PHS3 - Marple - Poynton High School

A bus service operated by Belle Vue Coaches

🧑‍🎓 This may be a "closed-door" school or works service, not open to the public

Monday to Friday, Poynton High School days

Marple to Poynton High School

Marple Navigation (Stop B) 07:34
Marple, nr Arkwright Road 07:34
Marple, by Rose Tor 07:35
Marple, by Goyt Cliff 07:35
Marple, nr The Dingle 07:36
Strines, opp Plucksbridge Road 07:36
The Strines Nightingale (o/s) 07:37
Strines Road (o/s 125) 07:37
Strines, adj Station Road 07:38
Woodend Farm (opp) 07:38
Woodend Barn (nr) 07:39
Hague Bar, adj Primary School 07:39
Hague Bar, opp Waterside Road 07:40
Hague Bar, adj White Gate House 07:40
New Mills, adj White Gates 07:41
New Mills, adj Council Depot 07:43
New Mills Bus Station (Stop 1) 07:45
New Mills, opp Jodrell Street 07:48
New Mills, adj Victoria Street 07:49
New Mills, adj Newtown Railway Station 07:50
Newtown, opp Old Post Office 07:52
Newtown, nr Swan Hotel 07:54
Newtown, opp Peveril Gardens 07:56
Newtown, opp Overdale Road 07:57
Newtown, opp Lower Greenshall Lane 07:58
Danebank Buxton Road (o/s 124) 07:59
Danebank, opp White Lion PH 08:00
Danebank, opp The Albert Hotel 08:01
Disley, o/s Ram's Head Hotel 08:03
Disley, o/s Railway Station 08:03
Disley, o/s Offices 08:04
Disley, o/s Lyme Park 08:04
Disley, nr Park Road 08:05
High Lane, opp Alders Road 08:06
High Lane, nr Carr Brow 08:07
High Lane, nr Brookside Lane 08:08
High Lane, o/s Dog & Partridge 08:10
High Lane, o/s Bull's Head 08:12
High Lane, opp Royal Oak 08:13
Hazel Grove Golf Club (opp) 08:17
Hazel Grove Rising Sun (Stop E) 08:18
Hazel Grove, nr Chatsworth Road 08:19
Hazel Grove, opp Fiveways 08:20
Poynton Anglesey Drive (cnr) 08:22
Poynton, opp Vicarage Lane 08:24
Poynton, o/s Sports Ground 08:26
Poynton, opp St George's Church 08:28
Poynton, opp Queensway 08:30
Poynton, opp Copperfield Road 08:32
Poynton, nr Clumber Road 08:34
Midway Yewtree Lane (cnr) 08:35
Poynton, o/s High School 08:40

Poynton High School to Marple

Poynton, o/s High School 15:25
Midway, opp Yewtree Lane 15:25
Poynton Copperfield Road (cnr) 15:26
Poynton, nr Johnson Cleaners Ltd 15:26
Poynton, adj St George's Church 15:27
Poynton, opp Sports Ground 15:27
Poynton Vicarage Lane (cnr) 15:28
Poynton, opp Anglesey Drive 15:28
Poynton, opp Towers Road 15:29
Hazel Grove, o/s Fiveways 15:30
Hazel Grove, opp Chatsworth Road 15:32
Hazel Grove Rising Sun (Stop C) 15:34
High Lane, nr Royal Oak 15:36
High Lane, o/s Horse Shoe Inn 15:39
High Lane, opp Dog & Partridge 15:42
High Lane, nr Andrews Lane 15:43
High Lane, nr Alders Road 15:44
Disley, opp Park Road 15:45
Disley, opp Lyme Park 15:47
Disley, opp Railway Station 15:50
Disley, opp Ram's Head Hotel 15:54
Disley, o/s Dandy Cock PH 15:54
Danebank, o/s The Albert Hotel 15:55
Danebank, nr White Lion PH 15:55
Danebank Buxton Road (opp 128) 15:56
Newtown Lower Greenshall Lane (NE-bound) 15:56
Newtown Overdale Road (cnr) 15:57
Newtown Peveril Gardens (cnr) 15:57
Newtown, opp Swan Hotel 15:58
Newtown, adj Old Post Office 15:59
New Mills, opp Newtown Railway Station 16:00
New Mills, opp Victoria Street 16:01
New Mills, adj Jodrell Street 16:03
New Mills Bus Station (Stop 1) 16:05
New Mills, opp Council Depot 16:06
New Mills, opp White Gates 16:07
Hague Bar, opp White Gate House 16:09
Hague Bar, adj Waterside Road 16:09
Hague Bar, opp Primary School 16:10
Woodend Barn (opp) 16:11
Woodend Farm (o/s) 16:11
Strines, nr Station Road 16:12
Strines Road (o/s 244) 16:13
The Strines Nightingale (opp) 16:14
Strines, nr Plucksbridge Road 16:15
Marple, at The Dingle 16:16
Marple, nr Goyt Cliff 16:17
Marple, nr Rose Tor 16:18
Marple, o/s Bleak House 16:19
Marple Navigation (Stop C) 16:21

Timetable data from, 11 April 2024

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