
Prestwich (Manchester Metrolink) (To Bury) 06:3106:4307:3107:4319:55
Besses O Th Barn Besses o'th'barn (Manchester Metrolink) (To Bury) 06:3306:4507:3307:4519:57
Whitefield (Manchester Metrolink) (To Bury) 06:3606:4807:3607:4820:00
Radcliffe (Manchester Metrolink) (To Bury) 06:3906:5107:3907:5120:03
Bury (Manchester Metrolink) (From Manchester) 06:4506:5707:4507:5720:09
Timings based on advertised frequency from start of service

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset