S60 - Stirling - Tyndrum

A bus service operated by McGill’s Scotland East

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Stirling - Tyndrum

Forthside, at Morrisons 16:00
Forthside, opp Forthbank Stadium 16:00
Forthside, at Skoda Garage 16:01
Forthside, at Vue Cinema 16:02
Forthside Frankie and Bennys (near) 16:03
Forthside, before Shore Road 16:03
Stirling, at Sheriff Court 16:05
Stirling Baptist Church (opp) 16:05
Stirling Bus Station (Stance 7) 16:07
Stirling, at Stance B 08:0516:15
Stirling, at The Cowane Centre 08:0616:16
Stirling, after Union Street 08:0716:17
Raploch, opp Dobbies Garden World 08:1216:22
Raploch, opp Blackdub 08:1416:24
Blairdrummond, at Ochtertyre Carrat 08:1616:26
Blairdrummond, opp Safari Park Entrance 08:2016:30
Kincardine in Menteith, at Community Hall 08:2116:31
Kincardine in Menteith, opp Cuthill Brae 08:2116:31
Doune , at Fir Road 08:2416:34
Buchany, at Stone Shelter 08:2516:35
Burn of Cambus, at Lodge 08:2616:36
Drumvaich, opp Cottages 08:2916:39
Callander, opp Heather Centre 08:3216:42
Callander, at Tannochbrae Caravan Park 08:3316:43
Callander, opp Myrtle Inn 08:3316:43
Callander, opp Lagrannoch Crescent 08:3316:43
Callander, opp Esher Crescent 08:3316:43
Callander, opp Drummond Place 08:3316:43
Callander, before Orchardlea House 08:3416:44
Callander, at War Memorial 08:3416:44
Callander, opp Dreadnought Hotel 08:3516:45
Kilmahog, at Woolen Mill 08:3616:46
Strathyre Ben Sheann Hotel (opp and after) 08:5017:00
Strathyre, opp Balvaig Cottages 08:5017:00
Kingshouse, opp Hotel 08:5317:03
Lochearnhead, at Cameron Court 08:5817:08
Lix Toll, at Toll House 09:0817:18
Killin, before Manse Road 09:1217:22
Killin, at Station Road Turning Circle 09:1317:23
Killin, at Police Station 09:1417:24
Killin Manse Road (opp and after) 09:1517:25
Killin Dochart Road (at 3) 09:1517:25
Lix Toll, opp Toll House 09:2217:32
Lix Toll, opp Garage 09:2317:33
Luib Hotel (opp) 09:2817:38
Crianlarich, opp Ben More Restaurant 09:3817:48
Crianlarich, at Police Station 09:3917:49
Tyndrum, at Public Toilets 09:5018:00

Tyndrum - Stirling

Tyndrum, opp Pine Trees Leisure Park 10:0018:05
Crianlarich, opp Police Station 10:1118:16
Crianlarich, at Ben More Restaurant 10:1118:16
Luib Hotel (at) 10:2218:27
Lix Toll, at Garage 10:2718:32
Lix Toll, at Toll House 10:2718:32
Killin, before Manse Road 10:3518:40
Killin, at Station Road Turning Circle 10:3718:42
Killin, at Police Station 10:3718:42
Killin Manse Road (opp and after) 10:3818:43
Killin Dochart Road (at 3) 10:3818:43
Lix Toll, opp Toll House 10:4218:47
Lochearnhead, opp Cameron Court 10:5218:57
Kingshouse Hotel (near) 10:5519:00
Strathyre, at Ben Sheann Hotel 11:0019:05
Kilmahog, at Woolen Mill 11:1319:18
Callander, at Dreadnought Hotel 11:1519:20
Callander, opp War Memorial 11:1519:20
Callander, opp Orchardlea House 11:1519:20
Callander, at Drummond Place 11:1619:21
Callander, after Esher Crescent 11:1619:21
Callander, at Myrtle Inn 11:1619:21
Callander, opp Tannochbrae Caravan Park 11:1619:21
Callander, at Heather Centre 11:1719:22
Drumvaich, at Cottages 11:2019:25
Burn of Cambus, at Lodge 11:2319:28
Buchany, at Wooden Shelter 11:2419:29
Doune , opp Fir Road 11:2519:30
Kincardine in Menteith, at Cuthill Brae 11:2819:33
Kincardine in Menteith, opp Community Hall 11:2819:33
Blairdrummond, at Safari Park Entrance 11:3019:35
Blairdrummond, opp Ochtertyre Carrat 11:3219:37
Raploch, at Blackdub 11:3419:39
Raploch, at Dobbies Garden World 11:3719:42
Stirling, before Union Street 11:4219:47
Stirling, opp The Cowane Centre 11:4219:47
Stirling, before Wallace Street 11:4319:48
Stirling Bus Station (Stance 11) 11:4519:50
Stirling, at Stance B 11:45
Forthside, after Shore Road 11:46
Forthside Frankie and Bennys (opp and before) 11:47
Forthside, at Premier Inn 11:47
Forthside Sewage Works (near) 11:50
Forthside, at The Peak 11:50
Forthside, opp Morrisons 11:52

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 11 April 2024

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