SB3 - Seend Shuttle to Devizes

A bus service operated by The Seend Shuttle


Morrisons Car Park - Morrisons Car Park

Devizes, o/s Morrisons Car Park 09:3910:4511:39
Devizes, o/s Kwik Fit 09:3910:4511:39
Devizes Fire Station (S-bound) 09:4010:4511:39
Devizes Long Street (N-bound) 09:4110:4511:39
Devizes, o/s Cinema & Bingo 09:44
Devizes, nr Avon Terrace 09:4410:4611:40
Devizes, o/s Black Horse 09:4510:4711:41
Devizes, o/s Business Centre 09:46
Devizes Mayenne Place (W-bound) 09:4710:4811:42
Devizes The Pelican (NW-bound) 10:5011:44
Devizes, o/s Business Centre 10:5211:46
Caen Hill Poulshot Turn (W-bound) 09:4910:5511:49
Seend The Lye (W-bound) 11:56
Seend, nr The Bell 11:56
Seend Cleeve Pelch Lane (N-bound) 11:59
Seend Cleeve, o/s Barge Inn 11:59
Seend Cleeve New Buildings (E-bound) 12:00
Sells Green Three Magpies (E-bound) 09:5412:04
Sells Green Wharf Cottage (N-bound) 10:59
Bromham, o/s Social Centre 10:0812:04
Bromham, opp The Greyhound 10:0912:04
Bromham The Crescent (SW-bound) 10:13
Sells Green Three Magpies (W-bound) 09:0011:00
Bowerhill Seend Turn (W-bound) 09:03
Seend Cleeve New Buildings (W-bound) 11:03
Seend Cleeve, opp Barge Inn 11:04
Seend Cleeve Pelch Lane (S-bound) 09:0511:05
Bromham Highfield (E-bound) 10:1412:05
Seend, opp The Bell 09:1011:10
Bromham Devizes Road (E-bound) 10:14
Rowde The Coconut (S-bound) 10:1712:08
Seend The Lye (E-bound) 09:1211:10
Rowdeford School (o/s) 10:2012:11
Caen Hill Poulshot Turn (E-bound) 09:17
Devizes, opp Business Centre 09:21
Devizes, nr Black Horse 09:2211:21
Rowde Cross Keys (E-bound) 10:2112:12
Rowdefield Turn (E-bound) 10:2312:14
Devizes Browfort (E-bound) 09:2210:2511:2212:16
Devizes Market Place Bus Island (SE-bound) 09:2410:2711:2412:18
Devizes Southgate (S-bound) 09:2610:2911:2612:20
Devizes, o/s Morrisons Car Park 09:2910:3211:2912:23

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 19 April 2024

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