IN2 - Hanley - Parkhall - Meir - Blythe Bridge - Cheadle

A bus service operated by Stanton's of Stoke

Monday to Friday

Bus Station - Oak Street

Hanley Bus Station (stand D) 10:4513:45
Hanley, adj stop O 1 10:4713:47
Hanley, adj St Ann Street 10:4813:48
Hanley, adj Somerset Road 10:4813:48
Hanley, opp Ivy House Road 10:4913:49
Bucknall, adj New Finney Gardens 10:5013:50
Bucknall, adj Christine Street 10:5113:51
Bucknall, opp Trent Tavern 10:5113:51
Bucknall, adj Foundry Lane 10:5213:52
Bentilee, opp Arbourfield Drive 10:5313:53
Bentilee, opp Youlgreave Avenue 10:5313:53
Bentilee, opp Wrenbury Crescent 10:5513:55
Bentilee, opp Vowchurch Way 10:5613:56
Bentilee, opp Thurston Way 10:5713:57
Bentilee, opp Hall Hill Drive 10:5813:58
Bentilee, adj Calvary Crescent 11:0014:00
Adderley Green, opp First bus depot 11:0014:00
Park Hall, opp Defoe Drive 11:0214:02
Park Hall Defoe Drive (hail and ride) 11:0314:03
Park Hall Parker Jervis Road (hail and ride) 11:0414:04
Park Hall Terson Way (hail and ride) 11:0414:04
Park Hall Carberry Way (hail and ride) 11:0514:05
Weston Coyney, adj New Kingsway 11:0814:08
Weston Coyney, opp Coyney Grove 11:0914:09
Meir, adj Penfleet Avenue 11:1314:13
Meir, opp Late Shop 11:1514:15
Meir, adj Uttoxeter Road 11:1514:15
Meir, adj Uttoxeter Road 11:1614:16
Blythe Bridge, adj Tesco Roundabout 11:1814:18
Meir Park, adj Tesco superstore 11:2014:20
Blythe Bridge, opp Greenacres Avenue 11:2114:21
Blythe Bridge, opp Adamthwaite Drive 11:2114:21
Blythe Bridge, opp Portland School 11:2314:23
Blythe Bridge, opp Grindley Lane 11:2414:24
Blythe Bridge, opp Railway Station 11:2414:24
Blythe Bridge Library (adj) 11:2514:25
Blythe Bridge, adj High School 08:3611:2614:26
Forsbrook, opp Bridgwood Road 08:3611:2614:26
Dilhorne, adj Royal Oak PH 08:4011:3014:30
Dilhorne, opp Callow Hill Lane 08:4111:3114:31
Boundary, nr Red Lion Inn 08:4611:3614:36
Boundary, adj Red Lion Inn 08:5011:4014:40
Brookhouses, adj Brookhouse Road 08:5211:4214:42
Brookhouses, adj Dilhorne Road 08:5311:4314:43
Cheadle, opp Lid Lane 08:5411:4414:44
Cheadle, opp Cross Street 08:5711:4714:47
Only continues beyond Forsbrook if required by passengers already on bus

Oak Street - Bus Station

Cheadle, opp Oak Street 09:3012:30
Cheadle, adj Lid Lane 09:3112:31
Brookhouses, nr Dilhorne Road 09:3312:33
Boundary, by Red Lion Inn 09:3512:35
Dilhorne, adj Callow Hill Lane 09:3712:37
Dilhorne, opp Royal Oak PH 09:3812:38
Dilhorne, adj Charlie Bassett PH 09:3912:39
Forsbrook, adj Cheadle Road 09:4412:44
Forsbrook, adj Bridgwood Road 09:4512:45
Blythe Bridge, opp High School 09:4912:49
Blythe Bridge, adj Railway Station 09:5212:52
Blythe Bridge, adj Grindley Lane 09:5212:52
Blythe Bridge, adj Portland School 09:5312:53
Blythe Bridge, adj Adamthwaite Drive 09:5412:54
Blythe Bridge, adj Greenacres Avenue 09:5412:54
Meir Park, adj Tesco superstore 09:5612:56
Meir Park, adj Catchems Corner 09:5612:56
Meir, adj Uttoxeter Road 10:0013:00
Meir, adj Late Shop 10:0213:02
Meir, opp Leason Road 10:0413:04
Weston Coyney, adj Coyney Grove 10:0513:05
Weston Coyney, opp New Kingsway 10:0513:05
Park Hall Carberry Way (hail and ride) 10:0813:08
Park Hall Terson Way (hail and ride) 10:0813:08
Park Hall Parker Jervis Road (hail and ride) 10:0813:08
Park Hall Defoe Drive (hail and ride) 10:1013:10
Adderley Green, adj First bus depot 10:1113:11
Bentilee, adj Lidl supermarket 10:1213:12
Bentilee, adj Hall Hill Drive 10:1313:13
Bentilee, adj Thurston Way 10:1413:14
Bentilee, adj Vowchurch Way 10:1513:15
Bentilee, adj Wrenbury Crescent 10:1613:16
Bentilee, adj Youlgreave Avenue 10:1713:17
Bentilee, adj Arbourfield Drive 10:1813:18
Bucknall, opp Foundry Lane 10:1813:18
Bucknall, adj Trent Tavern 10:1913:19
Bucknall, adj Millett Road 10:2013:20
Bucknall, opp New Finney Gardens 10:2113:21
Hanley, opp Somerset Road 10:2313:23
Hanley, adj Wellington Road 10:2413:24
Hanley, opp Potteries Way 10:2513:25
Hanley, adj stop Q2 10:2713:27
Hanley, adj stop S3 10:2813:28
Hanley, adj stop S6 10:2813:28
Hanley Bus Station (arrival stop) 10:3013:30

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 14 June 2024

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