RS2 - Ripon City Service

A bus service operated by North Yorkshire Council

Monday to Saturday

Ripon Bus Station Stand 2 (2) 09:2510:4512:0013:2514:4515:15
Ripon Borrage Bridge (SW-bound) 09:2710:4712:0213:2714:4715:17
Ripon South Lodge (S-bound) 09:2810:4812:0313:2814:4815:18
Ripon Whitcliffe Lane (W-bound) 09:2810:4812:0313:2814:4815:18
Studley Roger Whitcliffe Lane (SW-bound) 09:3010:5012:0513:3014:5015:20
Studley Roger Lead Lane (E-bound) 09:3010:5012:0513:3014:5015:20
Ripon Lead Lane (E-bound) 09:3110:5112:0613:3114:5115:21
Ripon Elm Lane (S-bound) 09:3210:5212:0713:3214:5215:22
Ripon Elm Road (SE-bound) 09:3310:5312:0813:3314:5315:23
Ripon Greystone Primary School (N-bound) 09:3610:5612:1113:3614:5615:26
Ripon Quarry Moor Lane (NE-bound) 09:3910:5912:1413:3914:5915:29
Ripon Southgate (NW-bound) 09:3910:5912:1413:3914:5915:29
Ripon Southgate (E-bound) 09:4011:0012:1513:4015:0015:30
Ripon Camp Close (S-bound) 09:4011:0012:1513:4015:0015:30
Ripon Gallowshill (S-bound) 09:4111:0112:1613:4115:0115:31
Ripon Bondgate (N-bound) 09:4511:0512:2013:4515:0515:35
Ripon Bus Station Stand 2 (2) 09:5311:1312:2813:5315:1315:43

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 12 April 2024

North Yorkshire Council