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S42 - Fruitlands - Great Malvern - Malvern Link

A bus service operated by LMS Travel



Lower Wyche, adj Cherrytree Drive 08:00
Upper Wyche, opp Jasmine Road 08:00
Upper Wyche, opp King Edward's Road- Fruitlands 08:01
Upper Wyche, opp South Lawn 08:01
Lower Wyche, opp Peachfield Road 08:02
Poolbrook, opp Geneva Avenue 08:02
Poolbrook Geneva Avenue (E-bound) 08:03
Poolbrook Arosa Drive (E-bound) 08:04
Poolbrook Longridge Road (NE-bound) 08:04
Poolbrook, opp Churchdown Road 08:05
Poolbrook Bredon Grove (E-bound) 08:05
Poolbrook, opp Aston Drive 08:06
Poolbrook, adj Brook Farm Drive 08:06
Poolbrook, adj Watkins Way 08:07
Poolbrook Watkins Way (N-bound) 08:07
Poolbrook, adj Rhydd Close 08:08
Pound Bank, adj Eston Avenue 08:09
Pound Bank, opp Hastings Road 08:09
Pound Bank, adj Crown Lea Avenue 08:10
Barnard’s Green, adj Borrowdale Road 08:10
Barnard’s Green, adj Clock Shelter 08:11
Barnard’s Green, opp Christ Church 08:11
Great Malvern Railway Station (adj) 08:12
Great Malvern, opp Gold Hill Care Home 08:12
Great Malvern, adj Lansdowne Crescent 08:13
Sherrard’s Green, opp Madresfield Road Cemetery 08:14
Sherrard’s Green, opp Prospect View Medical Centre 08:16
Sherrard’s Green, adj Madresfield Road 08:16
Sherrard’s Green, adj Elgar Avenue 08:16
Sherrard’s Green, adj Elgar Avenue Football Ground 08:17
Sherrard’s Green Elgar Avenue (NW-bound) 08:18
Sherrard’s Green, opp Mountbatten Road 08:18
Malvern Link, adj Morrisons Store 08:21
Malvern Link, opp Isobel Harrison Gardens 08:22
Malvern Link, opp Lower Howsell Road 08:23
Malvern Link, adj Co-Op 08:24
Malvern Link Station (adj) 08:25
Malvern Link, adj The Express Inn 08:26
Malvern Link, adj Somers Court 08:27
Upper Howsell Yates Hay Road (W-bound) 08:28
Upper Howsell, opp Dyson Perrins Academy 08:30


Upper Howsell, adj Dyson Perrins Academy 15:20
Upper Howsell Yates Hay Road (E-bound) 15:20
Malvern Link, opp Somers Court 15:21
Malvern Link, opp The Express Inn 15:22
Malvern Link Station (opp) 15:23
Malvern Link, adj Rail Station 15:24
Malvern Link, opp Co-Op 15:25
Malvern Link, adj Lower Howsell Road 15:25
Malvern Link, adj The Oak Inn 15:26
Malvern Link, adj Isobel Harrison Gardens 15:27
Malvern Link, adj Morrisons Store 15:29
Enigma Park, adj Grovewood Road Westbound 15:30
Enigma Park, adj Betony Road Southbound 15:30
Enigma Park, opp Whiteacres Medical Centre 15:31
Sherrard’s Green, adj Mountbatten Road 15:32
Sherrard’s Green Elgar Avenue (SE-bound) 15:33
Sherrard’s Green, opp Elgar Avenue Football Ground 15:34
Sherrard’s Green, opp Elgar Avenue 15:34
Sherrard’s Green, opp Madresfield Road 15:35
Sherrard’s Green, adj Prospect View Medical Centre 15:36
Sherrard’s Green, adj Madresfield Road Cemetery 15:37
Great Malvern, opp Lansdowne Crescent 15:38
Great Malvern Church Street (Stop J) 15:40
Great Malvern Graham Road (Stop H) 15:41
Great Malvern, adj Graham Road 15:42
Link Top, adj Moorlands Road 15:43
Shelter Link Top (adj) 15:44
Great Malvern, adj Bank Street 15:44
Great Malvern, adj Holly Mount 15:45
Great Malvern, adj Foley Arms 15:46
Great Malvern Church Street (Stop A) 15:47
Great Malvern, adj Gold Hill Care Home 15:48
Great Malvern Railway Station (opp) 15:49
Barnard’s Green, adj Christ Church 15:49
Barnard’s Green, adj Shops 15:51
Barnard’s Green, opp Borrowdale Road 15:51
Pound Bank Bellar's Lane (E-bound) 15:52
Pound Bank, adj Hastings Road 15:52
Pound Bank, opp Whitborn Close 15:53
Poolbrook, opp Bluebell Close 15:53
Poolbrook Watkins Way (S-bound) 15:54
Poolbrook, opp Watkins Way 15:54
Poolbrook, opp Brook Farm Drive 15:55
Poolbrook, adj Aston Drive 15:55
Poolbrook Bredon Grove (W-bound) 15:56
Poolbrook, adj Churchdown Road 15:56
Poolbrook Longridge Road (SW-bound) 15:57
Poolbrook Arosa Drive (W-bound) 15:59
Poolbrook Geneva Avenue (W-bound) 15:59
Poolbrook, adj Geneva Avenue 15:59
Lower Wyche, adj Peachfield Road 16:00
Upper Wyche, adj South Lawn 16:01
Upper Wyche, adj King Edward's Road 16:01
Upper Wyche, adj Jasmine Road 16:02
Lower Wyche, opp Cherrytree Drive 16:03

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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