PORT - Weymouth King's Statue - Portland Bill

Operated by First Wessex, Dorset & South Somerset

Weymouth King's Statue - Portland Bill

Weymouth Kings Statue (Stop K6) 10:38
Weymouth King Street (Railway Station) (W-bound) 10:4112:4114:5216:52
Weymouth Bus Garage (S-bound) 10:4212:4214:5316:53
Weymouth Commercial Road (Stop D3) 10:4412:4414:5416:54
Weymouth Town Bridge (Stop T2) 10:4612:4614:5616:56
Rodwell North Quay (W-bound) 10:4812:4714:5816:58
Rodwell The Kingswood (S-bound) 10:5012:5015:0117:01
Southlands Bincleaves Road (S-bound) 10:5112:5115:0117:01
Southlands Road (W-bound) 10:5212:5215:0217:02
Southlands Belfield Park Avenue (SW-bound) 10:5312:5215:0317:03
Southlands Rylands Lane (W-bound) 10:5412:5415:0417:04
Southlands Foords Corner (SW-bound) 10:5512:5415:0517:05
Wyke Regis The Wyke Smugglers (S-bound) 10:5612:5615:0617:06
Wyke Regis Hillbourne Road (S-bound) 10:5712:5715:0717:07
Wyke Regis Dumbarton Road (S-bound) 10:5812:5815:0817:08
Wyke Regis, opp The Ferrybridge 10:5912:5915:0917:09
Castletown National Sailing Academy (E-bound) 11:0213:0315:1217:12
Castletown Mereside (SE-bound) 11:0313:0415:1317:14
Castletown Lerret Road (N-bound) 11:0513:0615:1517:15
Castletown Portland Castle (SE-bound) 11:0713:0815:1717:17
Castletown Portland Hospital (S-bound) 11:0813:0915:1817:18
Fortuneswell Verne Common Road (S-bound) 11:1013:1015:1917:19
Fortuneswell, opp Mallams 11:1013:1115:2017:20
Fortuneswell (SE-bound) 11:1113:1215:2117:21
Portland Heights Hotel (NE-bound) 11:1513:1615:2417:24
Grove Corner (S-bound) 11:1713:1815:2717:27
Easton Square (S-bound) 11:1813:1915:2817:28
Easton Moorfield Road (SE-bound) 11:1913:2015:2917:29
Easton Bumpers Lane (S-bound) 11:2013:2115:2917:29
Easton Portland Museum (S-bound) 11:2013:2115:3017:30
Easton Pennsylvania Castle (S-bound) 11:2113:2215:3117:31
Southwell Road (W-bound) 11:2313:2415:3317:33
Portland Bill Lighthouse (E-bound) 11:3013:3215:4017:39

Portland Bill - Weymouth King's Statue

Portland Bill Lighthouse (E-bound) 11:4013:4015:5017:50
Southwell, opp Eight Kings 11:4313:4315:5317:53
Easton Pennsylvania Castle (N-bound) 11:4513:4515:5517:55
Easton Portland Museum (N-bound) 11:4613:4615:5617:56
Easton Bumpers Lane (N-bound) 11:4713:4715:5617:56
Easton Moorfield Road (NW-bound) 11:4713:4715:5717:57
Easton Square (N-bound) 11:4813:4815:5817:58
Grove Corner (N-bound) 11:4913:4915:5917:59
Fortuneswell Portland Heights (W-bound) 11:5113:5116:0018:00
Fortuneswell Britannia Inn (NW-bound) 11:5313:5316:0318:03
Fortuneswell High Street (W-bound) 11:5413:5416:0418:03
Fortuneswell Chiswell (N-bound) 11:5513:5516:0418:04
Castletown Victoria Square (NW-bound) 11:5613:5616:0518:05
Castletown Portland Castle (W-bound) 11:5913:5916:0818:08
Castletown Lerret Road (S-bound) 12:0114:0116:0918:09
Castletown Mereside (N-bound) 12:0314:0316:1118:11
Castletown National Sailing Academy (W-bound) 12:0514:0416:1318:13
Wyke Regis Chesil Beach Holiday Park (N-bound) 12:0914:0916:1718:16
Wyke Regis Lyndale Road (N-bound) 12:1014:1016:1818:17
Wyke Regis Langton Avenue (N-bound) 12:1014:1016:1818:17
Wyke Regis, opp Hillbourne Road 12:1114:1116:1918:18
Wyke Regis The Wyke Smugglers (N-bound) 12:1214:1216:2018:19
Southlands Foords Corner (NE-bound) 12:1314:1316:2118:20
Southlands Rylands Lane (E-bound) 12:1414:1316:2118:20
Southlands Belfield Park Avenue (NE-bound) 12:1414:1416:2218:21
Weymouth Magistrates Court (N-bound) 12:2014:2116:2818:27
Weymouth Bus Garage (S-bound) 12:2414:2416:3218:31
Weymouth Kings Statue (Stop K6) 12:2814:2816:3618:36

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