SFA2 - Wilnecote - St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Technology College

A bus service operated by National Express West Midlands

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Monday to Friday, Walsall LEA school days

Wilnecote - St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Technology College

Stonydelph, adj Pennymoor Road 07:35
Stonydelph, opp Malham Road 07:35
Stonydelph, adj Stoneydelph Primary School 07:37
Stonydelph, by Crowden Road 07:37
Stonydelph, nr Sandy Way 07:38
Glascote Heath, opp Mercian Way 07:38
Glascote Heath, adj Glascote Primary Academy 07:39
Amington, opp Briar 07:39
Amington, adj Cornel 07:40
Amington, adj Jasmine Road 07:41
Amington, nr Kerria Road 07:42
Amington, adj Tilia Road 07:43
Amington, adj Woodhouse Lane 07:44
Amington, adj Monks Way 07:45
Bolehall, opp The Riddings 07:46
Bolehall, adj Ferrers Road 07:47
Bolehall, adj Amington Inn 07:48
Bolehall, opp Moor Lane 07:48
Bolehall, by Bolebridge Street 07:49
Tamworth, opp Aldi Store 07:51
Tamworth, opp Rail Station 07:52
Tamworth, adj Morrisions Store 07:52
Perry Crofts, opp Landau Forte Academy 07:53
Perry Crofts, opp Perrycrofts Crescent 07:54
Coton Green, nr Lillingstone Avenue 08:01
Lichfield Road Industrial Estate, adj Mariner 08:02
Coton, adj Helmingham 08:03
Hopwas, adj The Tame Otter PH 08:05
Hopwas, adj Plantation Lane 08:05
Mile Oak, adj French Avenue 08:12
Mile Oak, adj George Avenue 08:12
Mile Oak, adj Gainsborough Drive 08:13
Roughley, after Weeford Rd 08:23
Roughley, adj Aulton Rd 08:23
Roughley, opp Marlpit Lane 08:24
Roughley, after Mere Green Rd 08:25
Roughley, before Cremorne Rd 08:25
Mere Green, adj Sainsburys 08:27
Mere Green, opposite Clarence Rd 08:28
Four Oaks, opp Streetly Lane 08:29
Four Oaks, opp Knighton Drive 08:29
Four Oaks, before Russell Bank Road 08:30
Hill Hook, opp Russell Bank Rd 08:30
Hill Hook, opp Edge Hill Rd 08:31
Hill Hook Rosemary Hill Rd (near) 08:31
Little Aston, adj Woodside Drive 08:32
Little Aston Lane (opp) 08:32
Little Aston, opp Forge Lane 08:33
Little Aston Hall Drive (adj) 08:34
Little Aston, opp Mill Lane 08:34
Mill Green, opp Brooklands Nursery 08:35
Mill Green, adj Fotherley Brook Road 08:36
Aldridge, adj Green Lane 08:36
Aldridge, opp Fairlawns 08:37
Aldridge, adj Branton Hill Lane 08:38
Aldridge, adj Hallcroft Way 08:39
Aldridge, adj St Francis College 08:40

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Technology College - Wilnecote

Aldridge, opp St Francis College 15:40
Aldridge, opp Hallcroft Way 15:40
Aldridge, opp Branton Hill Lane 15:41
Aldridge, adj Fairlawns 15:42
Aldridge, opp Green Lane 15:42
Mill Green, opp Fotherley Brook Road 15:43
Mill Green, adj Brooklands Nursery 15:43
Little Aston, adj Forge Lane 15:45
Little Aston Lane (adj) 15:46
Little Aston, opp Woodside Drive 15:46
Hill Hook, after Rosemary Hill Rd 15:47
Hill Hook, adj Edge Hill Rd 15:47
Hill Hook, adj Russell Bank Rd 15:47
Four Oaks, after Russell Bank Road 15:48
Four Oaks, adj Knighton Drive 15:48
Four Oaks, adj Streetly Lane 15:49
Mere Green, adj Clarence Rd 15:49
Mere Green, opposite The Courtyard 15:50
Mere Green, opp Sainsburys 15:51
Roughley, after Cremorne Rd 15:51
Roughley Marlpit Lane (adjacent) 15:53
Roughley, opp Aulton Rd 15:53
Roughley, before Weeford Rd 15:54
Mile Oak, opp Gainsborough Drive 16:02
Mile Oak, opp George Avenue 16:03
Mile Oak, opp French Avenue 16:03
Hopwas, opp Plantation Lane 16:09
Hopwas, opp The Tame Otter PH 16:10
Coton, opp Helingham 16:11
Lichfield Road Industrial Estate, opp Mariner 16:12
Perry Crofts, nr Lyneham Close 16:17
Perry Crofts, adj Manston View 16:17
Perry Crofts, adj Benson View 16:18
Perry Crofts, opp Browns Lane 16:18
Perry Crofts, adj Perrycrofts Crescent 16:19
Perry Crofts, adj Landau Forte Academy 16:20
Tamworth, adj South Staffordshire College 16:20
Tamworth, by Rail Station 16:22
Tamworth, adj Aldi Store 16:23
Bolehall, nr Bolebridge Street 16:24
Bolehall, adj Moor Lane 16:25
Bolehall, opp Amington Inn 16:25
Bolehall, opp Ferrers Road 16:26
Bolehall, adj The Riddings 16:27
Amington, opp Woodhouse Lane 16:30
Amington, opp Tilia Road 16:30
Amington, adj Kerria Road 16:32
Amington, opp Jasmine Road 16:32
Amington, opp Cornel 16:34
Amington, adj Briar 16:34
Glascote Heath, opp Glascote Primary Academy 16:35
Glascote Heath, adj Mercian Way 16:35
Stonydelph, adj Sandy Way 16:36
Stonydelph, nr Crowden Road 16:37
Stonydelph, opp Stoneydelph Primary School 16:37
Stonydelph, adj Malham Road 16:39
Stonydelph, opp Pennymoor Road 16:40

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