W1 - Stornoway - Ness

A bus service operated by Lochs Motor Transport

Stornoway - Ness

Stornoway Bus Station (Stance 1) 07:5512:3014:3015:4018:0019:3021:40
Stornoway, nr Nicolson Institute 15:45
Stornoway, opp Church Street 07:5612:3114:3118:0119:3121:41
Stornoway, at Bridge Centre 07:5712:3214:3218:0219:3221:42
Stornoway, opp Co-Op 07:5812:3314:3315:4818:0319:3321:43
Stornoway, opp Western Isles Hospital 08:0012:3514:3515:5018:0519:3521:45
Stornoway, at Cearns Road End 08:0012:3514:3515:5018:0519:3521:45
Laxdale Lane (at) 08:0112:3514:3515:5118:0619:3521:46
Newmarket, at Number 15 12:3614:3619:36
Grianan, opp Benside Rd End 12:3614:3619:36
Grianan, opp Number 24 12:3714:3719:37
Benside, at Number 95 12:3714:3719:37
Benside, at Number 86 12:3814:3819:38
Newmarket, at Baker's Rd End 08:0212:3814:3815:5218:0719:3821:47
Newmarket Village (N-bound) 08:0412:3914:3915:5418:0919:3921:49
Newmarket, at Bridge Cottages 08:0512:4014:4015:5518:1019:4021:50
Newmarket, opp Gleann Dubh 08:0512:4014:4015:5518:1019:4021:50
Barvas, at Community Centre 08:1412:4914:4916:0418:1919:4921:59
Barvas Junction (N-bound) 08:1512:5014:5016:0518:2019:5022:00
Barvas, at Bus Depot 08:1512:5014:5016:0518:2019:5022:00
Barvas, opp Croileagan 08:1512:5014:5016:0518:2019:5022:00
Upper Barvas, opp Bus Shelter 08:1712:5214:5216:0718:2219:5222:02
Upper Barvas, at Morven Gallery Rd End 08:1712:5214:5216:0718:2219:5222:02
Upper Barvas, at Cemetery Rd End 08:1812:5314:5316:0818:2319:5322:03
Ballantrushal, at Junction 08:2012:5514:5516:1018:2519:5522:05
Upper Shader, at Road End 08:2012:5514:5516:1018:2519:5522:05
Lower Shader, opp Steinacleit Rd End 08:2112:5614:5616:1118:2619:5622:06
Airidhantuim, at School 08:2212:5714:5716:1218:2719:5722:07
Five Penny Borve, at Caberfeidh 08:2312:5814:5816:1318:2819:5822:08
Five Penny Borve, at Road End 08:2513:0015:0016:1518:3020:0022:10
Borve, opp Church 08:2613:0115:0116:1618:3120:0122:11
High Borve, at Road End 08:2713:0215:0216:1718:3220:0222:12
Melbost Borve, at Road End 08:2813:0315:0316:1818:3320:0322:13
South Galson, opp Tom na Ba 08:3013:0515:0516:2018:3520:0522:15
South Galson, at Road End 08:3213:0715:0716:2218:3720:0722:17
North Galson, at Road End 08:3213:0715:0716:2218:3720:0722:17
North Galson, opp Galson Lodge 08:3313:0815:0816:2318:3820:0822:18
