X15 - Brynmawr - Ebbw Vale or Newport

Operated by Stagecoach South Wales


Brynmawr - Ebbw Vale or Newport

Brynmawr Bus Station (Stand 1) 09:10then hourly until17:10
Winchestown, opp Post Office 09:1217:12
Winchestown, opp Glen View Bungalows 09:1217:12
Nant-y-glo, before Roundhouse Close 09:1317:13
Nant-y-glo, o/s Nanyglo Methodist Church 09:1317:13
Nant-y-glo, at Garn Cross 09:1417:14
Nant-y-glo, o/s Garn Cross Medical Centre 09:1517:15
Nant-y-glo, o/s Garn Cross Church 09:1517:15
Nant-y-glo, nr Bethel Chapel 09:1517:15
Blaina Inn (nr) 09:1617:16
Blaina, nr Terrace House 09:1617:16
Cwmcelyn, after Blaina Central Park 09:1717:17
Cwmcelyn, o/s Surgery Road Bungalows 09:1717:17
Blaina, o/s Junior School 09:1817:18
Blaina, before East Pentwyn 09:1917:19
Blaina, before Cross Street 09:2017:20
Blaina, nr Goodfellas 09:2017:20
Blaina, after Queen`s Hotel 09:2117:21
Blaina, opp Cemetery 09:2217:22
Bournville, nr Post Office 09:2317:23
Bournville, nr Hall 09:2317:23
Abertillery, before Arael View 09:2517:25
Abertillery, opp Roseheyworth Primary 09:2617:26
Abertillery, before Smith Road 09:2717:27
Abertillery, nr Antwerp Place 09:2717:27
Abertillery, after Clynmawr Road 09:2817:28
Abertillery, before Portland Street 09:2917:29
Abertillery, nr Foundry Bridge 09:2917:29
Abertillery Bywater Row (Stop 1) 09:3017:30
Abertillery, o/s Queen Street Schools 09:3117:31
Abertillery, o/s TA Centre 09:3117:31
Six Bells, nr Alexandra Road Steps 09:3217:32
Six Bells, after Post Office 09:3217:32
Six Bells, nr Browns Corner 09:3317:33
Six Bells Victoria Road (o/s 20) 09:3317:33
Aberbeeg, after Victoria Junction 09:3717:37
Aberbeeg Ty Graig Junior School (nr former) 09:3817:38
Llanhilleth, o/s Rugby Club 09:3917:39
Llanhilleth Central Hotel (nr former) 09:4017:40
Llanhilleth Hotel (o/s) 09:4017:40
Llanhilleth, at Horseshoe Bend 09:4117:41
Swffryd, after Keir Hardie Terrace 09:4417:44
Swffryd, o/s Sofrydd Schools 09:4417:44
Swffryd, before Rectory Road 09:4517:45
Hafodyrynys, after Mill Court 09:4617:46
Crumlin Woodside Terrace (o/s 5) 09:4817:48
Crumlin, nr Old Navigation 09:4917:49
Crumlin, at The Square 09:4917:49
Crumlin, after Mining School Hill 09:5017:50
Newbridge North Road (opp 75) 09:5117:51
Newbridge Masons Arms (after former) 09:5217:52
Newbridge, opp Beulah Baptist Church 09:5217:52
Newbridge Ebbw View Terrace (opp 17) 09:5317:53
West End, nr Cae Gorlan Street 09:5617:56
West End, o/s Llanover Street 09:5617:56
Abercarn Bridge Street (o/s PS Cycles) 09:5717:57
Cwmcarn, on Bypass 09:5917:59
Pontywaun, after Silver Street 10:0118:01
Pontywaun, before Pont-y-waun Bridge 10:0218:02
Crosskeys, after Park Place 10:0218:02
Crosskeys Station (o/s) 10:0318:03
Crosskeys, opp Coleg Gwent 10:0418:04
Crosskeys, after Medart Place 10:0518:05
Risca, o/s Old Cemetery 10:0618:06
Risca, o/s War Memorial 10:0718:07
Risca, opp Public Hall 10:0818:08
Risca, o/s Top Club 10:0818:08
Risca, after Moriah Baptist Church 10:1018:10
Pontymister, o/s St Margaret's Church 10:1118:11
Pontymister Crossing (before) 10:1218:12
Pontymister, after Aldi 10:1318:13
Rogerstone, in Morrisons 10:1618:16
Rogerstone, after Primrose Way 10:1718:17
Rogerstone, in Rivermead Way 10:1818:18
Rogerstone, nr Gormon's 10:2018:20
Rogerstone, adj Vicarage 10:2118:21
Rogerstone, adj Vicarage 10:2118:21
Rogerstone St John's Crescent (o/s 29) 10:2218:22
Bassaleg, before Forge Lane 10:2718:27
Maesglas, o/s Tredegar Park 10:3018:30
Maesglas, after Park Drive 10:3118:31
Maesglas, opp Ebbw Bridge Club 10:3118:31
Maesglas, opposite Harlech Retail Park 10:3218:32
Maesglas, opposite McDonald`s 10:3318:33
Maesglas, after Waterloo Road 10:3318:33
Newport, after Belle Vue Park 10:3418:34
Newport Royal Gwent Hospital (tu allan) 10:3518:35
Newport, opp Police Station 10:3518:35
Newport, opposite Kingsway Centre 10:3518:35
Newport, at Market Square 19 10:3718:37

