TA02 - Darwen - Bury via Edgworth, Tottington

A bus service operated by Travel Assist

Bus Service Change - Number TA02
25 February–6 March 2024

From Sunday 25 February, Times of journeys from Darwen and Bromley Cross to Bury will change on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Times of journeys from Darwen and Bromley Cross to Bury will change on Wednesdays and Fridays.



Darwen - Edgworth, Tottington - Bury

Darwen Town Centre (Stand 4) 09:30
Harwood Lee, opp Tottington Road 12:10
Darwen, by India Mill 09:31
Bradshaw Bridge (SW-bound) 12:11
Darwen, by Mill Gap Street 09:31
Bradshaw, nr Oaks Avenue 12:11
Darwen, opp Huntington Drive 09:31
Bradshaw, nr Aire Drive 12:12
Darwen, by Cross Street 09:32
Bradshaw, opp Rigby Lane 12:13
Darwen, adj Mayfield Flats 09:32
Bromley Cross, nr Darwen Road 12:14
Darwen, by Epworth Street 09:33
Darwen, adj Maria Street 09:33
Darwen, by Blackpool Street 09:33
Darwen, adj Knowlesly Road 09:33
Darwen, o/s West Cemetery 09:34
Darwen Cemetery (by) 09:35
Darwen, opp Bull Hill Cottages 09:35
Cadshaw, opp Woodlea Chase 09:35
Dimple, opp Moss Cottages 09:36
Dimple (at) 09:36
Egerton, opp The Cross Guns Inn 09:37
Egerton, opp Longworth Road 09:37
Egerton Vale (opp) 09:38
Dunscar Mason Street (cnr) 09:38
Dunscar, opp War Memorial 09:40
Cox Green, nr Arnold Road 09:40
Eagley, nr Hospital Road 09:41
Eagley, opp Hough Lane 09:41
Toppings, nr Rose Hill Drive 09:42
Bromley Cross Turton High School (Stop A) 09:43
Bromley Cross Rail Station (Stop B) 09:4512:15
Bromley Cross, o/s Junior School 09:4512:15
Bromley Cross, nr Windy Harbour Lane 09:4512:15
Bromley Cross, opp Jumbles Country Park 09:4612:15
Chapeltown, by King William 09:4612:15
Chapeltown, by Horrobin Lane 09:4712:15
Chapeltown, by Turton Tower 09:4712:15
Chapeltown, by St Annes Church 12:15
Chapeltown, by High Street 09:4812:20
Turton Bottoms, by Jumbles Nursery 09:4912:20
Turton Bottoms, by Wellington Mews 09:5112:21
Turton Bottoms, by Sandy Bank Rd 09:5312:22
Edgworth, by Harbour Lane 09:5612:23
Edgworth, opp The Barlow 09:5812:24
Edgworth, opp Broadhead Road 10:0012:25
Edgworth Vale (by) 10:0012:25
Edgworth, by Temple Farm 10:0112:25
Edgworth, opp Meadowcroft Farm 10:0112:25
Edgworth, opp Pallet Fold Barn 10:0112:26
Walves Tottington Road (SE-bound) 10:0312:27
Walves, o/s Higher Barn Farm 10:0312:27
Tottington, opp Tom Nook Farm 10:0412:28
Tottington, opp Woodstock Drive 10:0612:30
Tottington, opp Victoria Street 10:0612:30
Tottington Kirklees Street (Stop B) 10:0612:30
Tottington Library (Stop E) 10:0712:31
Tottington, opp Booth Street 10:0712:31
Tottington, nr Brookwater Close 10:0712:31
Woolfold, nr Sunnywood Drive 10:0812:32
Woolfold, nr Cedar Fold 10:0812:32
Woolfold, opp The Lamb Inn 10:0912:32
Woolfold, nr Darlington Close 10:0912:33
Woolfold, opp Lomond Drive 10:1012:33
Woodhill, nr Valley View 10:1012:33
Woodhill, opp Fenton Street 10:1012:34
Woodhill, opp Whittle Street 10:1112:34
Woodhill, opp Walshaw Road 10:1112:34
Elton, adj Bury Bridge 10:1212:35
Bury Museum (Stop MS) 10:1712:40

Bury - Edgworth, Tottington - Darwen

Bury Museum (Stop MS) 10:2013:00
Elton, nr Waterloo Street 10:2513:08
Woodhill, nr Whittle Street 10:2513:08
Woodhill, nr Fenton Street 10:2513:09
Woodhill, opp Valley View 10:2613:09
Woolfold, nr Lomond Drive 10:2613:10
Woolfold, opp Darlington Close 10:2713:11
Woolfold, o/s The Lamb Inn 10:2713:11
Woolfold, opp Cedar Fold 10:2713:12
Tottington, opp Sunnywood Drive 10:2813:13
Tottington, nr Booth Street 10:2913:13
Tottington Library (Stop C) 10:2913:14
Tottington Robin Hood (Stop A) 10:3013:15
Walves Tottington Road (NW-bound) 10:3413:18
Walves Reservoir (opp) 10:3413:18
Edgworth, adj Pallet Fold Barn 10:3913:21
Edgworth, adj Meadowcroft Farm 10:4013:21
Edgworth, opp Temple Farm 10:4113:22
Edgworth Vale (opp) 10:4313:23
Edgworth, adj The White Horse 10:4513:25
Edgworth, by The Barlow 10:4513:25
Edgworth, opp Harbour Lane 10:4613:25
Turton Bottoms, adj Sandy Bank Rd 10:4613:26
Turton Bottoms, by Wellington Mews 10:4713:27
Turton Bottoms, by Jumbles Nursery 10:4813:27
Chapeltown, by High Street 10:4913:28
Chapeltown, by Turton Tower 10:5013:28
Chapeltown, by Horrobin Lane 10:5113:29
Chapeltown, opp King William 10:5213:30
Bromley Cross, o/s Jumbles Country Park 10:5313:30
Bromley Cross, opp Windy Harbour Lane 10:5413:31
Bromley Cross, nr Holkar Meadows 10:5513:32
Bromley Cross Rail Station (Stop C) 10:57
Bromley Cross Turton High School (W-bound) 13:33
Bromley Cross, nr Shady Lane 10:57
Toppings, opp Rose Hill Drive 13:33
Bradshaw, nr Rigby Lane 10:57
Eagley, nr Hough Lane 13:33
Bradshaw, nr Kershaw Street 10:58
Eagley, opp Hospital Road 13:34
Bradshaw Bridge (NE-bound) 10:59
Dunscar, opp Arnold Road 13:34
Bradshaw, opp Church Street 10:59
Dunscar, nr War Memorial 13:35
Harwood Lee, opp Tottington Road 11:00
Higher Dunscar (opp) 13:35
Dunscar, opp Mason Street 13:36
Egerton Vale (nr) 13:37
Egerton Longworth Road (cnr) 13:37
Egerton, opp The Cross Guns Inn 13:38
Dimple (nr) 13:38
Dimple, o/s Moss Cottages 13:38
Cadshaw, adj Woodlea Chase 13:41
Darwen, o/s Bull Hill Cottages 13:41
Darwen Cemetery (by) 13:42
Darwen, opp West Cemetery 13:42
Darwen, by Queens Road 13:42
Darwen, by Park Road 13:42
Darwen, adj Ashleigh Street 13:43
Darwen, by Mayfield Flats 13:43
Darwen, opp Cross Street 13:43
Darwen, adj Mill Gap Street 13:44
Darwen, by India Mill 13:44
Darwen, by Bus Station Set Down 13:45

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

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