South Dell, at Road End 08:3713:1115:1116:2618:4120:1122:21
South Dell, at Fire Stn Rd End 08:3713:1115:1116:2618:4120:1122:21
South Dell, at Glebe House Rd End 08:3813:1215:1216:2718:4220:1222:22
North Dell, opp Hall 08:3913:1315:1316:2818:4320:1322:23
North Dell, at Road End 08:3913:1315:1316:2818:4320:1322:23
North Dell, at Ness Historical Society 08:4013:1415:1416:2918:4420:1422:24
Cross, at Inn 08:4113:1515:1516:3018:4520:1522:25
Cross, opp Post Office 08:4113:1515:1516:3018:4520:1522:25
Cross, opp Church 08:4113:1515:1516:3018:4520:1522:25
Swainbost, at Shop 08:4313:1615:1616:3218:4620:1622:26
Habost, opp Clinic Rd End 08:4413:1715:1716:3318:4720:1722:27
Habost, at Cladh Nis Road End 08:4613:1815:1816:3518:4820:1822:28
Lionel, at Eoropie Rd End 08:4913:2015:2016:3818:5020:2022:30
Lionel, at Police Station 13:2215:2118:5220:2222:32
Lionel, at Edgemoor Square 08:5016:41
Skigersta, opp Post Office 08:5116:42
Skigersta, at Outer Adabrock Rd End 08:5316:43
Eoradale, opp Road End 08:5516:45
Adabrock Township (N-bound) 08:5616:46
Lionel, opp Adabrock Rd End 08:5716:47
Port of Ness, opp Bus Shelter 08:5816:48
Knockaird, opp Dun Eistean Rd End 08:5816:48
Knockaird Township (NW-bound) 08:5916:49
Five Penny Ness Township (NW-bound) 09:0116:51
Eoropie Junction (SW-bound) 09:0316:53
Eoropie, opp Dunes Park Rd End 09:0316:53
Five Penny Ness, opp Ness Football Club 09:0416:54
Lionel, at School 09:0515:22
Five Penny Ness, at Ness Football Club 13:2215:2718:5220:2222:32
Eoropie, at Dunes Park Rd End 13:2315:3218:5320:2322:33
Eoropie Junction (SE-bound) 13:2415:3518:5420:2422:34
Five Penny Ness Township (SE-bound) 13:2615:3918:5620:2622:36
Knockaird Township (S-bound) 13:2715:4118:5720:2722:37
Knockaird, at Dun Eistean Rd End 13:2815:4318:5820:2822:38
Port of Ness, at Bus Shelter 13:2915:4518:5920:2922:39
Lionel, at Adabrock Rd End 13:2915:4618:5920:2922:39
Adabrock Township (S-bound) 13:3015:4719:0020:3022:40
Eoradale, at Road End 13:3215:4919:0220:3222:42
Skigersta, at Bus Shelter 20:3322:43
Skigersta, opp Outer Adabrock Rd End 13:3315:5019:0320:3422:44
Skigersta, at Post Office 13:3415:5219:0320:3422:44
Lionel, at Edgemoor Square 13:3615:5419:0520:3522:45
Lionel, at Police Station 16:55
School days only School days only Limited to 16 seats