Ebbw Vale or Newport - Brynmawr

Newport, at Market Square 19 10:45then hourly until18:45
Newport, on Kingsway Centre 10:4818:48
Newport Ebenezer Terrace (o/s 29) 10:4818:48
Newport, outside Police Station 10:4918:49
Newport, opp Royal Gwent Hospital 10:4918:49
Newport, before Belle Vue Park 10:5118:51
Maesglas, opposite Waterloo Road 10:5218:52
Maesglas, outside McDonald`s 10:5318:53
Maesglas, opposite Post Office 10:5318:53
Maesglas, o/s Shops 10:5418:54
Maesglas, before Park Drive 10:5518:55
Newport, opp Tredegar Park 10:5618:56
Bassaleg, before Forge Lane 10:5818:58
Rogerstone, opp Library 11:0019:00
Rogerstone St Johns Crescent (nr 2) 11:0119:01
Rogerstone, adj Vicarage 11:0119:01
Rogerstone, nr Gormon's 11:0219:02
Rogerstone, opposite Rivermead Centre 11:0419:04
Rogerstone, after Primrose Way 11:0419:04
Rogerstone, in Morrisons 11:0519:05
Pontymister, before Aldi 11:0819:08
Pontymister Crossing (after) 11:0919:09
Pontymister, opp St Margaret's Church 11:1019:10
Risca, o/s Spar 11:1119:11
Risca, opp Top Club 11:1319:13
Risca, o/s Public Hall 11:1319:13
Risca, after War Memorial 11:1419:14
Risca, before Old Cemetery 11:1519:15
Crosskeys, after Medart Place 11:1619:16
Crosskeys, o/s Coleg Gwent 11:1719:17
Crosskeys Station (o/s) 11:1819:18
Crosskeys, before The Solar Strand 11:1819:18
Crosskeys, after Park Place 11:1819:18
Pontywaun, after Pont-y-waun Bridge 11:1919:19
Pontywaun, before Silver Street 11:2019:20
Cwmcarn, on Bypass 11:2119:21
Abercarn Bridge Street (opp PS Cycles) 11:2319:23
West End, before Llanover Street 11:2419:24
West End, nr Cae Gorlan Street 11:2419:24
Newbridge, before Beynon Street 11:2719:27
Newbridge Ebbw View Terrace (o/s Post Office) 11:2719:27
Newbridge, after Beulah Baptist Church 11:2819:28
Newbridge Masons Arms (before former) 11:2819:28
Newbridge North Road (o/s 76) 11:2919:29
Crumlin, at The Square 11:3019:30
Crumlin, nr Old Navigation 11:3119:31
Crumlin Woodside Terrace (opp 15) 11:3219:32
Hafodyrynys, before Mill Court 11:3319:33
Swffryd, after Rectory Road 11:3419:34
Swffryd, before Walters Avenue 11:3519:35
Swffryd, opp Sofrydd Schools 11:3519:35
Swffryd, after Keir Hardie Terrace 11:3519:35
Llanhilleth, before Horseshoe Bend 11:3819:38
Llanhilleth Hotel (before) 11:3919:39
Llanhilleth Central Hotel (nr former) 11:3919:39
Llanhilleth, opp Rugby Club 11:4019:40
Aberbeeg Ty Graig Junior School (nr former) 11:4119:41
Aberbeeg, before Victoria Junction 11:4219:42
Six Bells Victoria Road (opp 26) 11:4519:45
Six Bells, before Hafod-fan Road 11:4619:46
Six Bells, nr Alexandra Road Steps 11:4719:47
Abertillery, opp TA Centre 11:4819:48
Abertillery Police Station 11:4819:48
Abertillery High Street (Stop B) 11:4919:49
Abertillery, after Portland Street 11:5019:50
Abertillery, before Clynmawr Road 11:5119:51
Abertillery, nr Antwerp Place 11:5219:52
Abertillery, after Smith Road 11:5219:52
Abertillery, o/s Roseheyworth Primary 11:5319:53
Abertillery, after Arael View 11:5419:54
Bournville, nr Hall 11:5519:55
Bournville, nr Post Office 11:5619:56
Blaina, o/s Cemetery 11:5719:57
Blaina, nr Goodfellas 11:5919:59
Blaina, after Cross Street 11:5919:59
Blaina, after East Pentwyn 12:0020:00
Blaina, opp Junior School 12:0120:01
Cwmcelyn, opp Surgery Road Bungalows 12:0120:01
Cwmcelyn, before Blaina Central Park 12:0220:02
Blaina, nr Terrace House 12:0320:03
Blaina Inn (nr) 12:0420:04
Nant-y-glo, nr Bethel Chapel 12:0520:05
Nant-y-glo, opp Garn Cross Church 12:0520:05
Nant-y-glo, at Garn Cross 12:0620:06
Nant-y-glo, opp Nanyglo Methodist Church 12:0920:09
Nant-y-glo, after Roundhouse Close 12:0920:09
Winchestown, o/s Glen View Bungalows 12:1020:10
Winchestown, o/s Post Office 12:1120:11
Brynmawr, before Asda 12:1220:12
Brynmawr Bus Station (Stand 1) 12:1420:14

Timetable data from Stagecoach South Wales, 24 November 2022

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