R2 - Rutland Flyer - Melton Mowbray - Oakham

A bus service operated by Centrebus (North)

Melton Mowbray to Oakham

Melton Mowbray Windsor Street (Stand W3) 07:0009:1511:3013:4516:0517:1018:10
Melton Mowbray, adj Morrisons 07:0009:1511:3013:4516:0517:1018:10
Brentingby, opp Bus Shelter 07:0409:1911:3413:4916:0917:1418:14
Wyfordby Top (opposite) 07:0609:2111:3613:5116:1117:1618:15
Saxby Corner (opposite) 07:0809:2311:3813:5316:1317:1818:18
Wymondham, opp Sycamore Lane 07:1209:2711:4213:5716:1717:2218:21
Edmondthorpe, opp The Old Rectory 07:1409:2911:4413:5916:1917:2418:24
Teigh, opp The Green 07:1709:3211:4714:0216:2217:2718:27
Market Overton, opp Black Bull 07:1909:3411:4914:0416:2417:2918:29
Market Overton, opp Berrybushes 07:2009:3511:5014:0515:3216:2517:3018:30
Barrow, opp Main Street 07:2309:3811:5314:0815:3516:2817:3318:33
Cottesmore, opp Sun Inn 07:2509:4011:5514:1015:3716:3017:3518:35
Cottesmore, outside Village Shop 07:2509:4011:5514:1015:3716:3017:3518:35
Cottesmore, opp Heath Drive 07:2509:4011:5514:1015:3716:3017:3518:36
Cottesmore, adj RAF Camp 07:2709:4211:5714:1215:3916:3217:37
Cottesmore, opp Village Shop 18:38
Cottesmore, adj Toll Bar 07:2909:4411:5914:1415:4116:3417:39
Cottesmore, outside Sun Inn 18:38
Greetham, opp Wheatsheaf 07:3409:4912:0414:1915:4616:3917:44
Greetham, adj Wheatsheaf 07:3409:4912:0414:1915:4616:3917:44
Greetham, opposite Main Street 07:3409:4912:0414:1915:4616:3917:44
Exton, opp Fox & Hounds 07:4209:5712:1214:2715:5416:4717:52
Exton, adj Garden Road 07:4209:5712:1214:2715:5416:4717:52
Burley Green (opposite) 07:5110:0612:2114:3616:0316:5618:0118:46
Oakham, adj Huntsmans Drive 08:0014:4416:10
Oakham, adj Ladywell 10:0812:2316:5818:0318:51
Oakham, opp Market Place 10:0912:2416:5918:0418:52
Oakham Bus Station (adjacent) 08:0510:1012:2517:0018:0518:54

Oakham to Melton Mowbray

Oakham, adj Huntsmans Drive 14:4516:10
Oakham, opp Huntsmans Drive 14:4516:10
Oakham, adj Rail Station 14:4716:12
Oakham Bus Station (adjacent) 08:1010:2012:3514:5016:1517:1018:10
Oakham, adj Market Place 08:1010:2012:3514:5016:1517:1018:10
Oakham, opp Ladywell 08:1110:2112:3614:5116:1617:1118:11
Burley Green (outside) 08:1510:2512:4014:5516:2017:1518:15
Exton, opp Campden Close 08:2310:3312:4815:0316:2817:2318:23
Exton, opposite Garden Road 08:2310:3312:4815:0316:2817:2318:23
Exton, adj Fox & Hounds 08:2410:3412:4915:0416:2917:2418:24
Greetham, opp Wheatsheaf 08:3210:4212:5715:1216:3717:3218:32
Greetham, adj Wheatsheaf 08:3210:4212:5715:1216:3717:3218:32
Greetham, opposite Main Street 08:3310:4312:5815:1316:3817:3318:33
Cottesmore, opp Toll Barr 08:3510:4513:0015:1516:4017:3518:35
Cottesmore, opp Heath Drive 08:3510:4513:0015:1516:4017:3518:35
Cottesmore, adj RAF Camp 08:3710:4713:0215:1716:4217:3718:37
Cottesmore, opp Village Shop 08:3910:4913:0415:1916:4417:3918:39
Cottesmore, outside Sun Inn 08:4010:5013:0515:2016:4517:4018:40
Barrow, adj Main Street 08:4310:5313:0816:4817:4318:43
Market Overton, adj Berrybushes 08:4610:5613:1115:3216:5117:4618:46
Market Overton, outside Black Bull 08:4610:5613:1116:5117:4618:46
Teigh, adj The Green 08:4810:5813:1316:5317:4818:48
Edmondthorpe, adj The Old Rectory 08:5111:0113:1616:5617:5118:51
Wymondham, adj Sycamore Lane 08:5411:0413:1916:5917:5418:54
Saxby Corner (outside) 08:5711:0713:2217:0217:5718:57
Wyfordby Top (outside) 09:0011:1013:2517:0518:0019:00
Brentingby, outside Bus Shelter 09:0011:1013:2517:0518:0019:00
Melton Mowbray, adj King Street 09:0411:1413:2917:0918:0419:04
Melton Mowbray Windsor Street (Stand W3) 09:0511:1513:3017:1018:0519:05

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