R2 - Dalkeith - Gorebridge and Bonnyrigg circular

A bus service operated by Lothian Community Transport




Dalkeith, at South Street 09:00
Dalkeith, at Jarnac Court 09:02
Dalkeith, at Kings Park 09:02
Dalkeith, opp Glenesk Crescent 09:03
Dalkeith, at Eskbank Toll 09:03
Eskbank Dalhousie Road (S-bound) 09:04
Newbattle, at Kings Gate 09:06
Newtongrange, opp Mining Museum 09:10
Newtongrange, at McGahey Court 09:11
Gowkshill The Crescent (clockwise direction) 09:12
Gowkshill, at The Crescent 09:12
Gowkshill Farm (opp) 09:13
Gowkshill, at St Andrews Primary School 09:13
Gorebridge Barleyknowe Road (SE-bound) 09:14
Gorebridge Barleyknowe Terrace (S-bound) 09:14
Gorebridge Barleyknowe Crescent (E-bound) 09:15
Gorebridge Burnside Road (SE-bound) 09:16
Gorebridge Wilson Road (SE-bound) 09:18
Gorebridge McLean Place (SE-bound) 09:19
Gorebridge Bonnybank Road (SW-bound) 09:20
Gorebridge Arnprior Road (SW-bound) 09:21
Gorebridge Vogrie Crescent south (SW-bound) 09:21
Gorebridge Vogrie Road (opp 21) 09:21
Gorebridge Hunter Square (SW-bound) 09:22
Gorebridge, at Police Station 09:23
Gorebridge Newbyres Crescent (at 52) 09:24
Gorebridge, at Gore Avenue 09:25
Gorebridge Newbyres Crescent (W-bound) 09:26
Gorebridge, opp Leisure Centre 09:27
Arniston Engine (at) 09:27
New Hunterfield (at) 09:28
Hunterfield, at Dundas Gardens 09:29
New Hunterfield (opp 63) 09:29
Hunterfield, opp Newtonloan Lodge 09:30
Newtonloan Toll, at Station Road 09:31
Newtonloan Toll, opp Ramsay Cottages 09:32
Cockpen Dalhousie Grange (N-bound) 09:33
Cockpen, opp Brixwold Bank 09:35
Bonnyrigg, opp Bairds Way 09:35
Bonnyrigg, opp Wolsey Avenue 09:36
Bonnyrigg, opp Waverley Terrace 09:36
Bonnyrigg, opp Dundas Park 09:37
Bonnyrigg, at High Street 09:38
Bonnyrigg, at Park Road 09:38
Bonnyrigg, at Coop Car Park 09:39
Bonnyrigg, opp Park Road 09:41
Bonnyrigg, at Douglas Crescent 09:41
Bonnyrigg, opp Maryfield Place 09:42
Bonnyrigg, opp Waverley Crescent 09:43
Bonnyrigg, at Pendreich Avenue 09:43
Bonnyrigg, at Viewbank Avenue 09:44
Bonnyrigg, at Mayshade Garden Centre 09:45
Eskbank, at Tesco 09:46
Eskbank, opp Muirpark 09:46
Eskbank, opp Westfield Park 09:47
Eskbank Bonnyrigg Road (at 20) 09:48
Dalkeith, at Glenesk Crescent 09:49
Dalkeith, opp Croft Street 09:51
Dalkeith, nr St Andrew Street 09:53


Dalkeith, at South Street 11:20
Dalkeith, at Jarnac Court 11:22
Dalkeith, at Kings Park 11:22
Dalkeith, opp Glenesk Crescent 11:23
Dalkeith, at Eskbank Toll 11:24
Eskbank, nr Station Road 11:25
Eskbank, at Westfield Park 11:25
Eskbank, at Muirpark 11:26
Eskbank, at Tesco 11:27
Bonnyrigg, opp Mayshade Garden Centre 11:28
Bonnyrigg, opp Pendreich Avenue 11:29
Bonnyrigg, at Waverley Crescent 11:30
Bonnyrigg, nr Maryfield Place 11:31
Bonnyrigg, at High Street 11:32
Bonnyrigg, at Park Road 11:32
Bonnyrigg, at Coop Car Park 11:33
Bonnyrigg, opp Park Road 11:35
Bonnyrigg Toll (at) 11:35
Bonnyrigg, at Waverley Terrace 11:36
Bonnyrigg, nr Wolsey Avenue 11:36
Bonnyrigg, at Bairds Way 11:37
Cockpen, at Brixwold Bank 11:38
Cockpen Dalhousie Grange (S-bound) 11:39
Newtonloan Toll, at Ramsay Cottages 11:40
Newtonloan Toll, opp Station Road 11:42
Hunterfield, at Newtonloan Lodge 11:42
New Hunterfield (at 69) 11:43
Hunterfield, opp Dundas Gardens 11:44
Arniston Engine (opp) 11:45
Gorebridge, at Leisure Centre 11:46
Gorebridge Newbyres Crescent (at 52) 11:49
Gorebridge, at Gore Avenue 11:49
Gorebridge Newbyres Crescent (W-bound) 11:50
Gorebridge, opp Police Station 11:50
Gorebridge Hunter Square (E-bound) 11:51
Gorebridge Vogrie Road (SE-bound) 11:51
Gorebridge Vogrie Crescent south (NE-bound) 11:51
Gorebridge Arnprior Road (NE-bound) 11:52
Gorebridge Bonnybank Road (NE-bound) 11:53
Gorebridge McLean Place (NW-bound) 11:54
Gorebridge Wilson Road (NW-bound) 11:55
Gorebridge Burnside Road (NW-bound) 11:56
Gorebridge Barleyknowe Crescent (W-bound) 11:58
Gorebridge Barleyknowe Terrace (N-bound) 11:58
Gorebridge Barleyknowe Road (NW-bound) 11:59
Gowkshill, opp St Andrews Primary School 11:59
Gowkshill Farm (at) 12:00
Gowkshill The Crescent (anti clockwise direction) 12:01
Newtongrange, opp McGahey Court 12:02
Newtongrange, at Mining Museum 12:03
Newbattle, opp Kings Gate 12:07
Eskbank Dalhousie Road (NE-bound) 12:09
Dalkeith, at Glenesk Crescent 12:10
Dalkeith, opp Croft Street 12:11
Dalkeith, nr St Andrew Street 12:13

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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