S7 - Wellington to Telford

A service operated by Arriva Midlands North


Telford Bus Station (Stand J) 08:03
Telford, opp Matheson House 08:03
Priorslee, opp Fitness First 08:06
Priorslee Roundabout (after) 08:07
St George’s, after Snedshill Way 08:08
St George’s, opp Freeston Avenue 08:08
St George’s, adj Marrions Hill 08:09
St George’s The Square (NE-bound) 08:10
St George’s, adj Rothwell Close 08:10
St George’s, opp Albion Inn 08:11
St George’s, opp Willows Road 08:12
Oakengates Bus Station (Stand A) 08:13
Oakengates Belle Vue Bridge (N-bound) 08:13
Oakengates, opp Urban Road 08:15
Oakengates, adj Hollyhurst Road 08:15
Trench, opp Garden Close 08:16
Trench, adj Teagues Crescent 08:17
Trench, adj Pinewood Avenue 08:18
Trench, opp Kingston Road 08:18
Trench, adj Pickering Road 08:19
Trench, opp Gordon Road 08:20
Trench, adj Stratford Park 08:21
Trench, after Furnace Lane 08:22
Donnington, opp Police Station 08:22
Donnington, opp Aldi 08:27
Donnington, adj Police Station 08:27
Trench, before Furnace Lane 08:29
Trench, opp Stratford Park 08:30
Trench, opp Stanmore Drive 08:32
Trench, opp Preston Grove 08:32
Trench, adj Meadow Close 08:33
Hadley, adj Sommerfeld Road 08:35
Hadley, opp Castle Lane 08:36
Hadley, opp Community Centre 08:37
Hadley Bus Station (Stand A) 08:38
Hadley, opp Manor Heights 08:39
Hadley, opp Summerhouse Drive 08:41
Hadley, adj Crescent Road 08:42
Wellington, adj Tcat 08:44
Wellington, opp Whitehouse Hotel 08:46
Wellington, adj Cock Hotel 08:48
Wellington, adj Princes Street 08:48
Wellington, adj School Court 08:49
Wellington, opp Constitution Hill 08:51
Wellington Bus Station (Stand E) 08:53

Timetable data from Arriva Midlands North/Bus Open Data Service, 7 October 2020

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