WCB - Wakefield Free City Bus - Circular

A bus service operated by Tetley's

Wakefield Bus Station stand 1 07:30then every 12 minutes until09:1809:27then every 10 minutes until15:27then every 12 minutes until18:0318:1318:2318:33
Wakefield Westmorland Street (stop S1) 07:3209:2009:3015:3018:0618:1618:2618:36
Wakefield Kirkgate (stop K3) 07:3209:2009:3115:3118:0718:1718:2718:37
Belle Isle Kirkgate Rail Station K7 (stop K7) 07:3509:2309:3515:3518:1118:2118:3118:41
Belle Isle, outside Hepworth Gallery 07:3809:2609:3815:3818:1418:2418:3418:44
Wakefield Ings Road (stop C1) 07:4109:2909:4115:4118:1718:2718:3718:47
Wakefield Ings Road (stop C2) 07:4209:3009:4215:4218:1818:2818:3818:48
Wakefield Charlesworth Way (stop C3) 07:4409:3209:4415:4418:2018:3018:4018:50
Wakefield Charlesworth Way Cineworld (stop C3A) 07:4509:3309:4515:4518:2118:3118:4118:51
Wakefield Cathedral Retail Pk (stop C4) 07:4609:3409:4615:4618:2218:3218:4218:52
Wakefield Ings Road (stop C5) 07:4709:3509:4715:4718:2318:3318:4318:53
Wakefield Westgate (Stop W7) 07:4909:3709:4915:4918:2518:3518:4518:55
Wakefield Westgate Stn (Stop W9) 07:5009:3809:5015:5018:2618:3618:4618:56
Wakefield One W1 (at) 07:5109:3909:5115:5118:2718:3718:4718:57
Wakefield Westgate (stop W4) 07:5409:4209:5415:5418:3018:4018:5019:00
Wakefield Union Street (stop U1) 07:55s09:43s09:55s15:55s18:31s18:41s18:51s19:01s
Wakefield Bus Station stand 1 07:5609:4409:5615:5618:3218:4218:5219:02

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)