T8 - Todmorden - Walsden Circular

A bus service operated by TLC Travel

Todmorden Bus Station stand A 09:1011:1013:1015:1017:1019:13
Todmorden Halifax Rd 09:1111:1113:1115:1117:1119:14
Todmorden WMC 09:1111:1113:1115:1117:1119:14
Todmorden Lower George Street 09:1111:1113:1115:1117:1119:14
Todmorden Lidl 09:1111:1113:1115:1117:1119:14
Todmorden, after Stansfield Bridge 09:1211:1213:1215:1217:1219:15
Todmorden, opp Cross Stone Road 09:1211:1213:1215:1217:1219:15
Todmorden, at Millwood Depot 09:1311:1313:1315:1317:1319:16
Todmorden Castle Hill School 09:1411:1413:1415:1417:1419:17
Todmorden Woodhouse Road 09:1411:1413:1415:1417:1419:17
Todmorden, at Lob Mill 09:1511:1513:1515:1517:1519:18
Todmorden Shaw Wood View 09:1611:1613:1615:1617:1619:19
Eastwood, after Shaw Wood Road Halifax Rd 09:1711:1713:1715:1717:1719:20
Eastwood, before Shaw Wood Road New Rd 09:1711:1713:1715:1717:1719:20
Mankinholes, before Broad Gate Lee Bottom Rd 09:1811:1813:1815:1817:1819:21
Mankinholes Lee Bottom Road (NE bound) 09:1811:1813:1815:1817:1819:21
Mankinholes, opp Harvelin Park 09:1911:1913:1915:1917:1919:22
Mankinholes Harvelin Park 09:1911:1913:1915:1917:1919:22
Mankinholes Lee Bottom Road 09:2011:2013:2015:2017:2019:23
Mankinholes, opp Broad Gate Lee Bottom Rd 09:2011:2013:2015:2017:2019:23
Mankinholes New Road 09:2111:2113:2115:2117:2119:24
Mankinholes, after Cross Lane New Rd 09:2111:2113:2115:2117:2119:24
Mankinholes Sisley Lane 09:2211:2213:2215:2217:2219:25
Lumbutts Rd Lumbutts Lane 09:2311:2313:2315:2317:2319:26
Lumbutts Croft Gate 09:2411:2413:2415:2417:2419:27
Lumbutts Shepherds Rest Pub 09:2611:2613:2615:2617:2619:29
Todmorden, opp Swineshead Farm 09:2711:2713:2715:2717:2719:30
Todmorden Lumbutts Rd Old Lane 09:2811:2813:2815:2817:2819:31
Walsden Hollins Road (stop) 09:2911:2913:2915:2917:2919:31
Walsden, adj Hollins Rd Henshaw Woods 09:3011:3013:3015:3017:3019:32
Walsden, opp Hollins Road Works 09:3011:3013:3015:3017:3019:32
Walsden Scott Street 09:3111:3113:3115:3117:3119:33
Walsden, opp Rochdale Road Scott St 09:3111:3113:3115:3117:3119:33
Walsden CC 09:3211:3213:3215:3217:3219:34
Walsden Waggon & Horses 09:3211:3213:3215:3217:3219:34
Walsden CC 09:3311:3313:3315:3317:3319:35
Walsden Scott Street (W bound) 09:3411:3413:3415:3417:3419:36
Walsden Scott Street Cricket Ground 09:3411:3413:3415:3417:3419:36
Walsden Scott Street (E bound) 09:3411:3413:3415:3417:3419:36
Walsden, at Scott Street 09:3511:3513:3515:3517:3519:37
Walsden, at Square Road 09:3511:3513:3515:3517:3519:37
Walsden, adj Hollins Road Works 09:3611:3613:3615:3617:3619:38
Walsden, opp Hollins Rd Henshaw Woods 09:3711:3713:3715:3717:3719:40
Walsden Hollins Road 09:3811:3813:3815:3817:3819:40
Todmorden Knowlwood Road Rochdale Rd 09:3811:3813:3815:3817:3819:41
Todmorden Knowlwood Rd Hill Place 09:3911:3913:3915:3917:3919:41
Todmorden Knowlwood Rd Swineshead Road 09:3911:3913:3915:3917:3919:42
Todmorden, at Laneside Street 09:4011:4013:4015:4017:4019:43
Todmorden Morrisons (near) 09:4011:4013:4015:4017:4019:43
Todmorden, at Morrisons Supermarket 09:4111:4113:4115:4117:41
Todmorden Salford Way 09:4311:4313:4315:4317:4319:44
Todmorden Rail Station (stop K) 09:4511:4513:4515:4517:45
Todmorden Town Hall 19:44
Todmorden Bus Station stand A 09:4611:4613:4615:4617:4619:44

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 19 April 2024

TLC Travel


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