M17 - Dore - Bradway - Jordanthorpe

A bus service operated by Hulleys of Baslow


Dore - Jordanthorpe

Dore, adj Devonshire Terrace Road/Leyfield Road 10:10then hourly until14:1016:45
Totley Brook Road/Furniss Avenue (o/s) 10:1214:1216:47
Totley Brook Road/Wessex Gardens (adj) 10:1214:1216:47
Totley Brook Road/Oakview (adj) 10:1414:1416:49
Totley Brook Road/King Ecgbert Road (at) 10:1514:1516:50
Totley Brook, adj Abbeydale Road South/West View Close 10:1614:1616:51
Totley, adj Baslow Road/Mill Lane 10:1714:1716:52
Totley, adj Baslow Road/Glover Road 10:1814:1816:53
Totley, adj Baslow Road/Laverdene Road 10:1814:1816:53
Totley, adj Baslow Road/Mickley Lane 10:1914:1916:54
Totley, opp Baslow Road/Main Avenue 10:2014:2016:55
Bradway, adj Prospect Road/Everard Avenue 10:2514:2517:00
Bradway Road/Birchitt Road (opp) 10:2714:2717:02
Lowedges Road/Atlantic Road (adj) 10:2814:2817:03
Lowedges Road/Boland Road (opp) 10:2814:2817:03
Lowedges Road/Becket Crescent (adj) 10:2914:2917:04
Lowedges Road/Gresley Road (opp) 10:2914:2917:04
Lowedges, adj Gervase Road/Atlantic Road 10:3014:3017:05
Greenhill, adj Reney Road/Reney Avenue 10:3014:3017:05
Greenhill, opp Reney Road/Bocking Lane 10:3114:3117:06
Greenhill Main Road/School Lane (nr) 10:3114:3117:06
Greenhill Main Road/School Lane (adj) 10:3214:3217:07
Meadowhead, adj Chesterfield Road South/Bochum Parkway 10:3314:3317:08
Lowedges, nr Chesterfield Road South/Batemoor Road 10:3314:3317:08
Batemoor Road/Chesterfield Road South (adj) 10:3414:3417:09
Batemoor Road/Whinacre Place (opp) 10:3414:3417:09
Jordanthorpe, adj Dyche Lane/Dyche Road 10:3514:3517:10
Jordanthorpe, adj Dyche Road/Dyche Drive 10:3514:3517:10
Jordanthorpe, opp Dyche Road/Ormond Road 10:3614:3617:11

Jordanthorpe - Dore

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

Hulleys of Baslow