V26 - The Oddingtons - Moreton-in-Marsh - Chipping Norton - Combe - Leafield - Witney

A bus service operated by Villager Community Bus (Oxon)


Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays

Horse and Groom - Sainsburys

Upper Oddington, by Horse and Groom 08:40
Lower Oddington Village Hall (Stop) 08:42s
Broadwell, opp Chapel Street 08:46
Broadwell, opp Aston House 08:47
Donnington, nr Broadwell Turn 08:47
Longborough, nr Turn 08:51
Moreton-in-Marsh, nr Community Hospital 08:53
Moreton-in-Marsh, nr Redesdale Place 08:54
Moreton-in-Marsh, by Wellington Inn 08:55
Moreton-in-Marsh, nr Fire Service College 08:56
Kitebrook Farm (adj) 08:58
Little Compton Red Lion 09:00
Salford, opp Lower End Bus Shelter 09:05
Chipping Norton, opp Toy Lane Turn 09:07
Chipping Norton New Street (E-bound) 09:10
Chipping Norton, opp War Memorial 09:11
Chipping Norton War Memorial Hospital (W-bound) 09:12
Chipping Norton, opp Trinity Road 09:12
Southcombe, opp Chipping Norton Golf Club 09:13
Southcombe, adj Chalford Oaks 09:14
Lidstone Turn (opp) 09:15
Enstone, o/s The Harrow 09:17
Enstone Green (o/s) 09:18
Neat Enstone, opp Worths Garage 09:18
Over Kiddington, adj Kiddington Turn 09:22
Glympton Turn (adj) 09:24
Combe Akeman Street (S-bound) 09:31
Combe, opp The Green 09:32
Combe Stonesfield Road (W-bound) 09:33
Stonesfield Combe Road (NW-bound) 09:37
Stonesfield, adj Prospect Close 09:38
Stonesfield Green (SW-bound) 09:38
Stonesfield, adj Boot Street 09:38
Fawler, o/s Main Street Rose Cottages 09:41
Finstock Station (opp) 09:42
Lower End, adj Greenwich Lane 09:48
Lower End, adj Harolds Close 09:48
Lower End, opp Hatching Lane 09:48
Leafield Church (W-bound) 09:50
Leafield The Green (N-bound) 09:51
Leafield, o/s The Fox 09:51
Leafield Church (E-bound) 09:52
Leafield, opp Witney Lane Garage 09:53
Crawley, opp The Lamb 10:00
Witney, opp Windrush Industrial Park 10:03
Witney, opp Windrush Valley 10:04
Witney, o/s Tower Hill Garage 10:04
Witney, adj Moorland Road 10:06
Witney, o/s Marriotts Walk 10:07
Witney Market Square (Stop A) 10:08
Witney Sainsburys (inside) 10:12
Some places served for those on board (ring 01451 832114 for pick-up)

Sainsburys - Horse and Groom

Witney Sainsburys (inside) 11:55
Witney Langdale Gate (W-bound) 11:59
Witney Market Square (Stop C) 12:00
Witney, o/s Library 12:01
Witney, opp Moorland Road 12:03
Witney, opp Tower Hill Garage 12:04
Witney, adj Windrush Valley 12:04
Witney Windrush Industrial Park (entrance) 12:06
Crawley, o/s The Lamb 12:09
Leafield, o/s Witney Lane Garage 12:15
Leafield Church (W-bound) 12:15
Leafield The Green (N-bound) 12:17
Leafield, o/s The Fox 12:17
Leafield Church (E-bound) 12:17
Lower End, adj Hatching Lane 12:19
Lower End, opp Harolds Close 12:19
Lower End, opp Greenwich Lane 12:20
Finstock Station (adj) 12:25
Fawler Main Street (E-bound) 12:27
Stonesfield, opp Boot Street 12:28
Stonesfield Green (E-bound) 12:28
Stonesfield, opp Prospect Close 12:29
Stonesfield Combe Road (SE-bound) 12:29
Combe Stonesfield Road (E-bound) 12:35
Combe, opp The Green 12:37
Combe Akeman Street (N-bound) 12:37
Glympton Turn (opp) 12:42
Over Kiddington, opp Kiddington Turn 12:43
Neat Enstone, o/s Worths Garage 12:46
Enstone Green (opp) 12:47
Enstone, opp The Harrow 12:47
Lidstone Turn (adj) 12:49
Southcombe, opp Chalford Oaks 12:52
Southcombe, o/s Chipping Norton Golf Club 12:53
Chipping Norton, adj Trinity Road 12:54
Chipping Norton War Memorial Hospital (W-bound) 12:55
Chipping Norton, adj War Memorial 12:56
Chipping Norton New Street (W-bound) 12:57
Chipping Norton, adj Toy Lane Turn 12:58
Salford, adj Cornwell Turn 13:00
Salford, opp Lower End Bus Shelter 13:01s
Little Compton, opp Turn 13:06s
Kitebrook Farm (opp) 13:07s
Moreton-in-Marsh, by Fire Service College 13:09s
Moreton-in-Marsh, nr Wellington Inn School Service 13:10s
Moreton-in-Marsh, o/s Corn Exchange 13:10s
Moreton-in-Marsh, after Redesdale Place 13:11s
Moreton-in-Marsh, opp Community Hospital 13:11s
Longborough, opp Turn 13:13s
Donnington, by Broadwell Turn 13:16s
Broadwell, nr Aston House 13:17s
Broadwell, after Chapel Street 13:17s
Lower Oddington, opp Village Hall 13:23s
Upper Oddington, opp Horse and Groom 13:26
Some places served for those on board (ring 01451 832114 for pick-up)

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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