PR1 - Cambridge City Centre - Madingley Road park&ride

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St Andrews St S1 - Dry Drayton Hill View

Cambridge St Andrew's Street (Stop S1) 07:20then every 10 minutes until17:5018:0018:1018:2018:3518:5019:1019:3019:5020:1020:30
Cambridge, opp Christ's College 18:1118:3618:5119:1119:3119:5120:1120:31
Cambridge Bridge Street (opp Church) 07:2417:5418:0318:1318:2418:3818:5319:1319:3319:5320:1320:33
Cambridge, opp Castle Street 18:1418:3918:5419:1419:3419:5420:1420:34
Cambridge, opp Storey's Way 18:1718:4218:5719:1719:3719:5720:1720:37
Cambridge Wilberforce Road (near) 18:1718:4218:5719:1719:3719:5720:1720:37
Cambridge Bulstrode Gardens (near) 18:1818:4318:5819:1819:3819:5820:1820:38
Cambridge, o/s Cam Uni Vet School 18:2018:4519:0019:2019:4020:0020:2020:40
Cambridge Madingley Rd Park-and-Ride (Bay 3) 07:3518:0518:1518:2218:3518:4719:0219:2219:4220:0220:2220:42
Madingley Church Lane (near) 18:20
Madingley Park Lane (near) 18:20
Dry Drayton, opp Park Lane 18:27
Dry Drayton, opp Hill View 18:28

Dry Drayton Hill View - St Andrews St S1

Dry Drayton Hill View (near) 07:08then every 10 minutes until
Dry Drayton Park Lane (near) 07:09
Dry Drayton High Street (near) 07:10
Madingley, opp Park Lane 07:15
Madingley, opp Church Lane 07:15
Cambridge Madingley Rd Park-and-Ride (Bay 3) 07:0007:1007:2007:3007:4018:1018:3018:5019:1019:3019:5020:10
Cambridge, opp Cam Uni Vet School 18:3318:5319:1319:3319:5320:13
Cambridge, opp Bulstrode Gardens 18:3518:5519:1519:3519:5520:15
Cambridge Storey's Way (near) 18:3618:5619:1619:3619:5620:16
Cambridge Castle Street (near) 18:3818:5819:1819:3819:5820:18
Cambridge Bridge Street (o/s Church) 07:0907:1907:2907:4007:4918:1918:4019:0019:2019:4020:0020:20
Cambridge, opp Belmont Place 07:1107:2107:3107:4207:5118:2118:4219:0219:2219:4220:0220:22
Cambridge St Andrew's Street (Stop S1) 07:1507:2507:3507:4507:5518:2518:4519:0519:2519:4520:0520:25

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