HSB1 - Churchgate - Old Harlow - Harlow

A bus service operated by Epping Forest Community Transport

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Churchgate - Old Harlow - Harlow

Princess Alexander Hospital and Sainsbury's served on request

Harlow - Old Harlow - Churchgate

Harlow Bus Station (Stand 12) 11:3013:00
Harlow Princess Alexandra Hospital (entrance) 11:3313:03
Harlow, o/s Sainsburys Store 11:3513:05
Harlow, adj Park Lane 11:3513:05
Harlow School Lane (E-bound) 11:3613:06
Harlow, o/s Burnt Mill School 11:3613:06
Mark Hall, opp The Stow Upper 11:3713:07
Mark Hall, adj Mandela Avenue 11:3813:08
Mark Hall, o/s Cycle Museum 11:3813:08
Old Harlow, opp Mark Hall School 11:4013:10
Old Harlow, adj Oxleys 11:4313:13
Old Harlow, opp Pitten House 11:4413:14
Old Harlow, opp St Mary's Churchgate 11:4613:16
Old Harlow Elmbridge (East-bound) 11:4713:17
Old Harlow Elmbridge (W-bound) 11:5013:20
Old Harlow, o/s St Mary's Churchgate 11:5013:20
Old Harlow, o/s Fitzwilliams Court 11:5013:20
Old Harlow, opp Windmill Fields 11:5113:21
Matching Tye, adj Rainbow Road 11:5513:25
Matching Tye, opp The Fox 11:5513:25
Matching Green, adj Post Office 12:0013:30
Matching Green Chequers Road (W-bound) 12:0013:30
Matching Green, adj Colvers 12:0113:31
High Laver, opp Church 12:0413:34
Magdalen Laver, opp School Lane 12:0913:39
Magdalen Laver, opp The Glebe 12:1013:40
Magdalen Laver Molmans Corner (E-bound) 12:1313:43
Magdalen Laver, opp Weald Bridge Road 12:1513:45
Moreton, opp Mill Lane 12:1613:46
Moreton, opp The Hoppitt 12:1713:47
Moreton The White Hart (near) 12:1813:48
Moreton Bridge Road (S-bound) 12:1813:48
Bobbingworth, o/s St Germain Church 12:2213:52
Bobbingworth Blake Hall Road (S-bound) 12:2413:54
Greensted Green, opp Old Station Approach 12:2713:57
Greensted Green, adj Penson's Lane 12:2713:57
Toot Hill, opp The Green Man 12:2913:59
Toot Hill, adj Hillcrest Road 12:3014:00
Princess Alexander Hospital and Sainsbury's served on request Hospital, Sainsbury's and stops beyond Old Harlow served on request

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 19 April 2024

Epping Forest Community Transport