PHS6 - Woodford - Poynton High School

A bus service operated by Belle Vue Coaches

🧑‍🎓 This may be a "closed-door" school or works service, not open to the public

Monday to Friday, Poynton High School days

Poynton High School to Woodford

Poynton, o/s High School 15:25
Midway, opp Yewtree Lane 15:26
Poynton Copperfield Road (cnr) 15:27
Poynton, nr Johnson Cleaners Ltd 15:27
Poynton, adj St George's Church 15:28
Poynton, opp Sports Ground 15:28
Poynton Vicarage Lane (cnr) 15:28
Poynton, opp Anglesey Drive 15:29
Poynton, opp Towers Road 15:29
Hazel Grove, opp Cavendish Road 15:29
Hazel Grove, nr Matlock Drive 15:30
Hazel Grove, opp Bowerfield Avenue 15:30
Poynton Mill Hill Avenue (cnr) 15:30
Poynton, opp Woodford Road Garage 15:32
Poynton Meadway (cnr) 15:33
Poynton Highfield Road (cnr) 15:35
Woodford, opp Walnut Tree Farm 15:35
Woodford Road (at) 15:35
Woodford Road (opp) 15:36
Woodford Garden Village (o/s) 15:36
Woodford, opp Community Centre 15:36
Woodford, opp The Old School House 15:37
Woodford, opp Davenport Arms 15:37
Woodford, nr Davenport Arms 15:37
Woodford, o/s The Old School House 15:39
Woodford, o/s Community Centre 15:41
Woodford Garden Village (opp) 15:42
Woodford Road (nr) 15:42
Woodford, nr Chester Road 15:43
Woodford, nr Jenny Lane 15:43
Bramhall, opp Queensgate 15:43
Bramhall, opp Meadway 15:44
Bramhall Village 15:45
Bramhall Station (Stop B) 15:45
Pownall Green, nr Robins Lane 15:46
Pownall Green, nr Ramsdale Road 15:47
Pownall Green, nr Grasmere Crescent 15:48
Bramhall Green, nr Carr Wood Road 15:49
Bramhall Green, o/s Brookdale Theatre 15:50
Bramhall Green, opp Headlands Road 15:51
Bramhall Green, nr Walmer Drive 15:51
Bramhall Green, nr Bramhall Moor Lane 15:52
Bramhall Green, nr Three Bears 15:52
Hazel Grove High School (o/s) 15:55

Timetable data from, 11 April 2024

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