Ness - Stornoway

Lionel, at Eoropie Rd End 06:4507:3510:3013:5015:2820:20
Lionel, at Police Station 06:4707:3710:3213:5215:3120:22
Lionel, at School 15:31
Five Penny Ness, at Ness Football Club 06:4707:3710:3213:5215:3220:22
Eoropie, at Dunes Park Rd End 06:4807:3810:3313:5315:3420:23
Eoropie Junction (SE-bound) 06:4907:3910:3413:5415:3520:24
Five Penny Ness Township (SE-bound) 06:5107:4110:3613:5615:3920:26
Knockaird Township (S-bound) 06:5207:4210:3713:5715:4020:27
Knockaird, at Dun Eistean Rd End 06:5307:4310:3813:5815:4120:28
Port of Ness, at Bus Shelter 06:5407:4410:3913:5915:4320:29
Lionel, at Adabrock Rd End 06:5407:4410:3913:5915:4420:29
Adabrock Township (S-bound) 06:5507:4510:4014:0015:4620:30
Eoradale, at Road End 06:5707:4710:4214:0215:4920:32
Skigersta, at Bus Shelter 20:33
Skigersta, opp Outer Adabrock Rd End 06:5807:4810:4314:0315:5020:34
Skigersta, at Post Office 06:5807:4810:4314:0315:5220:34
Lionel, at Edgemoor Square 07:0007:5010:4514:0515:5420:35
Lionel, opp Eoropie Rd End 07:0007:5010:4514:0515:5420:35
Habost, opp Cladh Nis Road End 07:0107:5110:4614:0615:5620:36
Habost, at Clinic Rd End 07:0107:5110:4614:0615:5620:36
Swainbost, opp Shop 07:0307:5310:4814:0815:5820:38
Cross, at Church 07:0407:5410:4914:0915:5920:39
Cross, at Post Office 07:0407:5410:4914:0915:5920:39
Cross, opp Inn 07:0507:5510:5014:1016:0020:40
North Dell, opp Ness Historical Society 07:0507:5510:5014:1016:0020:40
North Dell, opp Road End 07:0507:5510:5014:1016:0020:40
North Dell, at Hall 07:0607:5610:5114:1116:0120:41
South Dell, opp Glebe House Rd End 07:0707:5710:5214:1216:0220:42
South Dell, opp Fire Stn Rd End 07:0707:5710:5214:1216:0220:42
South Dell, opp Road End 07:0807:5810:5314:1316:0320:43
North Galson, at Galson Lodge 07:1008:0010:5514:1516:0520:45
North Galson, opp Road End 07:1108:0110:5614:1616:0620:46
South Galson, opp Road End 07:1208:0210:5714:1716:0720:47
South Galson, at Tom na Ba 07:1208:0210:5714:1716:0720:47
Melbost Borve, opp Road End 07:1408:0410:5914:1916:0920:49
High Borve, opp Road End 07:1408:0410:5914:1916:0920:49
Borve, at Church 07:1608:0611:0114:2116:1120:51
Five Penny Borve, opp Road End 07:1608:0611:0114:2116:1120:51
Five Penny Borve, opp Caberfeidh 07:1808:0811:0314:2316:1320:53
Airidhantuim, opp School 07:2008:1011:0514:2516:1520:55
Lower Shader, at Steinacleit Rd End 07:2008:1011:0514:2516:1520:55
Upper Shader, opp Road End 07:2008:1011:0514:2516:1520:55
Ballantrushal, opp Junction 07:2108:1111:0614:2616:1620:56
Upper Barvas, opp Cemetery Rd End 07:2208:1211:0714:2716:1720:57
Upper Barvas, opp Morven Gallery Rd End 07:2208:1211:0714:2716:1720:57
Upper Barvas, at Bus Shelter 07:2308:1311:0814:2816:1820:58
Barvas, at Croileagan 07:2408:1411:0914:2916:1920:59
Barvas, opp Bus Depot 07:2408:1411:0914:2916:1920:59
Barvas Junction (S-bound) 07:2508:1511:1014:3016:2021:00
Barvas, opp Community Centre 07:2508:1511:1014:3016:2021:00
Newmarket, at Gleann Dubh 07:3408:2411:1914:3916:2921:09
Newmarket, opp Bridge Cottages 07:3508:2511:2014:4016:3021:10
Newmarket Village (S-bound) 07:3508:2511:2014:4016:3021:10
Newmarket, opp Baker's Rd End 07:3708:2711:2214:4216:3221:12
Laxdale Lane (opp) 07:3808:2811:2314:4316:3321:13
Stornoway, opp Cearns Road End 07:3908:2911:2414:4416:3421:14
Stornoway, nr Western Isles Hospital 07:4008:3011:2514:4516:3521:15
Stornoway, nr Co-Op 07:4108:3111:2614:4616:3621:16
Stornoway, nr Nicolson Institute 08:35
Stornoway, opp Bridge Centre 07:4211:2714:4716:3721:17
Stornoway, opp Council Offices 08:38
Stornoway, at Cromwell Street 07:4311:2814:4816:3821:18
Stornoway, at Bus Station 07:4508:4011:3014:5016:4021:20
School days only School days only Limited to 16 seats

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

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