W3S - Meppershall - Shillington - Stotfold - Biggleswade

A bus service operated by Wanderbus

Mondays until Monday 30 December 2024

Polehanger Farm - Sainsbury's

Meppershall, adj Polehanger Farm 09:13
Campton, opp Rectory Road 09:16
Campton Gravenhurst Road (NW-bound) 09:16
Upper Gravenhurst, opp The Glebe 09:20
Upper Gravenhurst, o/s Methodist Chapel 09:21
Upper Gravenhurst, opp Parkside 09:22
Upper Gravenhurst, opp Lower School 09:22
Upper Gravenhurst, o/s St Giles' Church 09:22
Shillington Woodmer End (S-bound) 09:26
Shillington Hillfoot End (S-bound) 09:26
Shillington, opp Hillside Road 09:27
Shillington, o/s Bells Close 09:27
Shillington, o/s Wheelwright Close 09:28
Shillington, adj Marshalls Avenue 09:28
Shillington Marquis Hill (E-bound) 09:29
Lower Stondon, o/s Post Office 09:33
Lower Stondon, opp Stondon Lower School 09:34
Upper Stondon, opp All Saints' Church 09:34
Upper Stondon Meppershall Road (E-bound) 09:35
Upper Stondon, opp Chapel Road 09:35
Meppershall Rectory Road (W-bound) 09:37
Meppershall, opp Lower School 09:38
Meppershall, opp Gregory Close 09:38
Meppershall, adj Fowlers Drive 09:39
Meppershall, adj Post Office 09:39
Meppershall, adj Village Hall 09:40
Meppershall, opp Orchard Close 09:40
New Meppershall Care Home (adj) 09:40
Stotfold, opp Pix Road 09:48
Stotfold, opp Recreation Ground 09:49
Stotfold, opp Hallworth Drive 09:49
Stotfold, opp Meadow Way 09:50
Stotfold, opp Jasmine Court 09:50
Stotfold, adj Regent Court 09:51
Stotfold, opp Taylors Road 09:52
Biggleswade, o/s Retail Park 10:05
Biggleswade, opp Dunton Lane 10:05
Biggleswade, adj Kitelands Road 10:06
Biggleswade, o/s Yorkshire Grey 10:07
Biggleswade, adj Elm Road 10:07
Biggleswade, adj Baptist Church 10:09
Biggleswade, o/s ASDA 10:11s
Biggleswade, adj Ivel Gardens 10:12
Biggleswade, adj Ivel Bury 10:13
Biggleswade, opp Sainsbury's 10:15

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Sainsbury's - Polehanger Farm

Biggleswade, o/s Sainsbury's 11:57
Biggleswade, opp Ivel Bury 11:58
Biggleswade, opp Ivel Gardens 11:59
Biggleswade, o/s ASDA 12:00
Biggleswade, opp Baptist Church 12:01
Biggleswade, adj Bygraves Garage 12:03
Biggleswade, opp Yorkshire Grey 12:05
Biggleswade, opp Kitelands Road 12:06
Biggleswade, adj Dunton Lane 12:07
Biggleswade, o/s Retail Park 12:10
Stotfold, adj Taylors Road 12:23s
Stotfold, opp Regent Court 12:24s
Stotfold, adj Jasmine Court 12:25s
Stotfold, adj Meadow Way 12:25s
Stotfold, adj Hallworth Drive 12:26s
Stotfold, adj Recreation Ground 12:26s
Stotfold, adj Pix Road 12:27s
New Meppershall Care Home (opp) 12:34s
Meppershall, adj Orchard Close 12:35s
Meppershall, opp Village Hall 12:35s
Meppershall, opp Post Office 12:36s
Meppershall, opp Fowlers Drive 12:36s
Meppershall, adj Gregory Close 12:37s
Meppershall, o/s Lower School 12:37s
Meppershall Rectory Road (E-bound) 12:38s
Upper Stondon, adj Chapel Road 12:39s
Upper Stondon Meppershall Road (E-bound) 12:39s
Upper Stondon, o/s All Saints' Church 12:40s
Lower Stondon, o/s Stondon Lower School 12:41s
Lower Stondon, opp Post Office 12:42s
Shillington Marquis Hill (W-bound) 12:46s
Shillington, opp Marshalls Avenue 12:47s
Shillington, opp Wheelwright Close 12:47s
Shillington, opp Bells Close 12:48s
Shillington, adj Hillside Road 12:48s
Shillington Hillfoot End (N-bound) 12:49s
Shillington Woodmer End (N-bound) 12:49s
Upper Gravenhurst, opp St Giles' Church 12:53s
Upper Gravenhurst, o/s Lower School 12:53s
Upper Gravenhurst, opp Parkside 12:53s
Upper Gravenhurst, opp Methodist Chapel 12:54s
Upper Gravenhurst, adj The Glebe 12:54s
Campton Gravenhurst Road (SE-bound) 12:58s
Campton, adj Rectory Road 12:59s
Meppershall, opp Polehanger Farm 13:05

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 13 July 2024