PR4 - Cambridge City Centre - Babraham Road park&ride

Operated by Stagecoach East

Drummer Street D2 - Babraham Rd P N R

Cambridge Drummer Street (Stop D2) 07:1207:2407:3607:4808:0008:1208:2408:3608:4809:0009:12then every 12 minutes until15:1215:2415:36then every 12 minutes until18:2418:3618:5619:1619:3619:5620:16
Cambridge, opp Downing College 18:3818:5819:1819:3819:5820:18
Cambridge, adj St Paul's Road 18:3918:5919:1919:3919:5920:19
Cambridge Hills Road (near) 18:4019:0019:2019:4020:0120:21
Cambridge Railway Station (Stop 2) 07:2007:3207:4407:5608:0808:2008:3208:4408:5609:0809:2015:2015:3215:4418:3218:4219:0219:2219:4220:0220:22
Cambridge, opp Hills Rd 6th Form Col 07:2207:3407:4807:5808:1008:2208:3408:4608:5809:1209:2215:2215:3615:4618:3418:4419:0419:2419:4420:0420:24
Cambridge Blinco Grove (near) 18:4519:0519:2519:4520:0520:25
Cambridge, opp Perse School 18:4719:0719:2719:4720:0720:27
Cambridge, opp Long Road 18:4819:0819:2819:4820:0820:28
Addenbrooke’s Hospital Bus Station (Bay B) 07:2707:3907:5408:0308:1508:2708:3908:5109:0309:1809:2715:2715:4215:5118:3918:4919:0919:2919:4920:0920:29
Cambridge, opp Red Cross Lane 18:5119:1119:3119:5120:1120:31
Cambridge, adj Babraham Road Park-and-Ride 07:3407:4607:5808:1008:2208:3408:4608:5809:1009:2209:3415:3415:4615:5818:4618:5619:1619:3619:5620:1620:36

Babraham Rd P N R - Drummer Street D3

Cambridge, adj Babraham Road Park-and-Ride 06:41then every 12 minutes until18:1718:2918:4119:0619:2319:43
Cambridge Red Cross Lane (near) 18:4519:1019:2719:47
Addenbrooke’s Hospital Bus Station (Bay A) 06:4618:2218:3418:4619:1119:2819:48
Cambridge Long Road (near) 18:4819:1319:3019:50
Cambridge Perse School (near) 18:4919:1419:3119:51
Cambridge, opp Blinco Grove 18:5019:1519:3219:52
Cambridge, o/s Hills Rd 6th Form Col 06:5218:2818:4018:5119:1619:3319:53
Cambridge The Busway Railway Station (Stop 9) 06:5418:3018:4218:5419:1919:3619:56
Cambridge Hills Road (NW-bound) 18:5819:2319:4020:00
Cambridge, opp St Paul's Road 18:5919:2419:4120:01
Cambridge, o/s Downing College 19:0119:2619:4320:03
Cambridge Drummer Street (Stop D2) 07:0618:4218:5319:0519:3019:4720:07

Timetable data from Stagecoach East, 23 May 2024

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