M12 - Bussage - Sir Thomas Rich's School Gloucester

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🧑‍🎓 This may be a "closed-door" school or works service, not open to the public

Bussage - Sir Thomas Rich's School Gloucester

Bussage, opp Lypiatt View 07:15
Bussage, by Dorington Court 07:15
Bussage, nr Tanglewood Way Shops 07:16
Bussage, after Bluebell Rise 07:17
Bussage, nr Fourways South 07:18
Chalford Hill, opp Middle Hill Crescent 07:20
Chalford Hill, opp Burcombe Road 07:20
Chalford Hill, on The Green 07:20
Chalford Hill, after Middle Hill Crescent 07:20
Bussage, nr Fourways North 07:21
Eastcombe, o/s Thomas Keble School 07:22
Toadsmoor, opp Garage 07:23
Brimscombe, opp Merlins Mill 07:25
Brimscombe, opp Gussage Mills 07:26
Brimscombe, opp Lewiston Mill 07:27
Brimscombe, by Bourne Estate 07:29
Brimscombe, opp War Memorial 07:31
Thrupp, before Brewery Lane 07:32
Thrupp, o/s Kingfisher Business Park 07:32
Thrupp, adj Griffin Mill Estate 07:33
Bowbridge, opp Thrupp Lane 07:33
Bowbridge Arms (o/s) 07:34
Stroud, opp Spring Lane 07:35
Stroud Merrywalks (Stop A) 07:40
Stroud Health Centre (corner of) 07:40
Stroud, by Stratford Park 07:40
Stroud, after Salmon Springs 07:41
Stroud, opp Painswick Valley Car Sales 07:42
Pitchcombe, after Painswick Road 07:44
Pitchcombe, before Wragg Castle Lane 07:45
Painswick, opp King's Mill Lane 07:46
Painswick, opp St Mary's Church 07:48
Painswick, after Pullens Road 07:48
Painswick, after The Highlands 07:49
Painswick, by Clattergrove 07:49
Paradise Golf Course Road (corner of) 07:50
Paradise, opp Adam and Eve House 07:50
Painswick, nr Olivers Lodge 07:51
Painswick, opp Tocknells Cottages 07:51
Cranham, after Royal William 07:52
Cranham, after Turn 07:53
Cranham, o/s Prinknash Abbey 07:53
Cranham, by Fiddlers Elbow 07:54
Brockworth, opp Bella Vista 07:54
Brockworth, opp Cooper's Hill 07:55
Brockworth, after Green Street 07:56
Brockworth, by Watermead 07:57
Brockworth, opp Garage 07:57
Brockworth, opp Toby Carvery 07:58
Brockworth, opp Chase Hotel 07:59
Brockworth, before Mill Lane 08:00
Brockworth, by Green Lane 08:00
Elmbridge, by Orchard Road 08:17
Elmbridge, o/s The Parade 08:18
Elmbridge, o/s Sir Thomas Rich's School 08:20

Sir Thomas Rich's School and Pate's Grammar School - Bussage

Elmbridge, o/s Sir Thomas Rich's School 15:30
Elmbridge, opp The Parade 15:31
Elmbridge, opp Orchard Road 15:32
Arle Court (opp) 15:49
Benhall, nr GCHQ 15:51
Hester’s Way, opp Australia House 15:52
Hester’s Way, o/s Gloucestershire College 15:52
Hester’s Way, on Coronation Square 15:53
Hester’s Way, opp Berkeley House 15:54
Hester’s Way, o/s Pates Grammar School 15:55
Hester’s Way, nr Berkeley House 15:55
Hester’s Way, nr Yalta Close 15:55
Hester’s Way, o/s Coronation Square Shops 15:55
Hester’s Way, opp Gloucestershire College 15:56
Hester’s Way, by Australia House 15:56
Benhall, opp GCHQ 15:56
Arle Court (by) 15:57
Brockworth, opp Green Lane 16:08
Brockworth, opp Mill Lane 16:09
Brockworth, o/s Chase Hotel 16:10
Brockworth, after Garage 16:10
Brockworth, opp Watermead 16:10
Brockworth Green Street (corner of) 16:11
Brockworth Cooper's Hill (corner of) 16:12
Brockworth, by Bella Vista 16:12
Cranham, nr Fiddlers Elbow 16:13
Cranham, opp Prinknash Abbey 16:13
Cranham Turn (corner of) 16:15
Cranham, opp Royal William 16:15
Painswick, by Tocknells Cottages 16:16
Painswick, by Olivers Lodge 16:16
Paradise, by Adam and Eve House 16:17
Paradise, opp Golf Course Road 16:17
Painswick, opp Clattergrove 16:18
Painswick, opp The Highlands 16:18
Painswick, opp Pullens Road 16:19
Painswick, o/s St Mary's Church 16:20
Painswick, opp Rugby Club 16:20
Painswick, after King's Mill Lane 16:21
Pitchcombe, opp Wragg Castle Lane 16:22
Pitchcombe, opp Halfway Pitch 16:24
Stroud, by Painswick Valley Car Sales 16:25
Stroud, before Salmon Springs 16:26
Stroud, opp Stratford Park 16:26
Stroud, opp Health Centre 16:27
Stroud Merrywalks (Stop L) 16:28
Stroud, by Spring Lane 16:31
Bowbridge, o/s Garage 16:31
Bowbridge, after Thrupp Lane 16:32
Thrupp, opp Griffin Mill Estate 16:32
Thrupp Middle Road (corner of) 16:33
Thrupp, after Brewery Lane 16:34
Brimscombe, after War Memorial 16:35
Brimscombe, nr Bourne Estate 16:36
Brimscombe Toadsmoor Road (corner of) 16:38
Brimscombe, by Lewiston Mill 16:39
Brimscombe, by Gussage Mills 16:39
Brimscombe, by Merlins Mill 16:40
Toadsmoor, by Hampton Colours 16:40
Toadsmoor, by Garage 16:41
Eastcombe, opp Thomas Keble School 16:43
Bussage, nr Fourways South 16:43
Chalford Hill, after Middle Hill Crescent 16:44
Chalford Hill, opp Burcombe Road 16:44
Chalford Hill, on The Green 16:44
Chalford Hill, after Middle Hill Crescent 16:45
Bussage, opp Bluebell Rise 16:47
Bussage, opp Tanglewood Way Shops 16:49
Bussage, opp Dorington Court 16:49
Bussage, after Lypiatt View 16:50

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